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message 1: by Brianna (last edited Oct 18, 2017 03:09PM) (new)

Brianna Combs | 28 comments Hello!

I am Brianna and I offer free beta reading services! Check out my website for more info!


message 2: by Robert (new)

Robert Brown | 68 comments Brianna,
I sent you a message a couple of days ago. I hope you're interested in my manuscript!


message 3: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Hall | 34 comments Good evening. I sent you an email. Let me know what you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

Adrian Hall

message 4: by Elisa (new)

Elisa | 164 comments Are you only looking for complete work?

message 5: by William (new)

William Walters | 111 comments Hi, my name is Jim AKA William Walters my latest novel NewCastle is a 182030-word historical fiction/Family Saga about the Richards family led by the tyrannical Wilbur and his manipulative wife Aggatha. The novel follows the family from the period just after the Revolutionary War to the opening days of the Civil War. It is based on the massive plantation NewCastle in South Carolina. You can reach me at if you are interested in editing critique or Beta reads.

Author Dawnette Brenner (author_dawnette_brenner) | 13 comments Hello, my book 2 has been through developmental, line edits, and I need beta readers, before proofreading.

Thanks for your interest, I hope I’m selected. Available 2/3.


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