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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments Woop

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments Character Descriptions?

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Sure! Mine will be up tomorrow.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments Muse A is a new nurse at a psychiatric clinic where Muse B has been for the past six years. Muse B has been known to be incredibly violent and aggressive, having a history of altercations with patients and staff alike. Everyone fears (B). When (B) notices the new nurse, A, (b) isn’t as harsh with (a), but still, pulls an intimidating personality. The head doctors notice how A and B act with each other, assigning (A) to (B) at once, but would never expect them to fall in love.

here's the plot again

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments Jackson Orion
FaceClaim: Mitch Lucker
Jackson has been in the clinic since he was eighteen after accounts of aggravated assault. He was said to have major anger issues and severe paranoia. The patient has had several altercations in the clinic with patients and staff, sending at least four to emergency care.

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Virginia Margaret Joplin
24 years old
Face claim Lily Collins
Virginia graduated high school a year and a half early after already beginning small college classes, her goal-oriented mind focused on gaining the title and position of psychiatric nurse, wishing for this since she was young. She loves studying people and comes off as very kind and gentle, easy to talk with and genuinely interested in other people’s’ problems. She takes very little time to care for herself but passes easily off as hard-working and diligent. She now has been moved to a new hospital as a doctor’s hand as she finishes studying and training to reach her goal.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments Awesome! Would you like me to start?

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Yes please! I’m about to disappear for a few hours, sorry in advance!

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments Jackson sat in the main room, skunked in a chair, his hands clasped, eyes cold. He figured he’d been sitting there for approximately fifteen and s half minutes, already scaring about three people. A smirk fixed on his lips, he spotted a girl. He hadn’t seen her before, so he assumed she was new. Fresh meat, easily bothered. This is gonna be fun. he thought as he sat up, fixing his shirt across his body before shoving his hands in his sweatpants pocket. His eyes were tired, bloodshot and a cold, hazel colour. The nurses usually stayed clear of him, leaving him to be usually unmedicated and pissy.
Jackson had been recently released from Intensive Unit 2 (aka the criminally insane unit) on 'good behaviour.' More than half of the staff believed that he had threatened someone and would stand by it.

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Virginia didn’t understand, but she hardly let it show on her face more than a second. Her supervisor -who had crowded her space this morning and the day before on the presumption she couldn’t handle the list of duties for that day- had warned her to stay clear of a specific patient and then left. She was used to being treated like the incompetent new blood any time she started a new job, but being followed around left her a little uncomfortable. Not to mention he had told her the name, Jackson, and then left her to figure out who it was.

She narrowed her eyes just faintly, grateful to be in a common area filled with patients she could get to meet and speak with on her own now, in an environment they hopefully felt comfortable in. Something she had been warned of in training was to not overstep bounds when patients weren’t familiar with her, so she would have to take the next few weeks to get them used to her. Easy enough. People seemed to warm up to her quickly, so long as they could trust her, they felt safe.

Virginia pushed a long, clean braid back over her shoulder and looked at the list of patients on this floor, those she would be allowed to work with. The name Jackson wasn’t on the list, which made her wonder if the supervisor had been mistaken or she had heard wrong.

((was the new girl you wrote into your last post supposed to be her, or a different patient?))

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments ((Yes. It’s her))

Jackson got up and his eyes flicked around the room. He cracked his knuckles and a nurse nearby ducked away with a patient. First day back and he was doing quite well so far. He pushed by the new nurse in a dick fashion, grabbing some water from a fridge. The cups never really kept cold but he wanted an excuse to be a bit of a douche. It was his forum of entertainment ñ

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((okay, I wanted to make sure.))

Virginia read the list twice more, sure she had overlooked the patient she was to be aware of. Nada. A rough shove to her shoulder stunned her, and she looked up to a patient taking a cup of water. She frowned faintly, gathering her annoyance and pushing t away. “Excuse me,” she said firmly, flicking her tongue over her lower lip and pressing them together in purse.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments “Hm?” he smirked, bearing white teeth, the white muscle tee hugged his heavily tattooed figure, the black sweatpants fell to his ankles and his feet held a pair of tennis shoes as well. yeah s

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments //sorry stupid phone//

Jackson sat back down, a few nurses giving glances and murmuring to each other

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Virginia’s neck went a little rigid, she took a deep breath to relax and turned to the man who had bumped into her, now sitting in a chair nearby. He definitely looked like he could be threatening enough for her to be told to stay away from, but it wasn’t really fair to take care away from a patient just because he looked... rough, with the tattoos and toned muscles, the body language. Maybe he wanted her to feel threatened. “I’m sorry,” she started, not sure why she was the one apologizing, “Are you Jackson?”

