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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments rp ideas

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments Ok so the medieval one

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments K, I'll copy the plot idea you posted here for easy reference:

A cruel king needs a queen. He is so powerful and is the most feared king. He is the torture and kill first ask questions later. He has had his eyes set on a princess for years but her father denied him because he did not like the king. Finally her father has died and he can take what he believes to be his. He has her kidnapped and brought to him. She is terrified to be in his presence. Can her soften for her and build trust? Can she fall in love with him? Can their relationship be built on more than fear?

It sounds cool-- I can see some inspiration from Reign in it though I see some Beauty and the Beast too. Did you have France as the setting in mind?

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments Yes but history does not need to be exact

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments Name: Bella Marie Renaldi

Age: 17


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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ((Should I start??))

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments Okay, I'm into history, so I will try to be as true to history as possible. But I won't worry to much about the details ;)

Nice character! It is late by me, so I'll have to post my char tomorrow.

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments ((Yeah, you could start us off and tomorrow I'll post my character info with my post.))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ((Can you give me his name?))

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments ((lol just found a pic to fit him, so I'll just post everything))

Name: Charles Henri Sébastien Valois

Age: 21


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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments The guard gently took the princess from the beautiful carriage. She was cut and bruised which would really anger the king. They were told not to get a scratch on her but she had put up a fight and it was an accident. Bella trembled as she looked around at the huge palace. Her lower lip trembled as she realized where she was. She was brought into the grand throne room. She had been here once or twice before for a ball. She looked around and closed her eyes before opening them. The guards exchanged nervous glances as the king himself entered. He has never wanted anyone as badly as he has wanted this princess. Everyone from every kingdom knew that. Everyone wanted Bella. She was the most sought after princess, but her father was picky and even denied the most powerful king. Now he is dead though. The princess has no claim to her, so the king sent his men to go get her. In his eyes she needed a man to claim her and her kingdom and he put it upon himself to be that man. No contract needed to be made. Marrying her would be confirmation enough.
Bella looked up when the grand doors opened to reveal the king. She swallowed thickly as her hands were freed. She was still in her dark green dress and her brown hair was still curled underneath her small crown. She quickly looked down as he made his way over to her to get a look at his prize. The guards backed away in fear. When he saw her wounds he would be furious and they all knew it.

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments ((Is your character Italian? What kingdom is she from?))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ((Let’s say italian))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ((If that’s okay))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ?

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments ((Yeah that’s okay))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ((Alright well your turn to reply))

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments ((I will, I’m at work now. I’ll post when my shift’s over))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ((Ok))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ((I’ll be more detailed as the rp goes on))

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments Charles inherited the throne of France at a young age after his father suffered a fatal wound on the battlefield. This sense of entitlement and superiority at such an age bred an arrogant temperament within him. Anything he wanted, he took. And he greatly wanted Princess Bella Marie Renaldi, ever since he saw her for the first time a couple of years back when he was 18 at a ball hosted at his palace by his father. Charles had held the heir apparent's title of Dauphin then, and it had been his duty to dance with all the single ladies. But he had had eyes only for Bella. Her slender, feminine curves entranced him; the way her soft, silky chocolate tresses framed her oval face and fell past her shoulders. It was her eyes though, that really captivated him. So large and round, a deep brown that sucked you into the depths of her very soul. A spirited and feisty soul at that.

When he had inherited the crown, Charles made a bid for Bella's hand, but her father refused him. He had been amazed that he should be refused. Charles was accustomed to being denied nothing he wanted. So with the untimely and recent death of her father, he saw it as perfect timing to obtain his object of desire, even if it were against her will and by force of kidnapping. For their union would bring him her, but also her kingdom. What king would not wish to expand the borders and power of their realm? Charles was no different and wished to obtain through marriage, Bella's inherited kingdom of the Italian Duchy of Savoy. Nestled next to the southern French province of Provence, its acquisition would expand France's southern region and give the coastline city of Nice along the Mediterranean to French rule.

