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Jenares was on the train station, just being about to go on a mission. He knew he might actually may have picked a tough one as the monsters which he had to defeat were said to be quite powerful. Not that they are S-class, but still they were powerful.

Once the train arrived, he went to a private cabin in which he was lucky as it was the last one which wasnt taken yet and there he began to read a magazine, not knewing that someone was about to approach him.

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Yukino lightly tapped the door of the private car, ,frowning slightly. She was pretty sure she had gotten her own cabin, but all of them so far have been taken.

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Looking up, Jenares noticed someone was knocking on the door and opening it, he saw Yukino and happy to see her again he said: "Oh Goodmorning Yukino. Cant find another untaken cabin as well? You may come here if you like.", allowing her to enter.

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Yukino blinked and smiled slightly.

"Oh, hi Jenares." she started nodding a little. "Yes. . . it seems that I the cart I registered was taken by mistake." she paused and got a thoughtful look on her face. "You wouldn't be going to Forrestal village would you?"

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"I'm sorry to hear that. Hope this cabin will do though.", Jenares nodded, smiling at her and then saying: "Yes. I'm going to do a job a there in which I have to defeat some monsters which is said to be quite dangerous.", staring at her and realising why she asked that question he said: "Are you going on that job too? I dont mind if we can go together.", not minding it if they will.

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"I suppose that makes sense." said Yukino nodding, "Sometimes clients send job requests to multiple guilds - that must mean the situation there is serious." she looked at Jenares and smiled. "Going on this job together should make it a lot easier for us to succeed!"

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"And it should be more fun. I cant wait till we can fight them!", Jenares smiled back at her and wanting to know eachother better he said: "You are a wizard from the guild Sabertooth right? I heard it is a great and powerful guild. You must be proud to be a member of it."

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Yukino sat down and made herself comfortable. She looked to jenareas and thought for a moment.

"I am." she said smiling and nodding. "Sabertooth does have a lot of powerful wizards, and I suppose you could call it great, but in my opinion, its gotten significantly better since Sting became Guild master."

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"Well I'm glad you get along well with such a famous guild. I heard it has won many times the Grand Magic Games. Maybe I will visit the guild one day so I can get to know your guild and guildmaster.", Jenares smiled back before he continued:

"I'm a mage of Fairy Tail though and altough I'm only a member of it for two weeks now, I really feel myself at home there already. Everyone is very nice, yet that some guildmembers cause a lot of trouble sometimes."

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"I feel like i've known you longer than two weeks?" wondered Yukino humming a little bit. "Or did we meet before you joined Fairy tail?"

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"We do right?", Jenares said, blushing a bit as he realised he never mentioned to her he wasnt a mage yet. Atleast, not a mage from a guild member. Still smiling at her though he said: "I think I did meet you before I joined Fairy Tail. I used to be a wandering mage before."

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"Oh I see!" said Yukino still smiling, "So, why did you choose fairy tail?" she asked looking out the window for a second. "I can think of a few reason why of course."

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"Can you share them?", he said smiling, not challenging her but more because he was curious of what others would think of the guild. In fact though, he didn't really choose Fairy Tail for reasons that its a strong guild etc altough his path did lead him there though.

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"Hm? My reasons for joining Sabertooth, or your reason for joining Fairy Tail?" she asked blinking a few times.

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"Mind if you can tell me both?", he said smirking at her bit but still mostly smiling.

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Yukino shrugged a bit and thought about it for a minute.

"For the longest time, I wanted to join Sabertooth, because it was the strongest guild in Fiore..." she started, as if she didn't like the answer she gave.

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Jenares slightly nodded at her answer but noticing that the answer she gave was quite painful he said: "D-did I hurt your feelings for asking this? I-i didn't mean to..", blushing a bit.

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"U-uh no!" said Yukino shaking her hands back and forth frantically. "its just that. joining Sabertooth, just because. . . it was the "strongest guild" was. . . "she paused and frowned. "Not a very well thought out idea..."

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"O-oh but its not that I judge you for that! I mean, a strong guild does have many experienced mages from which you can learn many things and it also gives you much protection etc. There is no reason to shame yourself for that!", Jenares said blushing, trying to comfort her.

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Yukino shrugged slightly and smirked a little. "Lets just say, Sabertooths previous guild master, made . . . being in the guild. Less than pleasant."

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"I feel sorry for you then." Atleast I'm happy to hear that things are going better now with your guild., Jenares said, blushing a bit as he felt a bit ashamed for asking her the question as he didn't expect that her answer would feel a bit painful.

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Yukino smiled, blushing a little bit, "the improvements are quite impressive actually." She paused then looked to Jenares. "So, as for your other question. I think you joined Fairy Tail, because they're so . . . friendly."

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"Then I'm happy to hear that.", Jenares said smiling, blushing a bit as well and as she answered his other question he said with an embarrassing face: "Well the truth is that Fairy Tail is the first guild which I encountered and somehow, I just decided to join them..."

"But your right that they are friendly. Altough some guildmembers can be a bit overreacting if you know what I mean."

