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message 1: by Sana (new)

Sana | 4 comments Every winter when it snows, I tend to re-read Let It Snow because it's a very warm book, so do u guys have any?

message 2: by Terris (new)

Terris In October, I try to read any scary books that I've been meaning to read. Seems like an appropriate time :)

message 3: by Mahra (new)

Mahra (passionist) | 13 comments well i have one:

in my 'reading list' there must be three books:
1. an Arabic book
2. an English one
3. Comic or Manga

message 4: by Emma (new)

Emma (theharlequinbat) I have a couple:
- I typically try and re-read His Dark Materials (or a the very least, Northern Lights) in the winter, and I will usually listen to Coldplay's Ghost Stories album whilst I am reading it. I feel like it is a perfect book/music combo for winter.
- I try to always have at least one Stephen King book on the go at a time, and will usually try and pick up ones that are meant to be the scariest for October (spoopy) time.
- I also read The Fifty Year Sword by Mark Z. Danielewski every Hallowe'en because the author used to tell it around a bonfire every year on Hallowe'en, and it is a cool little spooky tale.
- I also have a weird thing about trying to have the bookmark I am using match the tone or vibe I get from the book... >.> ;P

message 5: by Andreas (new)

Andreas Aristodemou (andreasaristodemou) | 92 comments Every summer I read all the bright places
and I'll probably start reading every christmas the Bridge to Terabithia

message 6: by Erin (new)

Erin (erinfwong) | 89 comments Around christmastime, I like to borrow holiday romance books to read over the break. This holiday I'm looking forward to reading a book that I got for free a few years ago but never got to:


That's pretty much my reading tradition. I don't know if this counts as another "tradition", but every weekend I'll wake up in the morning early to read in bed on my phone under the covers for an hour or two before getting up :)

⭐Anni⭐ (Book Princess) (annithebookprincess) | 624 comments I have no reading traditions^^ I'm a total mood reader. I try to re-read my favourites once a year, but if I don't feel like it then I won't do it because it might ruin a book for me.

message 8: by Ashly (new)

Ashly (ashlyh) I like reading scary books in October

message 9: by Suzi Evelyn (new)

Suzi Evelyn (suzievelyn) I think I'm going to start committing myself to a Harry Potter holiday time reread.

message 10: by Candace (last edited Oct 13, 2017 06:12AM) (new)

Candace (candywilliams) The hubs and I make sure we always have a book to read aloud to each other. It may take months to finish it due to time constraints, especially on his side, but we love having that special reading time together.

It started almost 30 years ago with Tom Robbins' SKINNY LEGS AND ALL, which is at once the most profound and funniest book I've ever read. We just about split a gut laughing so hard through that book. I mean, sometimes one of us would be gasping for breath, tears running down, and unable to finish the sentence laughing so hard. So we'd have to just hand the book to the other person to read for him/herself! We've read the Harry Potter series together, and numerous others.

message 11: by Pixye (new)

Pixye I've got one! Every time I get a new book that's important (i.e. from one of my favourite series) I will not read it until I have gotten everything I need to get done done, taken a shower, changed into loose comfy clothes, made myself a hot chocolate, made sure that I wouldn't be interrupted, and sat myself down in a comfortable armchair to start reading with a lot of ceremony. I do it every time and it's a lot of fun :)

message 12: by CrazyAsACupcake (new)

CrazyAsACupcake For about a month after Christmas I will just read non-stop. I won't watch movies or TV and I'll do all my schoolwork at the library before I come home so I can just sit in my room and read the books that I got for Christmas.

Also on the last Saturday of every month I have a reading day where I just try and read as much as possible.

message 13: by Melliott (new)

Melliott (goodreadscommelliott) | 421 comments Cuppa tea. Very important. (Cookies optional but optimum.)

Also, whenever I get thoroughly cheesed off with the world and want to retreat into feel-good fiction, I read Georgette Heyer's Regency romance novels. They are entertaining, upbeat, smart, and always make me happy.

message 14: by Lanie (new)

Lanie (Sherwood1192yahoocom) | 3 comments Every year I reread my favorites, Harry Potter & the books of else where. In October I like reading scary stories, and in February I like reading romance novels. I also have a morning tradition of drinking coffee, reading books, and checking goodreads before I go work. :)

message 15: by Virginia (new)

Virginia (dogdaysinaz) | 3 comments I try to read one non-fiction book for every fiction book I read. I am reading several fiction series this year, and fiction tends to be less dense and shorter than a lot of non-fiction, so I am having some trouble keeping up on the non-fiction. Maybe I'll count the Sandman series as one book instead of 10+. :)

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 160 comments Well I don't know if this could be considered a tradition but I have tea every night before I got to bed to read before going to sleep..

message 17: by Aida (new)

Aida (moonida98) I think i have a lot of them
Well if there is a series i really like i make a bookmark for that series.
I also stick these colorful stickers to my favorite parts. Like if it is funny i put blue if it’s romantic i put pink and yellow for inspirational ones
I also write those parts in a note book. I collect a lot of beautiful notebooks only for this case.
And also write reviews in my other notebook as well as writing in goodreads and insta

message 18: by Aida (new)

Aida (moonida98) I always read a light novel romance or something john green like or rainbow Rowell-like after reading a hard one with hard words

message 19: by Erin (new)

Erin (erinfwong) | 89 comments Aida wrote: "I always read a light novel romance or something john green like or rainbow Rowell-like after reading a hard one with hard words"

I really want to read a Rainbow Rowell book because I've heard her name so often and also people say they like her books. Which one do you recommend I should read first?

message 20: by Melliott (new)

Melliott (goodreadscommelliott) | 421 comments Eleanor and Park, or Attachments would be my two faves.

message 21: by Christie (new)

Christie (aurelas) | 19 comments I have too many reading traditions. Seasons and weather and certain days trigger memories and I feel compelled to reread books at the same times that I first read them or that I read them during a specific crisis. I try to always read at least one scaryish book at Halloween. lol when I was younger I would read The Babysitters' Club #2 Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls for Halloween. I often read A Little Princess at Thanksgiving because I remember reading it at my granny's house the last Thanksgiving she was alive and everything was lovely. I like to reread the same short mystery stories each year around Christmas (Lord Peter Wimsey, Poirot, Holmes, etc). I used to have a tradition of waking up early on Christmas morning and reading mystery books until everyone else woke up so I could go see what Santa left me, but that was before I grew up and got lazy. Now I just sleep until awakened. lol I used to read A Christmas Carol each year on Christmas day itself but since my marriage and especially since we had our girl that has just not been practical. I do still keep the tradition we set when I was a kid, of reading an old old picture book called A Jolly Christmas at the Patterprints.' And the accounts of Jesus' birth in the gospels of course. Around January, when everything is lovely and cold and bleak, I usually read Rebecca by Daphne duMaurier, as (again), it was about that month when I first read it. In spring I am still drawn to The Secret Garden. Hmmm in summer I feel compelled to reread The Pickwick Papers, which I first read in summer, and probably would every year except that I feel I should restrain myself so as not to tire of it. I try to read a Shakespeare play each summer, though I have fallen out of that habit as well. I hope to revive that tradition now that my girl is getting bigger. And this isn't a tradition exactly, but I like to read in the bath or while eating Twizzlers, candy corn, or crunched up ramen straight from the packet. If I am not in the bath I prefer to have a cat sitting on me to make everything truly perfect.

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