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments “Am I?” he chuckled slyly, leaning back in the chair. Sure, she was pretty, but it wasn’t going to stop him. “How about you, pretty? You got a name?” Jackson only waited a second before chuckling. “Pretty it is. Nice talk.”

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This was definitely Jackson. He seemed like one, and general avoidance of what his name was placed him as the bet. Virginia set a soft smile on her face, taking his pass as a compliment, at least to her features as far as anyone else could see. “My name is Virginia,” she corrected, realizing a patient who was set on their own words would definitely not use her name.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments He wasn't listening as he eyed a patient over. He was new as well. Jackson rubbed his hands together, taking the last gulp of his water easily. When they were called for 'lunch' Jackson stayed in place, rolling his eyes at a nurse, trying to coax him to eat. "Fuck off." He muttered coldly.

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Virginia steppes away after a moment, tucking a stray wave behind her ear. Was Jackson ignored by all the nurses? It sort of bothered her, despite not knowing the situation. If a patient didn’t get the care they needed, what good was the nurses’ and doctors’ practices? She watched him from a ways away, refusing to head to the small cafeteria of this floor to eat. She set her list of patients down and neatly fixed her sweater over her slacks, heading back to the lone patient in the area. Jackson, again. “You’re not hungry?” Her voice was soft, curious, and not in the least bit threatening on purpose. She figured he had to have medications at lunch, most everyone here did. He couldn’t take them without eating.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments A shrug lifted his shoulders. “No. What does it matter? The food in Unit Two is so much better anyways.” Jackson leaned back in his chair, with a sigh. “I’m not fucking anyone over, sitting here. Am I?” he grumbled a bit, shoving his hands in his pockets. What made her care? No one else did. It wasn't that he was ignored, even if he preferred it, but they just...avoided him. She was a tiny thing, pretty as well- hence the name. He eyed her for a moment before looking at his tattooed hands.
All the other nurses were overweight and gross, old and angry, and they were perfect for him to bitch at. "Oh fuck off, Janice" He snapped at a nurse who passed with a roll of her eyes. They had a mutual hate for each other. Long story short- she had been here when he first was admitted and was the first to piss him off. Old Bitch. he thought

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Virginia watched Jackson closely, taking a seat that was a good couple feet away but faced him. “Nobody but yourself,” she remarked to his question, which was obviously not meant to be answered. She crossed her feet and quirked a brow. So he had been in Unit 2, and possibly recently. She wished her supervisor hadn’t just ditched her with bare minimum information- it wasn’t even information, it came off as a sort of threat. She folded her hands and looked at his own in his lap, the tattoos that wrapped up them to his arm. She bit her lip. If he had been discharged from Unit 2 then he must have been doing better enough that he wasn’t that much of a threat. She decided in that split second that she would work her hardest on not becoming one of the grumpy nurses, like the one he spat departure at as she walked past with an eye roll. Then, at least, he would have one nurse that he maybe didn’t one hundred percent loathe. She hoped. It helped a little that he was attractive, too, but she wasn’t allowed to think on that.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments Jackson shot a glance at her when she made the remark, rolling his eyes as well. He growled at a passing patient as well, in somewhat of a good mood (for Jackson Orion, good moods were no yelling, bitching, threats, and no fights. However, this could change quickly). "Can I help you?" He snapped at Virginia, noticing her look towards him. He couldn't read her, she didn't seem that scared, but somehow Jackson knew she was inside. Her mixed face bothered him deeply.