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"Oh i know." she said chuckling a little bit and nodding. She recalled the rather large. . . fight that broke out at the end of the Magic Games. Half of the major guilds in Fiore were fighting over which Guild she should join.

It was rather strange.

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((That scene was just brilliant! xD))

Smiling back at her, he didnt say anything for a minute and once he looked up again, he said: "C-can I ask you your magic?"

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"Oh? yeah." Yukino paused and pulled out the small pouch which held her keys. "I use Celestial Magic." she said jingling her keys a little

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"Really? Thats an interesting form of magic for sure. I see you are using gold keys. A guildmember of my guild has also such keys. Her name is Lucy. Perhaps you know her? Anyway, these keys are very rare. You must be proud to own such a beautiful magic.", Jenares said softly smiling while admiring her keys.

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Yukino shrugged a bit. "I met Lucy during the Grad magic Games. She's a fine wizard." she looked at her keys. "I really have more sliver and black keys than gold ones." she paused for a moment then frowned. "Its strange, there were more Celestial Wizards not too long ago, now i'm one of the only ones left..."

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“Black and Silver keys are good as well. You must have some great Celestial Spirits to summon in battle.”, Jenares smiled, but as she told him that there are not many Celestial Spirits anymore he said: “I’m sorry to hear that and yes it is strange, because I think its an impressive and great magic to control.”

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"My Spirits are pretty great." she agreed nodding a bit and smiling. "They are my friends. . ." she added after a moment. "I'm not sure how it compares to other kinds of magic. But I know its rare now."

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"Well I think it does compare good to other kinds of magic.", Jenares said smiling while adding: "Because your friendship with them, makes them having a special bond with you."

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"Well, yes." she said smiling. "It is unique. . . so." she paused and looked at him with a smile. "What is your magic?"

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"My magic? Well I use requip magic, but basic only so I cant change my outfits during battle. Atleast not yet and I must admit though that I have much to learn.", Jenares said smiling back at her.

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"Oh so you have magic like Erza?" asked Yukino blinking a few times. She remembered watching Scarlet during the Grand Magic Games. "That is, The Knight, requip magic right?"

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"Yes it is, but my magic is basic only.", Jenares smiled, having seen her using the magic sometimes, but he was far less experienced than her.

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"I'm not sure I understand." she said after a moment blinking a few times.

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"I will try to explain.", Jenares said with a smile and then explaining to her: "The Knight is not the only magic which allows the user to requip between weapons, clothes, armor. There are others as well. For example, one fellow guildmember of mine, Bisca, has a magic which is called The Gunner. She can requip too, but only her guns."

"The Knight and The Gunner are actually more styles of requip magic. I have just a basic style only."

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"Ok." said Yukino nodding a little. "So, where do the weapons come from? Do you . . . store them somewhere?" she asked holding up her key book again. "My keys only open a portal to the Spirit realm, where my Spirits live, so I don't carry them with me physically."

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"My weapons come from a kind of a pocket dimension which is a kind of a sub-space. I can requip pretty much weapons from there altough it is said that there is a limit of the amount you store in it.", Jenares said, nodding back at her as she explained how her keys work and with a small smile he said: "Impressive. Can you summon your spirits at anytime and at any place?"

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"More or less." said Yukino nodding. "I there are some spirits that need some special conditions, but mostly its just, some water, some sand, the air and what not."

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"I understand. I guess it must be better okay if you could summon them in any conditions.", Jenares nodded, but quickly adding: "But I think it is a pretty interesting thing."

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"The magic certainly has its. . . quirks." she said nodding. "So, what do you know about this mission?" she asked looking out the window for a moment.

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"Nothing much is known about the monsters. They appeared to attack villages at night so nobody really knows how they look like. All we can hope is that we find their hiding place soon and that we can destroy them before they will cause more pain and damage", Jenares said with a serious tone, touching his sword a bit to see if it is still sharp enough.

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"I see." said Yukino frowning a bit. "That's not a lot to go one, but it needs to be done."

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((Skit a bit forward?))

"Dont worry. We will manage to get the job done.", Jenares said, nodding and starng at the window as well, enjoying the sight by seeing the mountains outside.

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((Sounds good))

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After some hours has passed, they would finally arrive at their destination and stepping out of the train with her, Jenares would look around and then looking at Yukino he asked: "Do you think we should investigate first by asking the people if they have any information about the monsters? Or shall we go straight to the mountains to try finding these monsters?"

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"The more information we have the better?" she said nodding a bit. "It will probably save some time wandering around looking for the monsters at least."

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"I agree. Lets look around and see what we can find out.", Jenares nodded, then walking around in the town with her before soon they could hear someone crying as nearby, a man was comforting a women which seemed to be all in tears and as the man was holding her into his arms he said while patting her a bit on her back: "Dont worry. We have send out for help and I'm sure that the mages will free your daughter very soon.", the words making the women only crying harder and as it didn't seemed to comfort her at all she shouted: "By that time, the monsters would have eaten her already! I'm never gonna see her again!"

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"Please, don't worry." said Yukino smiling a little bit, trying to sound sure of herself. She looked to Jenares. "We can go now." she added, nodding slightly. "Just tell us where we can find them."

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