He was anxious to see Bella and made his way to the throne room with haste. The large, timbered doors were thrown wide for his entrance, announced by a footman by the door. Charles strode through the doorway with purpose and confidence. He was a tall man at six foot five with a narrow waist and broad shoulders. His brown hair, short, straight and covering his forehead, the bangs just skimming his eyes. His hazel eyes immediately focused on Bella as he entered the room.

He watched a guard free her wrists as he walked right up to her. She looked beautiful in the green gown, though dirty and tattered it was. She would look beautiful in anything and nothing, he thought to himself as his almond shaped eyes took in her form. They narrowed in displeasure upon discovering the cuts and bruises on her arms. He had explicitly told his guards that she was not to be harmed.

"What happened?!" His voice deep, demanding, and full of repressed rage. He stepped back from Bella and grabbed the shirtfront of the guard standing next to her in his right fist. "I said she was not to be harmed!"

He glanced back at Bella, seeing her lower lip tremble as she focused her gaze on the floor. Looking back at the reticent guard, he shook him. "Damn it, man... I want answers or your its head!"

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments The guard panicked and looked at Bella, “I- I your majesty she fought!” He exclaimed, “she fought and it just happened!” He pleaded and looked into his king’s eyes, his own wide with fear. He gripped his hand, “we had to be more firm. She is tougher than she looks. On top of that some of those were there when we arrived! She has got lashes on her back too as if she has been abused as a slave would,” he said and swallowed thickly. He looked to the princess... well now queen and he practically begged her to do or say something.

Bella froze and walked forward. She shook her head, “your highness,” she said, her voice shaking, “enough. Please,” she murmured and looked up at him, “I did fight. A lit harder than I am sure they anticipated,” she said and swallowed, “the marks are from my father. He was a believer in physical punishment,” she said slowly. She was not ashamed of the things that happened to her, “please do not harm him. Many of this was not his doing.” She said and bit her lip. She was incredibly nervous to be in the presence of King Charles. She has heard many things about the man and none were for his sunny disposition.

Bella was a fine queen. Beautiful, captivating, and pure. There was even rumors of her being born of the fae. It was just the stupid myths that floated around idle palace chatter though. She took a step away from the king when he moved forward and smoothed her skirt, “I can guess why I have been... dragged here your highness. You want my hand in marriage,” she said and looked up at him to confirm she was right, “you want expansion and you were going to tell me that in return I get your protection and devotion,” she said and nodded. She was a very smart girl. A bit outspoken for a woman but smart nonetheless.

Charles terrified Bella. Truly terrified her. If someone did not fear him they would be a fool. She took a deep breath. She did not know what to say. Being married to a man she was terrified of was not exactly what she wanted. She looked around and rubbed her arm anxiously. It was late and she was exhausted. A guard stared at her, well they all stared. She was beautiful. She was completely off limits though. If anyone so much as breathed in her direction the king would have their head. Bella looked back up to the king, “and I am assuming you intend to marry me no matter what, yes?”

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ?

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments ((I guess I have to make a little disclaimer. I can't post every few hours, but I always try to post once a day.))

The look of disgust was plain on Charles' face. "She fought?" Raising a sardonic eyebrow as his gaze took in Bella's slight frame and the muscular one of the guard. Tougher than she looks? Charles shook his head, "No excuse, Gerard..." Charles could see no reason that the guard would've had to resort to violence to control a skinny young girl.

"Lashes on her back?" He repeated slowly, with disbelief. "Why would a princess have such marks of punishment?" It was unfathomable.

His hazel eyes landed on Bella as she stepped forward. Releasing the guard from his grasp, Charles folded his arms across his chest as he turned to face her. He looked aghast, "What father would see fit to punish a daughter that way?" He could understand a whipping to an unruly son, being quite familiar with that form of punishment himself. However, he couldn't imagine his own father ever taking a hand to his sisters.

The nervousness in her voice quite evident, he nodded at her plea. "Very well,... he won't be harmed." He couldn't understand why she would be so nervous. Yes, he knew of his cruel reputation, but he hadn't always been so. Bella had known him when he was younger and more unburdened by life to have not yet been twisted by its cruelties. He had been quite a different person then; charming, affable, and humorous. It was too much to hope that she would remember those aspects of his personality and so not fear him. Charles shook his head, his bangs swaying attractively in front of his eyes. "If your father were still alive..." He let his words fade, because he couldn't bring himself to tell her how he would've rebuked the old king for abusing his daughter.

