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Sam Thomas | 7 comments Hey guys,
I have several free copies of new book "Nutritional Ketogenic Diet". I need your email address to send the copies and am asking people to post reviews on Amazon as early as possible. It's a great, very insightful book with over 100 delectable recipes and 14-day meal plan.

Topics include:

1. History/origination of the Ketogenic Diet
2. What exactly is a Ketogenic diet?

The Ketogenic Decision
1. Why follow a Keto-Diet plan?
2. Does the Keto-Diet even really work?
3. How does it work?

Physiological Adaptation
1. Ketone and Ketosis
2. Compositional body changes
3. Adaptation to Ketosis
4. Ketosis and accelerated fat loss

Who should not be part of a Ketogenic Diet?
1. Is the Ketogenic diet safe for everyone?
2. Do you qualify?

The Ketogenic Diet
1. How to start
2. What to eat on a Ketogenic diet
3. Foods to avoid
4. Types of Ketogenic diet
5. Eating out on a Keto Diet

Ketogenic Meal Plan
1. A Typical 14 Day Keto Meal Plan
2. What are Fat Bombs
3. Fat Bomb recipes

The Keto Diet recipes(Over 100 recipes)

The Ketogenic diet budget
1. Buy bulk. Make bulk. Freeze bulk
2. Do it yourself
3. The shopping lists
4. Cheap veggies and Drinks

The Benefits of Ketogenic Diet
1. Cancer
2. Diabetes
3. Weight loss
4. Epilepsy and seizure

1. General supplements
2. Keto Pre-Workout
3. Strength/mass gains

Keto Troubleshooting
1. Overcoming weight loss Plateaus
2. Nutritional Ketosis and Breastfeeding
3. Keto Rash
4. Keto flu
5. Alcohol and Ketogenic diet
6. Insomnia

Ending a Ketogenic diet

message 2: by Laura (new)

Laura (bookishforever) | 3 comments Are these still available?

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