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message 1: by sally (new)

sally  (carswellthornegf) CINDER, SCARLET, CRESS, WINTER

AKA my favorite book series. In love.

message 2: by sally (new)

sally  (carswellthornegf) Here's my synopsis, since it's kinda weird to explain:

The One Lunar Chronicles Summary You've Been Looking For

"Lunars. Earthens. Cyborgs. Robots. Even in the future, the story begins with once upon a time.

Earth was just beginning to live in harmony. Then everything changed when the moon colony attacked.

Only the young but true Lunar princess, of royal blood and powerful glamour, could stop them. But when the world needed her most, she vanished. It was claimed that the baby princess was killed by fire, and so the people of Luna lost hope.

In her absence, a new evil queen took the throne, bringing her kingdom down. Luna became a divided people, of the wealthy and the dying poor.

Time passed and in a cell a Lunar cyborg girl named Cinder was found. She had only recently discovered that she was the key to finding Princess Selene and ending the evil queen's reign. And although her glamour skills were great, she still had a lot to learn before she could stand up to the evil imposter queen and save the world.

So Cinder escaped her cell and set off to prepare for her revolution. On the way, she met seven other rebellious friends, and together with Scarlet, Cress, Winter, and the rest of the crew, they began to scheme their attack."

message 3: by Bailey (new)

Bailey Eilers That's the perfect summary. You managed to wrap pretty much everything in the least confusing and short summary ever. I still can't . I love this series with all my heart

message 4: by Alexandra (new)

Alexandra | 10 comments Bravo! I full heartedly agree with the highly deserved praise to your writing! I wish it appeared on Goodreads and back covers of the series, it's accurate and thrilling! (On the contrary to the majority of the synopsises of TLC)

message 5: by sally (new)

sally  (carswellthornegf) (Thanks, guys! You all are awesome!)

I've recently come to the conclusion that there are more Lunartics on earth (and Luna) than we realize. Which is weird, because I'm so used to no one knowing what Cinder IS

What happened to my tiny and beloved not-widely-known book series?

message 6: by Bailey (new)

Bailey Eilers I find it amazing that The Lunar Chronicles just happens to also be known as TLC because come on we all know this series receives lots of TLC from all of us Lunartics

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Yes the fandom is way too small. I keep bugging my friends to read it though and one of them loves it as much as I do. Another one has started it. The others are either not interested or just keep forgetting, unfortunately. Also is anyone else REALLY psyched for Gone Rogue? ‘Cause I am!!!

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