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Mr. Russo, Bundle Book One and Two: Mr. Russo Loves Chocolate Cake / Lessons on Being a Mistress: (BWWM Russian Mobster)
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Rebecca Harcourt | 12 comments [I:Mr. Russo, Book One: Mr. Russo Loves Chocolate Cake:|36383406]Rebecca Harcourt

Hi guys,
I want to promote and post excerpts of my new Kindle ebook series "Mr. Russo", a BWWM Interracial Russian Mobster / Virgin /Older Alpha Male/Strong Female Lead/Coming of Age story. I hope you enjoy it! :) (Warning, this excerpt is spicy!)

Rebecca/Tiffany, an 18 year old black girl in her pre-college summer wants to maintain a relationship with Mr. Russo, her 41 year old married Russian neighbor, who is also mob-affiliated, but must keep it a secret.

Introduction to Book One - Mr. Russo loves Chocolate Cake

Rebecca finally finds the nerve to approach Mr. Russo and offer him a taste of her chocolate cake...but will they be interrupted before he can eat it, leaving her frustrated and still a virgin?
Flirtation has exploded into lust, and now Mr. Russo must decide if he will resist, or give in to the temptation that is...Rebecca…
Their families...his wife...the neighbors...Rebecca and Mr. Russo must keep this a secret from everyone...Will they be deterred by the people that surround them? Or decide to give in to their desires...and taste the forbidden…
At 3pm, I sneaked out of Mr. Russo's house and back into mine, my legs shaking uncontrollably and my body feeling it belonged to someone else.
My pussy was swollen, so were my tits, and when I happened to glance in the mirror, my lips were red and swollen as well.
I stared at myself in the hallway mirror, trying to see if I looked like a woman of the world...someone who'd just lost her virginity.
All I could see was that my eyes were shining and my skin was glowing. I bit my lip and tried to control the smile that was pushing it's way out, but couldn't. I squealed and did a crazy little dance right there.
I stopped in shock when I heard my mom's voice coming from the guest room down the hall.
“Tiff, is that you?”
I ran up the stairs as fast as I could, yelling back “yeah”, slamming and locking my door in case she decided to come see how school was. How would I have explained my lack of school supplies and just fucked appearance??
I listened and heard some muffled noises. I didn't hear anything else from her, so I figured she was cleaning out the room and was too busy to come talk to me.
I breathed a sigh of relief and turned around, leaning on my door. I needed to study myself and the amazing, crazy experience I'd just had.
I looked around my romantic bedroom with a ditzy smile on my lips.
The walls were a pale pink, my bedspread had ruffles and a paisley design, scarves were tied above canopy posts, and everything suddenly was brighter and more poignant...I could almost hear classical music again.
I walked to my dresser, aware of the slow, sexy way I was moving, and leaned over to examine my face. My heart-shaped face still looked the same, my golden brown skin was glowing, the little indent in my chin calling attention to my full soft lips, my almond shaped eyes filled with a knowing smile. I felt like Eve in the garden of Eden.
I closed my eyes and remembered my walk over to his house this morning, the moment he pushed me up against the door and started kissing me.
Then my mind jumped to his silky black hair against my thighs, his hot, wet tongue on my pussy.
I squeezed my thighs together and groaned out loud, finding that one hand was on my nipples and the other clutched between my thighs as a deep pulsing rippled through my pussy.
The door slamming downstairs startled me and I opened my eyes again to my own reflection.
Suddenly, I looked My eyes were heavy, my lips pouty, my hair tousled, and I realized that this was the face Mr. Russo was seeing when he was kissing me, touching me...and fucking me. I could almost feel the thickness of his cock between my thighs...inside my my mouth.
Quickly, I stripped off my clothes, wanting to see what he'd seen. I cupped my round tits, my nipples poking between two fingers. I ran my hand down my silky, flat stomach, over the curve of my thighs, then turned to the side, my ass poking out.
My cell rang and I grabbed it, knowing already who was calling.
“Carla!” I exclaimed.
“Oh my god, where have you been?? Today was the most boring day without you, bitch!”
“Carla!” I said again firmly, everything in my voice telling her I had some exciting news to share with her.
“What! Tell me now!”
“You would never guess what I did!”
As Carla demanded an explanation, a new voice inside asked me if I really wanted to tell her? This voice surprised me, because Carla usually knew everything I did and vice versa. Could I really consider not saying anything? I was dying to spill!
But what if she said something to someone?? Mrs. Russo would really kill me.
At the thought of her, I felt bad, guilty. Wouldn't it be wrong to brag about fucking another woman's man? Even if the person I was bragging to was Carla?
Check this out: Mr. Russo, Bundle Book One and Two: Mr. Russo Loves Chocolate Cake ...

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Rebecca Harcourt | 12 comments Mr. Russo, Book One: Mr. Russo Loves Chocolate Cake:Rebecca Harcourt

Your comments are appreciated!