Her next words took him a little off guard, but he nodded in agreement. "Yes,... I do wish to marry you..." A small smile curled at the corner of his mouth as he noticed how outspoken and astute she was. "Quite right again, my lady..."

Upon closer proximity to each other, a rather noticeable scar was evident on Charles' forehead. A long, shiny white scar that slashed above his left eye and temple. It was rather ghastly looking, noting that it had probably been a very dangerous wound when he had received it. Despite the scar, he was still a very handsome man, but it did prove to add to his menacing reputation and moody temperament. As he looked into Bella's brown eyes, he could see her terror there plain as day. He considered her words first before answering her.

"Yes." He said simply, but then after a pause added, "Though I hope you will eventually enter this union freely on your own."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments Bella swallowed and nodded slowly, “I do willingly agree,” she murmured softly and tried to suppress a yawn, “just... next time maybe ask me rather than kidnapping me from my own kingdom. My men were killed by yours trying to defend me,” she said simply and sighed. Had he not gotten to her though, another king certainly would have. A princess without a father or any man for that matter is in danger. Anyone could lay claim to her at that point, “if you don’t mind your highness I would like to get some sleep. I will be much more of service to you and I am sure you have questions to ask me about how the attack happened and why my father denied you. About my father in general,” she sighed.

When he agreed she followed a maid up to her room. It was huge and so extravagant. Even more so than her own. She walked in and was dressed in a night gown. She crawled into the bed and closed her eyes. She finally allowed herself to cry. Now that she was alone and no one was there to see her be so weak she cried.

Her father always had his anger problems. He never got his son. He murdered her mother. Had her poisoned. He beat Bella because he was so angry all the time. He gambled, he always raised the tax because he put the kingdom in debt. So a rebellion happened. He was the first one slaughtered and Bella was left for dead until Charles’s men came to save her. Her father denied men when asking for her hand in marriage because he wanted her to himself. When he got drunk or got in the mood he tried to... do things to her. She got out of it each time but he still tried and she was not wanting to share that with the king now in the morning. She had to though, if she did not when he brought her head of guard over for questioning he would tell. She simply closed her eyes and drifted off, trying to forget the horror of the past week. She was safe now, as safe as an unclaimed princess could be.

Charles’s guard approached him, “your highness... I would question her healer. There were many questionable things we saw as we looked for her. Poisons, torture tools left outside the prisons. It was as if the king was using them on her each day. I am sure there is more marks and I am sure the guards did nothing to stop it and the healer most likely condoned it,” he said sadly.

The next morning Bella was dressed in an elegant blush pink dress. Her hair was left down and a beautiful crown was placed on her head. The king had also given her a beautiful necklace. Her lady put it on then led her to the king’s personal chambers to talk. She was announced as she entered. His room was the size of a ballroom. She rested her dark brown eyes upon him and curtseyed, “good morning your highness,” she murmured in her soft and soothing tone.

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments ((I'll post tomorrow))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ((Okay))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ?

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ??

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments ((Just something that's irked me a bit, "Your Highness" is used for princes or princesses. Since he's a King, his form of address is "Your Majesty".

Also, I'm working on posting, I've been a bit busy, but honestly all these '?'s every few hours is putting me off. Are you gonna do this all the time?))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ((No sorry))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ((I’ll fix the titles from now on and wont do the ‘?’ It just irks me a bit when people are not active without warning especially since I like this rp a lot))

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments ((That’s okay. I think active is at least posting every other day or so. For longer than 3 days, give notice. I guess ppl have different definitions. I’m enjoying the rp so far as well. I’m at work right now, so I’m gonna post later today. (I would right now but it’s a bit tough to write long posts on my iPhone 😅). ))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ((Sounds good, i am glad we have that figured out!))

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments ((Same! Also, just wondering, is Bella short for Isabel, Isabella, Isobel, or Isabelle?))

Charles shrugged carelessly, "That is what happens, my lady. Those men knew the risks of protecting you when they accepted the position. Furthermore... do you mean to tell me that if I had just asked you, you would've just agreed?" He raised a sardonic brow in disbelief.

