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; park jimin
; vernon chwe hansol


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moon hyun-bin + 18
; noted for being very pretty but not really minding this sort of praise unless they're misgendering and then he'll politely let you know that he's a guy. he might be small and pretty but he's anything but docile
; full of boundless energy and tends to be doing a thousand things at once. he also tends to be good with those younger than him and pretty much adores children. he's gonna be a kindergarten teacher. he's declared as much only a million times.
; prefers not to speak about his home life bc it's not the greatest but he also doesn't wanna cause a fuss about it. he doesn't like people fussing over him and thus doesn't often alert people of any problems he might be having.

liam jeon jaesuk + 16
; problem child. doesn't do well with authority figures and tends to go his own route. he can get along with some people, just not most and he can be very stand-offish.
; he's also very honest and doesn't believe in sugarcoating things. this can put him at odds with a lot of people but he has been told that his honesty is refreshing.
; can engage in some risky behaviors that can do him bodily harm. generally doesn't get others involved, but it is a small display of larger destructive tendencies.

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