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MixItUp! ((*begins to feel terrible for forgetting to do this and writing a story instead x( ))

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MixItUp! (( xD. I'm editing my sisters story :P She's really got something but I hate how its present tense and not past tense))

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MixItUp! Hazel had finished picking up a piece of meat that was from a deceased raptor. She was curious to see if Shanti would like it, but didn't have her hopes high for it. She climbed up the ladder, setting down the bucket of meat on the ledge of the walls. Hazel clapped her hands together, not even nervous about the show. She often forgot about her 'disability', which made her even more confident

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MixItUp! "Guess what I have!" Hazel chirped, glancing around the pen. The others wouldn't be arriving for a while. She was almost about to walk off the edge and into the trees before she paused. I almost forgot the bucket! she thought, grabbing the small bucket and noticing Shanti's large red eyes. "Trust fall!" the girl chirped before leaping off the edge without hesitation

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MixItUp! Hazel smiled, had knowing that Shanti would catch her. "Thanks Shanti!" she wondered if the dinosaur could actually know what she was saying. "I brought you some raptor meat! I wasn't sure if you'd like it, but it's something new" she hooked it up to a cable, reeling it up to Shanti's level so she wouldn't have to bend down to get it

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MixItUp! Hazel gently pet the hybrids leg, it was the only thing she could reach except for Shanti's foot. She sat down against a tree, raising her hand and blowing a small whistle. It made no sound to humans, but was proven that a dinosaur could hear it. She began all tricks with a blow of her whistle. Almost to say, 'attention please'

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MixItUp! Hazel brushed off a few particles of dust from her outfit. "Every time you complete a trick, you'll be rewarded with raptor meat" she knew that Shanti couldn't understand most of those words but she had often said 'meat' and words like that. She spun around, as if she wanted Shanti to copy her move

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MixItUp! Hazel smiled, gently petting Shanti's muzzle. "Yay!" She grabbed a large piece of meat,

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MixItUp! Tossing it into the large dinosaurs mouth. Hazel pet Shanti for about a minute before moving onto her next trick.

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MixItUp! Hazel smiled, glancing at her watch. "I think you're ready for the show!" she chirped excitedly, "I just hope it doesn't encourage people to jump in with you!" she remembered one of her early partners falling into a raptor-pen. It hadn't ended well.

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MixItUp! Hazel found the tree that she usually climbed upon. She had slashed holds almost as if a ladder was built into the redwood. The trainer enjoyed gazing upon the kids faces when they see that the trainer was actually in a tree next to them. Hazel knew it was a dangerous job but that didn't stop her. Maybe she'd train Shanti to catch her on a daily routine

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Madyson Barnard (slytherin7789) | 7 comments hey hold on what about me

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MixItUp! Hazel clapped her hands together, turning her headset on. "Hello, and Welcome to The Indominus Rex Exhibit!" she waved from the tree, her voice bouncing from the speakers and into the room. "In here we have Shanti! She is our Indominus Rex, and quite an amazing one too. With cuttlefish genes and many more, she's got amazing abilities" she paused, waiting to see if Shanti might want to show off any of her abilities

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Madyson Barnard (slytherin7789) | 7 comments ((Could i be included i could be a baby indominus that surprised all of the people

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MixItUp! Hazel smiled, leaping from branch to branch down the tree and taking a flight of stairs to a balcony in the tourists view. "Don't worry, she's fully tamed and extremely kind. The glass is bullet-proof as well" she stuck her tongue out playfully towards Shanti. "I think she's been to lazy today, why don't we have her do a trick" she pointed to a group of teens that were gazing excitedly at the dinosaur. "Could you three spin for me?" she asked before blowing the whistle as they twirled, her finger still pointing towards the teens

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MixItUp! Hazel tossed the raptor meat into the air, far enough to wear it would fall right in front of Shanti's mouth. She eyed the dinosaurs teeth, waiting until she was done before beckoning Shanti forward. The girl tapped two times gently on her muzzle so the dinosaur would open her jaw

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MixItUp! Hazel pointed to her row of sharp teeth. "Shanti's teeth are about a foot long and are sharp enough to dig through any piece of meat, and easily split bones in half. She glanced at the crane that was holding a fat goat. "I bet you wanna see her kill something" she smiled, remembering a 15 year old throwing up at the sight. A few cameras were placed near the place that the goat was set down so everyone could see exactly what was happening on the large T.V's. The teens in the room immediately clapped at the thought, and it seemed obvious that they were excited

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MixItUp! Hazel was quite satisfied as the speakers caught the sound of the crack. One of the adults glanced away from the screen as a bit of blood got onto one of the cameras. The crowd began to cheer, some whispering to eachother at how cool it was. Hazel was used to watching Shanti catch and eat her food, but it hadn't even bothered her in the first place. "Maybe we'll put a raptor in here next time. One with it's mouth slammed shut so it won't cause any damage to Shanti" she murmured after turning her headset with the microphone off.