Another excerpt from Book One, Mr. Russo Loves Chocolate Cake
All tied up in Mr. Russo's bed

How the hell did I end up in Mr. Russo's house, lying naked on the bed, my wrists tied to the headboard with red silk scarves, sniffing back tears and wishing for my mom? I suppose my so-called angst and uncontrollable lust got me in this situation...Although having turned 18 takes me out of the teen classification, at this moment in time, I felt very young...and out of my depth.
And even though my house was only a few houses down, I knew no matter what, my mom wasn't home and couldn't possibly hear me, and I would die if she could see me now.
So I hurriedly wiped my face against the soft white pillowcase and prayed for Mr. Russo to hurry up and untie me. I didn't want him to see me crying like a baby, having pretended for all I was worth that I was a mature woman of the world that could handle his attentions. This being the same reason I kept silent when he blindfolded me, stripped off my clothes and tied me up, although my heart was beating double time in fear, and beneath that, curious anticipation.
It all seemed like an experience I couldn't wait to relay to my best friend Carla...That would be until Mrs. Russo showed up at the door, yelling "Alexei", and scaring all the horniness out of me. He was off me and out the room so fast, it felt like a hurricane going through the room. I heard the door lock and desperately started trying to free myself so I could launch my ass just as fast out the window. The only thing I was able to do was maneuver the black silk scarf from my eyes.
The afternoon sunlight was blinding and the large, tastefully done bedroom of blues and beiges took on a dreamy appearance. Everything slowed down, my heart pumping loudly in my ears, the sound of their arguing and yelling coming vaguely from a distance even though they were right downstairs. Shivers went all through me as blood raced through my body, desperately trying to catch up with my frightened heart.
Instead of mentally cataloguing the things Mr. Russo was doing to me so I could tell Carla, I was now thinking of the death by embarrassment and shame I would suffer once my parents found out what was going on. And once it was out, the whole neighborhood would know, not to mention my friends and everyone at school.
I’d whimpered through high school and was in a pre-college summer preparatory course that the town offered to aide their less than stellar students enter college and stay in college. I, along with many of my classmates and friends, including Carla, were in dire need of this service, academics not being a strong point of our small town of Sunville, Florida. We even had our own prom to help us feel included and accepted, since we were unable to participate with our graduating class a month before and there were so many of us stragglers.
Everyone of those people would think I was a slut, and in that moment, I felt like the biggest slut to ever grace the earth.
Having struggled unsuccessfully to get free, cried like a baby in desperation, and then finally wiped my tears in resolve, I tried to hear what the Russo's were yelling about. She sounded seriously upset and my heart started pounding again, wondering whether someone had called and told her I was making moves on her man, and if I was going to end up dead.
I couldn't understand what she was saying, but he was yelling just as loudly and I made it out some. He called her a jealous bitch and couldn't believe she ran home in the middle of the day just because her co-worker complimented her husband and now he had to hear stupid accusations that he was having an affair with her co-worker.
I was shocked at the names he was calling her, and desperately wished myself out of the situation. I tried to bury my head under the pillow, praying for her to leave, for him to come rescue me, and for God to forgive me my sins.
After what seemed like forever, I heard the slamming of doors and squealing of car tires. Footsteps ascended the stairs and I waited anxiously to see what would happen next. I froze when the door suddenly opened, and sagged in relief to see Mr. Russo standing bare chested in his pajamas and six-pack abs, his dark black hair tousled, and his blue eyes smiling at me.
I turned my head away in embarrassment and sheer relief, not wanting him to know how affected I was by the situation. I heard a swish of fabric and when I looked around, he was naked again, turning the lock on the door and making his way purposefully toward me, like a wild animal on the hunt. I was of course, the helpless prey that he was soon to devour. My heart stopped when he was on top of me, his beautiful eyes staring straight in mine, his hard cock poking my leg. I tried to think of something to say, trying to ignore the wetness between my legs, but he beat me to it.
"Boy, that was close...", he whispered.
"You think?", I asked with as much attitude as my 18 year old, know it all voice could inflect. Unfortunately I croaked, so I sounded more like a frog. He laughed and I was mesmerized by the sound and his full beautiful lips that I'd spent months daydreaming about.
“Aren't you scared sh...she's coming back?”
I felt so guilty, and to be honest, a little, a lot dirty...However, Mr. Russo and I had been staring each other down for months without doing anything, so the fact that we were naked on a bed together and he was on top of me managed to drive out the fear, doubts and regret that had overtaken me just five seconds earlier.
He'd lived on this block for years, as had I, but suddenly, one sunny spring day, we'd noticed each other. Walking by with Carla to my house, and hearing her dirty exclamations about the sexy picture he made standing barefoot in his pajamas, water spouting out of a thick green hose he was holding, abs rippling in the sunlight, I'd wanted to show off. Plus, I couldn't help wondering if his dick was as big as the hose he was holding.
Boldly, I'd sang out, "Hi, Mr. Russo!"
Our eyes caught, he smiled at me, and didn't stop staring until I was at my house. Carla didn't help matters by excitedly telling me that it was definitely obvious that Mr. Russo wanted to pound me.
After that, there were the friendly big smiles and shy hellos and goodbyes from me, and of course, endless fantasizing in my room with the window open while I gazed at his house, playing with my pussy and pretending it was Mr. Russo fingering me. Eventually, the smiles gave way to long 'I wanna fuck you' stares whenever we saw each other.
This, of course, left me unsatisfied, so I started wearing the skimpiest, sexiest outfits that I could find to grab his attention, and making sure I never passed him without lip gloss glistening on my full soft lips, and my long black hair combed to perfection. I ignored all the desperate longing from boys my age, and focused all my attention on the unattainable Mr. Russo. My methods definitely worked, because whenever he was around, I caught his eyes on me.

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