"Of course, we'll speak later." He waved a guard forward to escort the princess to her chambers. After she left, he called over Gerard, "I want you to find out as much about her father and his court as you can. I expect a briefing on your findings later this evening." The man nodded, bowed, and retreated to his task.

Later that evening, Charles was relaxing in his apartments playing a game of chess against a lesser noble, though childhood friend. When the guard entered with news telling him to consult with the healer. And then he listened to the description of poisons and tools of torture. His face turning into a disgusted grimace. "How could a father do such things to his daughter?" He couldn't understand it at all. It was sad, but incredibly disturbing to him as well.

The next morning, while he was having breakfast in his antechamber he heard his guard announce the presence of Bella Rinaldi. He watched her enter in a vision of pink damask, the ruby and diamond jewels sparkling at her neck. "Bonjour mademoiselle..." The French escaping his lips as the most natural of responses as her figure took his speech away. He watched her curtsey and he nodded his head, waving his hand for her to rise and remain at ease. He pointed to the chair opposite him, "Please, have a seat, Your Highness... help yourself to some breakfast as well."

He watched her approach and continued speaking, "I trust you slept well?"

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ((Yes:) ))

Isabella sat as a servant pulled out her chair. She stared at the food but did not touch it. She looked up at the king, “of course your majesty. The arrangement was very comfortable,” she said and stared at her plate silently. She took a deep breath and straightened, forgetting she had even begun to slouch. She looked down at her hands. Before looking up, “what shall we be doing today if I might ask?” She wondered and tilted her head slightly. She was very curious. Would wedding plans begin today? Did he have other plans for her? Just as he was about to answer a boy entered, holding a letter addressed to Princess Isabella Rinaldi if Italy. She took the letter, “grazie,” she said, realizing it was the message boy from her kingdom.

She looked at the letter and went white, “if you would excuse me your majesty,” she said and quickly stood and exited the room. She knew the contents of this letter would not be good. She found a private little corner where she could read. It was from her father. Her very much alive father asking for money and for her to come meet the men who took him. These men wanted her to sell and her father, the gambler he was bet his own daughter one night. When he did not deliver the men took him and the entire kingdom went to hell because of the debts her father owed.

Bella turned to her lady, “you will get rid of this,” she said in a hushed tone, “you will find a place and burn the contents. No one is to know. That letter shall not leave your hand am I understood?” She said. Her lady nodded and scurried off to do as she was told. She was just hoping not to be stopped by the king or she would have to hand it over.

Bella took a deep breath. She had to figure out what to do in order to keep this all a secret. She despised her father but she did not want to see him dead. If King Charles got his hands on him he would be put to death for what he did to Bella. If he stayed in the hands of his captors and Bella allowed everyone to presume him dead it would be all her fault. She rubbed her eyes and shook her head. If the King found out... with his anger and his temper if he found out about all of the things that happened inside her palace walls... she swallowed, not even wanting to think about it.

Meanwhile her lady was running down the hall as the king exited his private room. She hid the letter behind her and curtseyed, “good morning your majesty,” she greeted kindly.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments **the boy from her kingdom was delivering it

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments Sorry may take me a couple more days to post, not really inspired and works crazy))

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments Charles watched her sit down and then stare at the food. He found it a bit insulting. Was there something wrong with his food? Or was it his company she found repulsive? He nodded, "Good." He then sat down himself, and started cutting into a slice of ham.

"Whatever you like, Your Highness, I have some matters of state I need to attend to this afternoon." Already implying that he hadn't planned for them to do anything together today. "I had assumed that you would like to get further settled into your accommodations and relax. Perhaps tomorrow if you'd like I could give you a tour of the palace and grounds." He paused to chew on the meat, "Tonight, however, I have announced a ball to celebrate our official engagement."

He raised a brow at the interruption provided by her serving boy and studied her face as she read the missive. Noting her sudden loss of color as she stood, he immediately stood as she rose nodded, "Of course..." Though wondering what the contents of the letter could have been to have upset her so. He watched her flee the room, skirts swishing in her haste.

