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Temná minulosť
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message 1: by Milan (new)

Milan (themysteriousem) | 28 comments Hi, there, not really sure how this works, but I would like you to add my profile name as a translator of this book in the database. A proof that I am him can be found for example here
Hope that's enough information for you.

Also, if I have multiple but similar queries (adding books to my translator's profile), should I start a new topic for each one or put it all in one?


message 2: by Krazykiwi (new)

Krazykiwi | 1767 comments Done - I put translator, but if you want that in Slovak that would be ok too, just tell me how to spell it.

Putting them all in one thread would be fine, just group them in little batches (3-5 at a time, in new posts or at least with spaces between) so it's easy to keep track of.

Ideally, worldcat will confirm listings, but other sites, particularly publisher sites or library sites are also good. Although to be honest, I am willing to take your word for it in this case.

message 3: by Milan (new)

Milan (themysteriousem) | 28 comments Thanks, what a quick response. As it is it is also perfect in Slovak.

However, I would like you to link it to my Goodreads Author profile, as this way it doesn't show up on my page. There are several authors that go by that name, think it links to my profile when you put two spaces between the first and last name.

Now I have three more books to be updated with me as translator.

1 Tieňová vojna (which you already list as Shadow War, but not this edition) with a proof on publisher's page here

2 Nájdem si ťa (ISBN 9788089876617) with a proof on the publisher's page here

3 Kritik. Now for the love of God I cannot find an online proof so you may either trust me on this one or I nudge the publisher to put it on their webpage (ISBN 9788056600771)

I found none of them on worldcat.

Thank you, that would be all.

message 4: by Krazykiwi (new)

Krazykiwi | 1767 comments Re 1) I added it, but it's missing a lot of info as we can't (for copyright reasons) use bookseller sites. I looked at the publisher ( correct?) but I couldn't find the book there. Do you have an ISBN or a cover or a description available from a site we can use? (Again, the publisher, your own scan, some libraries)

Will work on the others in a bit, if nobody else gets to them.

☕ Lachgas ♿  (lachgas) | 6177 comments 2 & 3 translator added :)

message 6: by Milan (new)

Milan (themysteriousem) | 28 comments Yes, the publisher is IKAR, but the things is, they use their main domain only as a "billboard" of sorts and all the relevant info they put on which they own as well but also use as their store, and that, as you write, might be against the policy. The ISBN of "Tieňová vojna" is 9788055155883. At the moment I don't have the book on me to provide a scan or a photo.

message 7: by Milan (new)

Milan (themysteriousem) | 28 comments Nevermind, all the books now show up on my profile page and that is what I needed, so big thanks to you all.

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