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Review - Fantastic Read 5 Stars

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"I could not put the book down. It held my attention all the way through and even brought me to tears of joy! I can't wait to read the next book!"
Thank you Pink24blonde x

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5 Stars
"It was amazing . I absolutely loved the story line and the characters!! Can't wait for the next book in the series to be published."
Thank you S Campbell x

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Amazon Customer 5 Star review
"This book sets the scene and evokes a far off time and place where life is good and the Guardians use their magic to keep it that way. But not all magic is good. At the heart of this tale is the eternal struggle between good and evil. The theme is well developed and there is a real mounting sense of unease at the end of the book."
Thank you, whoever you are. x

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"An Enjoyable Read" Mrs J - 5 Stars
"An interesting and enjoyable read although different from my normal reading. However I found it an easy read, the characters are believable and I was drawn into the story right from the beginning. I will happily buy the next book!"
Thank you Mrs J x

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"An Intriguing Read" Mrs Beryl Bullen 4 Stars
"I found this book quite complex and intriguing.Author must have a marvellous imagination to think of the plot and to bring so many different characters into the story.Couldn't put it down and will look forward to a sequel."

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5 Star Review - Mrs Susan Cole
"A good story line and great characterisation. Was totally drawn into the life of the central family. An easy read with a few twists and turns. Great songs and poems! Looking forward to the next book."
Thank you Mrs Susan Cole x

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Amazon Customer 5 Stars
"I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the characters were easy to visualise and follow their lives. I enjoyed the storyline and look forward to the follow on book to find out what happens next."
Thank you Amazon Customer x

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Amazon Customer - 5 Stars
"The plethora of characters and enthralling storyline kept me captivated right up to the unexpected ending.
I look forward to Star's continuing journey."
Thank you Amazon Customer x

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