Charles finished his breakfast a little later and just leaving his rooms when he saw Bella's lady in waiting rushing down the corridor. He leaned back lazily against the door he closed behind himself, watching her curiously. He nodded regally to her curtesy. "Mademoiselle..."

Her greeting was polite and she was chivalrous, but her hurried manner had him intrigued, as well as the fact she kept her hands clasped behind her back. Making her look like she was hiding something and thus suspicious in his eyes.

Pushing himself off the door, he put out his hand towards her, palm up. "Alright... give it here..."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments Bella’s lady swallowed nervously. She was clearly nervous about handing the letter over, “your majesty I have orders from my princess to discard the letter immediately I-“ she saw a guard straighten a bit more out of the corner of her eye and slowly placed the letter in the king’s hand. She hadn’t read the letter but it was enough to upset the princess which means it would infuriate the king. He was far less patient than Bella. When she was excused she walked back to Bella to give her warning.

“I am sorry your highness, truly I... I tried but he was in the hall and caught on to my behavior. He made me hand it over. I cannot deny his majesty. Not without certain punishment please forgive me,” she murmured.

Isabella arched a brow and sighed, “of course you are forgiven. I was a fool to think something as monumental as that letter would escape him unnoticed.” She sat down, “he will know everything because of that letter though. He will want details, details I never thought I would have to give anyone,” she murmured and pushed her hair back, “you are excused Lady Kenna. Avoid the king as best as you can... I have a feeling his anger will be dangerous,” she said calmly. She watched her go then stood.

As if on cue she turned to the door being open and a guard staring at her, “the king is demanding your presence. Immediately your highness. Failure to comply-“

Isabella sighed, “there will be no argument sir,” she said simply. She held back tears that threatened to spill and followed the guard to the king’s private office. She was let in and announced. Her large brown eyes found the king with the letter in his hand immediately and she straightened slightly, “you scared my lady half to death your majesty,” she said simply, “I asked for that to be burned. It was my personal matter. I hope you can destroy it and simply look past it’s contents,” she murmured, but she knew he wouldn’t even if he could, he wouldn’t.

Isabella was scared though. She knew telling him... everything meant certain death of everyone in her palace, her father included if he was ever rescued. She rubbed her arm nervously and waited for what was to come next.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ((I know you don’t like the question mark thing but just a reminder:) ))

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments ((I know, just hard finding some inspiration. You've written my character's actions and feelings for me...))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ((Sorry sometimes i have a habit of doing that im working on it though....))

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments ((Sorry I had a nice post written and I somehow hit a key and deleted it >.< I'll work on it again soon. ))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments ((Hey, are you gonna do the post soon??))

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments ((Yeah, sorry it was a crazy week with a lot of OT.))

Charles stared down at the lady. She was only doing what was asked of her and for that he couldn't fault her. But he shook his head all the same, "Your Princess is now officially my fiancée and so falls under my jurisdiction now. She soon will be the Queen of France, who is under my charge. Bella is no longer in her Italian kingdom, which is no longer Italian, I feel I must remind her of that... And as such, my command is law here. Now... the letter if you please..." Though he clearly was not asking. He watched her obediently place the letter in his hand, after which he dismissed her and he placed the missive in his doublet to read later. Right now, he had business to attend to.

Charles made his way down the corridor and down a flight of stairs to his state room where he walked in amid a rapid hush in voices and all his advisors immediately standing as he entered. Charles nodded to them as a whole as he made his way to the head of the large rectangular table.

He sat down and then so did his advisors. "What is on the agenda today gentleman?"

His Head of the Treasury rose and bowed, "Taxes, Your Majesty. The residents of Paris are in an uproar over your new increase in taxes."

Charles waved a hand, dismissing it. "It is the price they pay for choosing to live in the grandest city in Europe. If it were not expensive to live there, then no one would associate it with wealth and status. It's simple. Plus, there is a lot of wealth there and I need the revenue to further my ambitions of increasing the reach of France."

The man nodded and sat back down, and the king continued. "Now, the real reason I called this meeting, gentleman... I want a team deployed to the newly acquired Duchy d'Savoy. I want the land erased of Italian vestiges. It is now illegal to speak Italian there. I want the people to know that they are now French subjects."

