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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Zander sat at Starbucks on his one and only break for the day sipping an ice cold water. He didn't really like the place but it had been the closest place to his patrol area.

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MixItUp! Hazel slowly opened the door to the building ordering a Double-Chocolate-Chip Frappuccino. She was going to order a blueberry muffin as well but decided that it wouldn't be the best choice. She slipped the keys of the Indominus Paddock into her back-pocket, grabbing her drink once it was ready. Hazel glanced around for a place a sit, noticing Zander

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Zander looked around the shop. His eyes soon landed on Hazel and he physically felt his cheeks warm he looked back at his water drinking a bit in to keep himself calm.

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MixItUp! "Hey Zander" Hazel smiled, casually making her way towards his table. "Mind if I sit here?" she asked politely, tilting her head. She had a necklace with a pendant of Shanti and earrings that went with it

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott looked at her and shrugged. "Go right ahead not like I'll stop you." He said honestly though on the inside his heart was beating against his chest.

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MixItUp! Hazel slowly sat down, images of Shanti's last show popping into her mind. She took a small sip of her drink, thinking it had a bit too much chocolate in it. "Busy day?" she asked, not very good at small-talk. The girl usually was training dinosaurs, and usually only spoke to others when doing a show

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott nodded. "More people trying to figure out how we cloned dinosaurs and where the new attraction came from. Speaking of how is the new attraction." He said trying to hide the fact that he'd never learned the name the new dinosaur was given.

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MixItUp! Hazel nodded, grasping every detail carefully in her mind. "She's great! Shanti hasn't eaten anyone yet, so that's a good sign" she admitted, though didn't believe she'd even eat a human. "We've been pulling in more and more tourists. I've been thinking of changing her diet to raptor meat. Might save us a few dollars" the girl was actually surprised that Shanti had enjoyed the raptor meat

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott chuckled. He didn't think Hazel could get the approval for that but he decided not to put her down. He looked at her drink. "Guessing you actually like this place?" He asked curiously.

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MixItUp! Hazel enjoyed moments like this. Just two friends sitting at a restaurant, even if it was a Starbucks. She shrugged, "They've got some great drinks" she replied, focusing on her drink. "Mines just pure chocolate. It's said that chocolate warms the heart" she chirped happily, though knew it probably was just a saying so people would buy it.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott chuckled. "I personally would prefer a box of crayola and a can of diesel." He said jokingly. "Honestly I'd prefer subway but I only have a thirty minute break and subways is on the other side of the island.

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MixItUp! Hazel laughed, though tried to stifle it quickly. "Subway is nice, but I stopped eating it after I learned they put rubber material in the bread" she thought about the topic for a while. "They probably stopped doing it because of the Health Department, but I don't want to take any chances!"

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott looked at her. "They did?" He said. He thought about what he'd been eating for years. He shuttered a bit. He looked at her. "So what do you like to eat?" He asked.

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MixItUp! Hazel nodded, a few giggles slipping from her mouth. "I like Olive Garden" she admitted with a smile, "Their bread sticks are great. They're spaghetti is even better!" she got excited just talking about the restaurant. "But if it's a quick meal... I'd go with Panda Express"

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott nodded. "I've heard from a lot of people that it's good." He said nodded. He looked around and thought for a moment.

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MixItUp! ((I have great timing when it comes to getting one when others are :P))

Hazel tilted her head, "Have you not been? Oh! What if we went together some time? Just as some friends celebrating a dinosaur job gone well?" She didn't want to have the dinner idea awkward

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott nodded. He looked at Hazel. "Never had the money to go to be honest." He said rubbing the back of his head.

((I forgot this character's name wasn't Zander XD))

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MixItUp! ((xD, can't believe it slipped my mind :P))

Hazel glanced sideways, feeling terrible for bringing that topic up. The restaurant was rather expensive, did she just say she had enough money to go often? After a moment of awkward silence, "The park never seems to pay enough to their employees" she replied, trying to calculate when her work days would be for her nightjob.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Zander nodded. "You'd think that the security would make a bit more money for having to protect everyone." He said. "Although you do deserve more for being in the same cage as one." He said nodding.

