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sally (carswellthornegf) ELIZA AND HER MONSTERS

You guyyyss! I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH. Can we just fangirl/boy together over this beautiful piece of work that is Eliza and Her Monsters?

sally (carswellthornegf) I was writing a synopsis for my friend about this one (nobody's really read it yet cause it's so new ;P) and it ended up just kind of being a vague summary of the sequence of events.

"Eliza Mirk is a senior in high school, ready for the year to end so she can move on to college. She is introverted and never talks to anyone, and therefore no one really talks to her. She has no friends, none that her parents really understand. No friends offline. Off the internet, she is Eliza Mirk, a nobody. But ONLINE, she is LadyConstellation, the creator of the famous webcomic Monstrous Sea.

LadyConstellation is famous. She is known to a whole online world of fans of her webcomic, and all the time people are wondering who is actually behind the username. Eliza never spills.

Only her two best friends, emmersmacks (Emmy) and Apocalypse_Cow (Max) know who the real Eliza Mirk is. Though they’ve never met in person, they share friendship. Just because it’s onscreen doesn’t make it any less real.

Then, when Eliza is asked to show a new boy around the school, she realizes that just maybe a life off the internet is worth living.

Eliza meets should-be-football player Wallace, who, coincidentally, loves Monstrous Sea as well. He writes FANFICTION. They share their common interest, but Wallace doesn’t really know how much Eliza actually loves it. She still won’t tell him that it’s HER webcomic, even after he finds her “fan art”, even after the become friends, even after he shares a secret with her. Even after they eat sushi and cosplay together. Even after they become more than friends.

But when her loving parents end up making a mistake that was a well-meant gesture, Eliza’s life falls apart.

She won’t go back to school for the last stretch of the year. She won’t go to her graduation ceremony. She won’t talk to anyone, not Wallace, not even Emmy and Max. She becomes a part of her room. Her parents even have her taking therapy sessions and she’s taking a gap year before college. She thinks there’s no point living.

She decides to write a letter to someone, someone special to her- someone who’s been through what she is going through. Eliza doesn’t expect her favorite author to respond with a letter of her own.

The words on the page grasp at Eliza and won’t let go. Eliza has to come back. For her family. For Wallace. For Monstrous Sea. But, most importantly, for herself.

Because Monstrous Sea does not make her. She is Eliza Mirk, daughter and sister, friend and girlfriend. She loves Monstrous Sea, her fans, her name as LadyConstellation. But Eliza realizes she is- can be- so much more that that."

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Alexandra | 10 comments What a summary! So grasping and inviting to read this story! Thank you for sharing, this description feels so real and sincere as is the book, I'm sure. Definitely adding it to my list, thank youuu! 🍂

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