The men all nodded, so Charles continued. "I also need to raise a noble to the rank of Duc to govern this new territory. So, I will take recommendations, but be advised that if no one suggests a reasonable candidate, I will likely give the Duchy to my nephew."

Charles stood then, "That will be all today... I have preparations to make for tonight's Engagement ball."

His Head of State interjected, "But the unrest in Brittany, Your Majesty? There is talk of Calais aiding British interests in northern France..."

"It will wait..." Charles left the room, returning to his apartments. He made his way to his private drawing room, taking a seat on a bench by a tall window. He finally took the letter out and read its contents. His brow furrowed as he read, becoming increasingly bothered by its contents. "Gerard! Summon Princesse Bella immediately!"

Not long after, Isabella entered his chamber. He looked up from his window seat, the letter still in his hand. He waved for her to sit down, ignoring her curtsy. "I'm sorry for the fright I gave your lady, but it couldn't be helped."

He waved the paper, "Now,... please explain this..." There was no way he was going to ignore it.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments Bella looked at it, “my father isn’t dead. Just dead to me,” she said simply, “our kingdom was attacked by men he owed. He owed me as a debt to pay,” she said simply, “he saw me as a pawn not a princess,” she said and picked up the letter, “he heard of your picking me up and is asking for me to meet these men and pay them what is owed as well as give myself to them or they will have his head and most likely my own,” she said, putting it very simply and calmly.

“You know as well as anyone my father had a gambling problem. I just became as easy to gamble off as money,” she said and sighed, “He has me promised to a man he gambled with frequently. I do not know his name but I would recognize his face as he was around during-“ she looked at the men in the room and swallowed, “when I was being punished he was normally the one doing it,” she said simply.

“The way my father treated his family is certainly not the way you were raised with, and clearly your kingdom still stands strong because your father ruled much differently as well. All I can tell you is I had no intention of using your money to pay off my father’s deaths; however, I did have every intention of going to meet these men and negotiate something. Now that you know I understand I may not be able to do as such but that was my plan. Never would I beg for money or for help. I may be a princess but I am not helpless,” she said simply.

“My lady also brought to my attention you do not think I am clear of what this marriage means and I am. I am your property as is my kingdom. I shall wear the french dress and seal and I shall only do what you permit. The information I have is open to you. I understand this but we are not yet wed so the letter had every right to remain personal your majesty. I am not planning on digging into your past so I ask you stop questioning mine.” She said simply.

Bella father killed her mother for not giving him a son. He had her poisoned and punished Bella for everything. She would spend days at a time in the torture chambers strung up to bleed out like a prisoner. She’d be starved, beaten, screamed at, nearly put to death every week but she stood in front of her people with a smile on her face. She knew the king would see the marks on her body. All the countless scars and markings her father left behind. She did not want to disclose it now though. If the king wanted her past investigated he could but she would not give him any information today.

“Is that all your majesty?”

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☘Katie☘ | 66 comments "I hate to be the one to inform you of this, Princesse, but royal daughters have been political pawns for centuries..." There was no harshness to his words, just stated matter-of-factly as truth. But Charles continued to listen, taking back his seat as he did so. His brows furrowed in disbelief as he listened. Yes, it was true, daughters are the subject to their father's and husband's whims, but this was outrageous. He couldn't fathom a father so harshly using his daughter.

Charles nodded thoughtfully, he was well aware of her father's gambling problem. It was one reason he had been so able to take his kingdom so easily. Her story just kept getting worse and worse. "My father most certainly did not act in that manner- most especially concerning my sisters. But let me tell you something Bella, punishment does not excuse princes either. Yes, I had a servant to stand in to receive my punishments, but I didn't always allow him to do so." A rare insight into a rather kind action by a man reputed to be cruel. "I looked upon him as a friend, so oftentimes I stepped forward and received whatever was to come his way. My father was no different from yours in this, except he would never take a hand to his daughters."

He was silent a moment, "Good, because you would've never received any of my money to pay off his debts. And you are most certainly not going to meet these men yourself to reason with them. I can tell you now they are not to be reasoned with. They will do you more harm, if you do not meet their demands."