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Virginia smoothed a thumb over her knuckle, a little surprise of Jackson snapping while she thought making her expression just back to normal. “I don’t think so,” she replied, leaning back a little in her seat. “Why, am I not allowed to sit near you?” Her voice had the faintest edge of teasing in it, otherwise still soft and pleasant.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments "I don't know, are you?" He said cooly, hints of annoyance in his voice. "Did they assign you to me in hope that I'll cooperate and be a little angel? They've tried it before, ask Thomas in Unit 7 how that worked out." Jackson grumbled, and cracked his knuckles in his hand, not trying to be intimidating, but just a common thing he did. He looked a hell of a lot older than her, but that was probably the effects of the meds he wasn't given or how much he beat himself up about things.

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Virginia didn’t flinch, instead splaying her fingers over her knees. “I’m not assigned to you, I don’t expect any special treatment,” she promised. Quite the opposite, but he didn’t know she had been told to stay away from him. Or maybe he did think that. Was that why nobody looked towards him, nobody held anything more than quiet submission in their face when they passed him? Maybe. He hadn’t made any move to threaten her or leave. What was the point of being in a psychiatric hospital if nobody helped him?

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments He rolled his eyes. “Go help the people who need it” he said in some form of mockery and a roll oh his hazel eyes. “i’m sure they can fine use of you somewhere important” Jackson pushed himself to stand at six foot three, walking off to the back hall, leaving him to think.
This wasn’t normally a good thing, as he would probably break something. He felt the feeling building inside his lungs as he lay down on his bed after pulling his shirt off to give him some air. He felt his breathing grow heavy, sweating. The boy growled st himself and in a bit, punching the wall, his knuckles bruising easily as he jammed his fist into the indent of the wall.

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Virginia reminded herself she hadn’t precisely done anything wrong, and that Jackson probably had a temperamental disorder. Well, you did nothing wrong other than directly disobey your supervisor, she racked on the end, waiting to a count of ten before standing and finding her list of patients on this floor. She brought out a pen and filled in Jackson, since that’s all she knew about him and couldn’t fill out any more of the sections of the paper.
Obviously he hadn’t been on the list because he had recently left Unit 2, and despite his brash attitude she didn’t shove him to the back burner of her brain when she headed to the cafeteria for a quick check in on the patients there. She fingered a loose wave of hair and found a lone nurse sitting at an edge of the room to keep an eye out for any issues, figuring she could get better information on Jackson with someone who barely knew her rather than a supervisor or a doctor she had already met.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments Jackson decided to stay in the back for awhile, calming himself down slowly. When he was finally breathing steady, he walked out for some water, although he looked obviously pissed.
Jackson had a pretty confusing history. He remembered nothing from his childhood and was said to live with his aunt until he was eighteen. He always had anger issues, nothing as severe as today though. The aunt recalls that he began getting worse when he started high school and kids teased him about his parents. They never saw him as he was out getting tattoos and into fights beginning at around fifteen. It was said that jackson felt as if the tattoos were s release of pain and that the fights were release of energy.

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Virginia has a tough time talking the nurse into giving her any information- it wasn’t like charisma was her top feature. Eventually all she learned was that Jackson didn’t remember much or anything before coming to the hospital six years previously, and had lived with an aunt before. He regularly got into fights and had a violent history- but that was when her coworker refused anymore information, just advising her the same thing her coworker had- to stay away.

Virginia had no intention of doing so. It highly bothered her that no nurse or doctor regularly worked with Jackson, everyone avoided any sort of confrontation with him, even the bare minimum conversation. He’d been there six years and it sounded like there had been absolutely no progress made. She bit her lip and left the cafeteria, heading to her small office in another sector of this floor with a furrow in her brow.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments Angrily walking through the hall, he pushed himself into a chair and stared at the wall. After a good minute or so he closed his eyes and leaned back to the back of the chair. He needed to calm down and relax. Jackson liked being left alone, and he was. The new nurse, though, would be a pain in his ass. He knew she would want to help him and wouldn't take 'fuck off' as an answer.
The boy looked aged and tired, despite his twenty-four-year-old age. He was muscular, but that was mainly because he got his exercise from fights. In Unit Two, he had gotten into plenty of fights before he set for behaviour and decided to get back to Unit Five.

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kate~ (princesskate14) | 88 comments //Hi...wow this is old. I was just scrolling through my old messages and stuff and stumbled across this...I know it's a bit outdated, but would you like to restart/resume?

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