The Guns of August The Guns of August question

What is the best complete history of WWI?
Kurt Lutter Kurt Oct 10, 2017 06:05PM
"Guns of August" has been challenged in contemporary times. What are some others that you recommend?

If you want a great alternative to the standard texts on WW1 I would recommend :
Empire and Revolution : A Socialist History of the First World War
by Dave Sherry
Gives a working class perspective on the causes, course and end of the war. Lots of events that are never normally focused on (mass mutinies and role of colonial troops.

A World Undone is a phenomenal single-volume history of WW1, and probably my single favorite work of non-fiction. It is clearly written, well organized and easy to read, while remaining a high-level work of true history. The author goes out of his way to provide you with sufficient historical context for the events, without ever seeming to get into the weeds. There is no filler, no fluff, no useless anecdotes--none of the junk you find in the pithy works of pop-history that come and go every few years. Just a quality re-telling of one of the most compelling periods in modern history. I can't recommend it enough.

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