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MixItUp! Hazel smiled, turning the headset back on. "Give it up for the magnificent Shanti!" the crowd cheered louder and began clapping. She was surprised at how loud they were, usually the crowds were more grossed out in a 'good' kind of way

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MixItUp! Hazel was thought of a irresponsible trainer by parents, considering that she'd even put a 3 year old near Shanti. She would do it because she knew the dinosaur wouldn't even put a scratch mark on it. "Ready girl?" she asked happily, opening a small door that was connected to a cage. There was another door that lead into the observer building, and one that went back into the park.

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MixItUp! Hazel met up with the group, explaining a couple few rules before letting the group of teens into the habitat. She was glad that Shanti didn't have reputation of eating people

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MixItUp! Hazel wasn't in the slightest bit worried. As long as they didn't turn Shanti into a jungle-gym like 5 year-olds, she definitely wouldn't have a problem. She was proud of her job, even if the pay wasn't great

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MixItUp! Hazel had a large smile, though was quite disappointed at how the show was coming to the end. The next party/show wouldn't be for another couple hours. After all, there were only two shows. The morning and afternoon show. Hazel felt quite lucky to have this job as Shanti's trainer. She gently poked the dinosaurs chin in a playful way

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MixItUp! Hazel laughed a bit, forcing herself to frown. "You messed up my hair!" she complained, trying to fix her now messed up hair, trying to change her part. "When you get hair, I'll be the first to mess it up"

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MixItUp! Hazel laughed, "I am greatly pleased!" she was able to fix her hair the best she could. Thankfully, she had a 30 minute break before her next show.

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MixItUp! "Alright folks, this concludes the show! Please follow Mike back to the park. Make sure to check out the gift-shop" Hazel pointed to a man in black hair, a large nametag with the name 'Mike' written on it. She leaned gently on Shanti's side, watching them go. "I was thinking of adding a raptor in here, your thoughts?" she half wanted to see if Shanti even understood her

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MixItUp! Hazel knew that the raptor would be eaten by Shanti. It was why the girl had suggested it. The dinosaur had seemed to like its meat, so maybe a one that roamed around would be a nice challenge for her. "I'll just have to convince the manager to let me" she thought aloud

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MixItUp! Hazel stood up slowly, careful not to disturb Shanti. She had to file a bunch of paperwork, including the papers for the dinosaurs mate. She was debating between a T-Rex named Clay(who had minor incidents reported) and a T-Rex named Blaze(who didn't have the best records of peacefulness). She knew Clay would be the right choice. Especially since he was healthy and peaceful, which meant the genes of peace would probably make amazing dinosaur baby's

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MixItUp! Hazel felt terrible for choosing Shanti's mate. Curiosity seemed to overpower her guilt though as she watched the dinosaur carefully. She'd be happy with Clay. The girl was sure of it. Hazel couldn't imagine being cooped up in the same paddock. Maybe she'd ask the manager to expand the pen, though it was a highly unlikely chance

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MixItUp! Hazel sat down, taking out a pencil and small pocket-notebook that she always kept on her. She continued to sketch out the paddock, including every bit of detail. She tried to pick out bits of material for the walls from pictures on her phone. Management didn't want to add glass because the others who didn't buy the tickets would be able to see Shanti as the dinosaur peeked out. Hazel wanted to add a 1 way mirror, but it'd be expensive

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MixItUp! Hazel was too busy picking out tiles to go with the habitat. She was hoping that Shanti would be able to put her talons on them with no pain. She trusted the dinosaur so much, she was willing to even put ledges along the side of the wall if management let her

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MixItUp! ((Sure))

Hazel tapped her stylus pen against the screen, debating how costly it would be. If management was smart, they'd install the one-way mirrors and keep Shanti happy. Nothing good happened when one of the dinosaurs got mad. Especially an Indominus Rex. The girl glanced up, noticing how the hybrid climbed the walls. She was quite amazed, but pretended not to notice

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MixItUp! ((Thought it posted, sorry))

Hazel's body shook as Shanti landed with a thud. She scrambled to her feet, worried for the dinosaur. She darted towards the cage door, cussing under her breath as the door stayed shut, not budging. After her fifth attempt, it swung open, allowing Hazel to leap towards the outside of the exhibit. "Lots of high one-way glass" she thought aloud, pushing her hair away from her eyes. "Shanti!" She called out, running towards a couple cars near the fallen dinosaur

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MixItUp! Hazel held up her hand, as if to grab Shanti's attention. The last thing they needed was an Indominus Rex on the loose once again, even if she was 'harmless'. "Shanti" the girl whistled, beckoning the dinosaur towards her. "Come here girl..." She searched her pockets but there wasn't any meat on her. "Its alright" she tried her best to sound soothing, but that really wasn't usually her style.

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MixItUp! Hazel gently bent her head over to the walkie-talkie on her shoulder.

Hazel... We have a problem it spoke, and she assumed it was someone watched the camera footage.

"I know, Mike!" She replied with a small huff, clearly not in the mood for obvious comments.

What happened?