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MixItUp! Hazel shook her head, "Security has to deal with them when their out of control" she pointed out. "Besides, Shanti is harmless! Well, she chooses to be at least"

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Zander nodded. "Lost a buddy a few days ago when those raptures got ahold of a child. Sad thing was only five people were able to attend his funeral. The others were in the sickbay from near fatal damage." He said sighing. He looked toward Shanti's exhibit. "So she's relatively peaceful?" He said a bit confused. It was the first time he had heard of a dinosaur being peaceful.

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott looked at Hazel and wondered what she was thinking about.

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MixItUp! Hazel glanced sideways once again, before meeting his gaze. "That's a shame... I would've attended if I had known about it" sadly, she wasn't informed about these types of things. All she knew was that about 5-12 employees were lost each year to a raptor incident. She nodded, "Extremely peaceful! So peaceful, that if she wasn't 'scary looking', I'd allow her to play with 5 year olds"

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott smiled. "To many security guards die for them to care. It's nice sentiment though." He looked at his water. "They hired us both right after we got out of the marines you know. Guess they wanted people experienced with hell on earth." He said smiling.

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MixItUp! Hazel laughed a bit, "Most of the carnivores definitely are difficult to take care of" she admitted. The girl had met one of the T-Rex's, and it hadn't really ended well. She wasn't scared of the outcome though, just testing their wit. Hazel had to get some stitches, but it wasn't anything fatal. "Raptors are dangerous" she hadn't actually met one up close and alive... But it was on her to-do list

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott looked at Hazel. "Was that you?" He asked a bit surprised. "It took fifteen tranquilizers to put the T-rex to sleep. Because of that incident we're having to develop a stronger tranquilizer" He said.

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MixItUp! Hazel almost bursted out laughing, "Believe me, I don't enjoy living along the side-lines" she admitted, not regretting the decision in the slightest. "Well, an incident was bound to happen soon, plus, in a emergency with a tourists, it might've been too late by the time the tranquilizers took effect

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Zander nodded. "It might work on Shanti if anything ever happens. Of course everyone in the security department is praying to whatever god they believe in that doesn't happen. Raptors and T-rexs are enough for us all." He admitted.

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MixItUp! Hazel had a hard time imagining Shanti attacking someone. The dinosaur was so kind, it was difficult to think she would do something terrible to someone who wasn't doing anything. "True, they're definitely more difficult to care for than the triceratops"

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott nodded. "Definitely. So what do you do after your shift?" He asked. He was glad that the security officer didn't have him on the night shift. He looked toward the raptor exhibit. He knew that the security guards there were a bit more scared than the others.

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MixItUp! Hazel glanced around the rather large Starbucks. "I come here, of course" she smiled, curious if he went to Subway after his shift. "How about you?" She asked, a little shocked she had seen him at Starbucks

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Zander shrugged. "I mostly go to the gym. I find it peaceful. I got lucky and didn't get PTSD." He said and looked around. He shrugged a bit. He thought about how typical that sounded. He looked back at Hazel. "I'm also like exploring the park. Since I'm on security they expect me to make sure none of the cages break open. It gives me a good reason to explore them all." He said honestly.

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MixItUp! Hazel's smile only widened as he spoke, "Way more interesting than how I spend my breaks" she admitted happily. She finished her drink, tossing it into a trash-can with a quick glance. The girl fixed her hair into a high pony-tail, but her hair still dropped to the center of her spine. "I was going to check out the raptors, wanna come?" She glanced sideways, quickly adding, "It's alright if you don't want to" she didn't wish to bring him unpleasant memories

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Zander yawned. "It's my job." He said indifferent. He put his cap back on and threw his cup into the trash can without looking. "It's all about knowing the distance and the arc needed." He said with a smile.

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MixItUp! Hazel almost did a small golf-clap. "Bravo! The Oscar for 'best shot made' goes to...... Traugott!" She tried mimicking soft cheers so she didn't make a scene. "To be honest, I've never met a raptor... Well, a living one.."

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) ((Heading to bed.))

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) Traugott smiled. "It wasn't that good. It just shows I've been here to much." He said before walking toward the Raptor Exhibit.

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MixItUp! Hazel laughed a bit as she followed him, excitement clawing at her stomach. She wasn't the slightest bit concerned of what would happen. She had listened to the recordings of a raptors hunting call, and thought it'd be amazing to hear an actual raptor

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) ((Want to switch?))

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MixItUp! ((Sure, do you want to do the Fazraptors exhibit or something?))

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) ((Sure.))

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MixItUp! ((Do you want to post first?))

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) ((You can.))

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