He raised a brow in interest at her next words, she was proving to be quite an independent minded woman. "Good, because you are no longer Italian yourself. As the next Queen of France, you are an example of French civility to her subjects." Charles nodded slightly to the side, as if acquiescing a point, "Alright, I'll give you that, perhaps I shouldn't have intruded on your privacy by taking the letter-- but know I only did so out of concern. And I'm not sorry I did so, there is no way I would allow you to go meet those men and place yourself in harm's way." Clear, genuine concern for her safety was on his voice. "I will dig into your past if you don't share it willingly with me, for how else am I to get to know my bride?" She could dig into his past if she wished, but most everyone at court knew most everything about him. His life was always on display. However, most did not know how he went from such a charismatic young man, to the cruel tempered man he was known to be today. That he had kept will hidden, as it was a scar he'd rather not have opened.

Charles shook his head, chocolate bangs falling down to obscure his left eye and the slashing scar along his temple a bit attractively. "No, it is not. Please sit down..." And he gestured to the chair opposite him at the table he sat next to. "Have some lunch... and tell me about yourself..."

This simple, gentle request must've seemed out of character to her. But, he was serious when he said he wanted to get to know her. Yes, he did kidnap her from her kingdom to force a marriage on her... but it wasn't like they didn't know each other. It wasn't like this was the first time they had met. Had she really forgotten their first meeting? The chemistry he had thought there was between them when they had waltzed at one of his father's balls when he was 18, only about 3 years ago.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 3978 comments Isabella looked at him, and nodded slowly. She sat down in the chair across from him and waited for the food to come. She hadn't forgotten the ball, not for a moment. She remembered every detail about him. From his smile to his kind words of flattery she remembered it. They had danced and she had snuck away from her watchman to take a walk with him outside in his gardens. They had spoken about small things and it had been rather romantic. Since becoming king though he had become so stern, and to be quite honest he did frighten her a bit. This side of him reminded her of that night. The low and smooth tone made her blush ever so slightly.

She was surprised however when he asked her to share a bit about herself. There really was not that much to share. Isabella was known for her beauty to everyone else. No one knew her well because she was always kept away from suitors because of her father. Her father had always especially hated Charles because he knew that one day he would grow to overpower their small Italian kingdom. He knew he was nothing compared to Charles. Bella sat and thought a moment before speaking, "I did not do much. Besides what everyone already knows of me. I am fond of reading, I went through a novel a day," she said softly. This was shocking. Most women did not frequently indulge their time in reading, "When I was not doing that I was wondering the grounds. I took care of international affairs. My father was too... busy most of the time and would forget. I did my best to keep my kingdom strong," she explained and took a sip of the wine in front of her.

Bella took a deep breath as she thought more about what he had said and thought about the man he used to be. She did not want a regular marriage. She wanted so much more. She wanted love and passion and deep and thoughtful conversations with her husband. She did not want him seeking out a mistress like many royal arrangements. She wanted a real marriage, like regular people got. This meant he needed to know everything. He was right, if she did not tell him he would send his people snooping and this meant her men and her kingdom would be troubled even more than they will be when the French ride in and their marriage is announced this evening.

She looked up at him, "he murdered my mother when I was seven. He poisoned her because she could not bare him a son. A daughter is the last thing he wanted because I hold no power in court in his eyes. He planned on forcing a duchess to marry him but she passed from a disease. I was the only one left to blame. I would receive a beating at least four times a week for it. If he was angry enough I'd be locked away for days at a time with no food and no water. If there was event coming up he would allow me to heal so no one concerned themselves with my condition," she said simply, "he gambled with the wrong men and he was so desperate he was giving away women of court to pay his debts," she said simply, "no one stopped him because no one knew how to stop a mad king. The night your men captured me I was half dead. They found me in the torture chambers. I offered them a good amount of money to keep that from you," she said simply, "that is all there is to know about my father and my kingdom. My subjects were never loyal to my father, but they are faithful to me," she said and looked towards the window.

She had not planned on telling him, but she felt as though she could trust him. Maybe opening up would cause the tension between them to fade. She was concerned he would take harsh actions against the guards that hid her condition when she was first found. She bit her lip nervously as food was brought to them.

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