"Shanti fell from the wall and out of the paddock, i'm keeping her just outside the walls" Hazel informed. "Can i get a couple helicopters and a giant harness by any chance? I really need those titanium gates fixed and installed" after the old rex broke the gates, they were removed and there was no place for the dinosaur to get out nor in if she fell.

A couple? We need the whole navy force! That thing weighs like one million bounds! the boy named Mike replied dramatically.

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MixItUp! Hazel glared at the walkie-talkie, and it seemed to shut the boy up, even though he couldn't seem to see her. "Just a few" she replied firmly, gritting her teeth. She had a low patience level.

Whatever you say! I've got four heading your way, the fifth one is preparing to take off with a harness

The girl sighed, she hated this part of her job. Maybe the two could sneak around the forest? Thats a terrible idea! she thought angrily, I'll get fired for sure!

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MixItUp! "Shes looking curious..." Hazel whispered, half to herself and half to Mike who's radio was still on. It was more of a warning to Mike that Hazel might just do something insane.

Dont even think about it Mike growled, his voice filled with static.

"Too late" Hazel replied, biting the bottom of her lip. "Its in my thoughts... Proces-"

Hazel! Do you want to get fired!?

"Calm down! It'll only be for a little bit! Besides, the helicopters are all the way at the other side of the island" Hazel smiled, grabbing her walkie-talkie and throwing it aside. "Lets go on an adventure!"

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MixItUp! Hazel smiled, clapping her hands together. "Its going to be great! The forest has so many pretty birds" she gently climbed onto Shanti, sitting lightly on the dinosaurs neck. She gently ran her fingers along Shanti's scales, smiling. The girl was soon laying down completely on the hybrid

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MixItUp! Hazel liked hearing the birds sing, even though it turned into a panicked chirping when they got too close. "Its so nice and calm" she hummed to the song in her head. "Maybe we'll meet a Stegosaurus

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MixItUp! Hazel lifted her head, swearing she could hear the helicopters blades grow near. She sighed with relief when she realized it was just the wind in the trees. She had never been so high in the forest. It was moments like these when Hazel really loved her job. "I hate to say it, but we'll need to head back soon"

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MixItUp! Hazel peeked over the giants dinosaurs neck to catch a glimpse of all the foxes. Some had orange pelts, some had silver. She was quite surprised that they didn't act hostile, though if they did, the foxes wouldn't stand a chance when fighting Shanti. She bent over to speak into her walkietalkie before realizing she had thrown it on the ground. Mike was probably still trying to tell Hazel it was a bad idea, even though she seemed miles from it.

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MixItUp! Hazel paused, an idea popping into her head. "Ooooh! How about in the next show, I can sit on your head while you camouflage! It'll look so amazing" the chances of doing it werent likely, considering she was extremely respectful of Shanti's personal space.

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MixItUp! Hazel leaped off the dinosaur as soon as she was close enough to the ground. She grabbed the walkie-talkie once again, clipping it back to her uniform. "Thanks Mike" she chirped, turning the device off before the frantic boy could respond to her. She dodged a few humans in red vests who had small flashing lights. They edged their way nervously around Shanti, trying to create a hover pad for the helicopters, though the sight of the indomonus rex seemed to be a large enough sign

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MixItUp! Hazel froze in place, realizing how bright the red light was. "Aww sh-" her voice was drowned out by the helicopters blades as they surrounded Shanti carefully. She waved her arms, motioning for the helicopters to leave though the pilots ignored her. "TURN THE LIGHT OFF" She had to scream in his ear to be heard the slightest, though she was still ignored. The last thing they needed was an incident

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MixItUp! The helicopters had now seemed to back away. The fifth helicopter with the harness still hadn't arrived. Hazel wanted to help the employee but thought it was his fault for getting hurt. He hadn't listened to her anyway. "I have an idea" she thought aloud, sliding between Shanti and the light, grasping it in her hand. Hazel ran towards the wall until she was fully pressed against the wall. If Shanti was so interested in it, maybe throwing it back in the paddock would get her to jump in

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MixItUp! Hazel glanced upwards, as if to calculate her tossing ability and the speed it'd need to be thrown at. "Now or never" she whispered to herself, tossing the light up. It clattered as it landed on the overlook of the paddock

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MixItUp! Hazel had her fingers in a 'gun' motion against her chin as she thought. The harness was the only way, and it was uncertain if it'd even lift the dinosaur! She leaned into her walkie talkie, "We might need a Wrecking Ball" she murmured into it, wincing as the song began to play. "Not funny Mike!"

"Sorry! Sorry! Alright, maybe we can get one. Only problem is... How are we keeping her in?" Mike asked, concern edging his tone

Hazel had paused, trying to picture the paddock wide open. "That's simple! The shock collar should keep her in if she gets too curious" she didn't enjoy the idea but she didn't want Shanti to be put down or harmed

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MixItUp! ((How do we end rps? xD, sorry but I'm running outta ideas XD))

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MixItUp! ((Mike: SCHMIDTS! ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fitzgerald:But sir, we aren't all Schm-
Mike:Don't get so fitzy on me!
Jeremy:THE PUNS?! AGAIN?!))

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