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Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) ((This is an exclusive RP for Finchstorma and Stoatstrike.))

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) ((I'll post a little start, but I'm going to bed soon, so I won't be responding a lot until tomorrow.))

Stoatstrike stretched luxuriously as she awoke from her slumber in the warrior's den. It felt good to be home again, but she felt the urge to get up and do something for her clan. She groomed herself haphazardly, then bounded out the warrior's den. She started to head towards the entrance to go on a hunt when she noticed Finchstorm. "Hey Finchstorm, want to go on a hunt with me?"

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) She trotted after him out of the entrance, then sprinted ahead, flicking his nose with the tip of her tail as she went. She was in a rather playful mood this morning and she wouldn't mind a fun game of chase or play fighting like kits again. Skittering to a stop, Stoatstrike rebounded off a tree trunk and landed on Finchstorm's back with claws retracted to avoid hurting him. She bit playfully at his ears and throat before rolling off and bouncing to her feet again. "Come on, Finchstorm. Show me what you got!"

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) She giggled and squealed as they tussled in the grass. She nipped at his paws as he batted at her and pounced to pin him to the ground. She flopped onto him with all of her weight, which wasn't much because of her small size, but still, dead weight was dead weight. She laughed as she lay limp over top him and purred in contentment.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) She squealed when Finchstorm flipped her over and started batting at her again. She pushed at him with all four paws to throw him off balance, then scrambled out from under him. Spinning to face him, she backed up then took a running charge at him. At the last second, Stoatstrike leaped and sailed over Finchstorm. Laughing all the while, Stoatstrike went sprinting through the trees and marshland. When she made it to a sizable pond, she dove behind a pussy willow bush to wait for Finchstorm to catch up.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) Once Finchstorm was in a perfect position, Stoatstrike crept around the bush and pounced on him, throwing them both into the muddy pond. She floundered for a moment as the two of them thrashed trying to right themselves but finally sat up in the shallow pool. Her fur was soaking and covered in mud, but he didn't look much better. She couldn't help but laugh at his expression, lifting a paw to place it on his shoulder. "You look like you need a bath! I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Come on, we can wash up in the stream then hunt some fish."

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) Rising onto her feet carefully, Stoatstrike turned to follow Finchstorm's line of sight. When she saw the gleaming yellow eyes stalking ever closer through the reeds, she began to arch her back and puff out her fur. Falling back to stand shoulder to shoulder with Finchstorm, she leaned in to hiss in his ear. "When it comes at us, I'll dart in to distract it, then you flank it. Remember to weave in and out of its reach or it'll snatch you. This one's small, so it's probably young and inexperienced. It won't take long for us to chase it off or kill it."

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) Nodding to affirm that she was ready, Stoatstrike waited for the perfect moment to charge. When she saw the young fox shift in preparation to lunge, she charged forward startling the adolescent fox into freezing for a moment. She quickly swiped her claws across its face, then darted to the side to avoid its fangs and draw its attention. She purposely turned the fox so its side was facing Finchstorm, offering him a perfect opportunity to strike.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) Without hesitation, Stoatstrike leaped onto the fox's back to sink her claws and fangs into its hide as it stared down Finchstorm. The fox yelped in pain as it twisted to try and snap at her, but Stoatstrike had already sprung off and crouched ready to attack again. It seemed the fox had quickly realized that this fight wasn't worth it though, as it turned tail and ran. Wanting to make sure it left RiverClan territory, Stoatstrike began it chase the youngster, swiping, hissing, and spitting all along the way to keep it moving. She hoped Finchstorm was right behind her as she didn't want to face the fox alone should it decided to run and fight.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) Glancing back, she noticed that Finchstorm wasn't following her and she immediately grew worried. She swiped hard at the fox one last time, then began racing back to where the fight took place. What she saw had her heart dropping into her stomach, Finchstorm was badly hurt and laying in a growing pool of blood. Acting quickly, Stoatstrike snatched some spiderweb from and nearby bush and pressed it to his chest. "Finchstorm! Stay awake, you can't fall asleep! Can you stand? I'll support you and carry you back to camp if I have to." Stoatstrike knew that was impossible, the tom was simply too large for her to carry him any significant distance. But she also knew that if she left him out in the open and that fox came back he'd be a goner. So she nudged him up to his front paws insistently.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) Stoatstrike struggled along with Finchstorm leaning heavily against her. She kept peering around them at the undergrowth and straining her ears and nose for any sign of a predator. When they finally made it to camp, she carefully moved away from Finchstorm. "Lay down, Finchstorm. I'll go get help!" She scrambled away to go find Lakeshine or Glossypaw, praying to StarClan that they'd be able to save Finchstorm.

((Do you mind if Pale is the one who helps Finchstorm, so we don't have to get a third person involved in the RP? Or we can skip the medical part and just have Finchstorm blackout and wake up with Stoatstrike curled up around him or something?))

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) Stoatstrike washed her tongue over Finchstorm for hours as Pale worked on him. She was wary of the stranger cat at first, but came to trust him and even be thankful when Finchsotrm stabilized. She curled around him as best she could to help keep him warm and purred soothingly to help make his sleep calm. Dozing off for a bit, Stoatstrike was awoken when Finchstorm spoke in a strained voice then buried his head into her fur. Immediately her purr kicked up a few decibels and she groomed him, mumbling that it wasn't his fault and to just rest. She kneaded his hip and lower back gently and slowly fell asleep with Finchstorm again.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) Jolting awake when she heard Finchstorm speak, Stoatstrike blinked her eyes blearily. She glared when she saw it was dark out, but couldn't really blame him since he'd been sleeping all day. "Good evening, how are you feeling? Are you hungry?" She found herself grooming him contentedly without even realizing it. She was sure his coat would be the cleanest it had ever been while he was recovering from all the grooming.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) Chuckling lightly, Stoatstrike stood and stretched out her limbs. Padding towards the den entrance, she glanced over her shoulder to call back to Finchstorm. "I'll go get you something to eat, you stay and rest." Setting off towards the fresh-kill pile, she looked around to see if anyone was up. Finding the camp empty, she snatches a mouse and a minnow and ran back to the medicine den. Dropping both at Finchstorm's feet, she plopped next to him and licked his cheek. "Do you want the fish or the mouse?"

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) ((I read the RP with Russetleap, and having them fight could be interesting. Any particular thing they're fighting about? Wolfstar and Stoatstrike can definitely be a part of the conflict.))

Her ear flicked as she heard Finchstorm grumbling under his breath. A quick glance up showed Finchstorm's brother Russetleap walking past and Stoatstrike cocked her head in confusion. Was the pair fighting about something? Nudging Finchstorm's shoulder she gave him a concerned look. "Is something wrong between you and Russetleap? You didn't seem happy to see him."

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) Placing her paw over his, Stoatstrike gave him an understanding look. "I get it, you're jealous that he was made deputy and not you. You should talk to him about your feelings so he knows how you feel. Or maybe talk to Wolfstar to see why he chose Russetleap over you. I don't want to see you angry at any cat, especially your brother." Stoatstrike pressed her nose to Finchstorm's for a few seconds, then licked his cheek.

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) ((Sure thing, can't wait to see what goes down. By the way, are you working on any characters for the Theonatrir RP group?))

Darlana *School Starting Soon* (ajaklis12) ((Sounds good, it'll be nice to start getting characters made.))

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