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Handbook for Mortals (Handbook for Mortals #1)
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Renata (renatasnacks) | 210 comments Mod

I still can't believe any of this happened.

message 2: by Meags (new)

Meags (meags09) | 19 comments Thank you for your sacrifice! Quality podcasting.

message 3: by Kori (new)

Kori Watson | 5 comments the protagonist of this book is like a female tuxedo mask
she has a magician with very little understanding of magic
she has ill defined powers even though there is time to define them
and she has a weird obsession with roses

message 4: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 6 comments for real, y'all are heroes. this was the first episode of this podcast I listened to (the NYT controversy was such that it could ONLY be this episode!) and wowwwwww this book. sounds. so. SO. Special. Thank you for turning this bizarre sounding book into brilliant entertainment. And one of these days I may have to try reading a book before I listen to the episode ;) but at this point, I think that requires more bravery than I have :P

message 5: by Denise (new)

Denise | 41 comments Catching up on my podcast backlog, and it sounds like Duarte is running away from this book. Like, "NO! NO I WON'T TALK ABOUT THIS! GO AWAY!"

Duarte is truly the wisest of us.

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