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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Historical Romance, French Revolution, arranged marriage to cousin (mothers were twins) both have secret lives as pirates smuggling people out of France. She is 16 and has a twin brother that she is looking for. [s]

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Melissa | 3 comments I read this book, a paperback, in the late eighties or very early nineties but got the book from a used book seller so not sure how old it was. I think it was from the 80's. I later read a number of books by the same author including the sequel to this one told from the twin brother's viewpoint.

It was set in France and England and on board ships.


The book opens I believe with a flashback to how the heroine's grandfather made sure to get his two beautiful twin daughters advantageous marriages even though I think they were actresses or entertainers. One sister moved to England and had a son. The other married some noble in France and many years later had a set of twins and they then betrothed the girl to her cousin but they had never met.

In the present, the Revolution has come to France, the girl is separated from her family. (her parents may or may not have died but she's sure her brother is alive). She goes ahead with the marriage but disguises herself under powder and makeup and wigs and pretends to be ill and weak and so she and her husband never consummate their marriage. He's fine with that because she repulses him as presented.

So pretending to be confined to her bed/room and a maid I think to cover for her, she sneaks off to go back to France to search for her brother. She has a ship and a crew for reasons I can't remember. She's painted the ship grey like she'd heard this other famous pirate had done. Of course it turns out that the other famous pirate is her new husband, not that she knows.

At some point, they run into each other running around rooftops and dark alleys in France. He too is searching for her relatives and anyone else that needs to get out. ( I think he was some kind of smuggler or spy before that because he was already some sort of pirate before she became one) Neither at first realize who the other is.

At some point, they have a fencing match that she loses and he gets to do whatever he wants. I believe at this point he's figured out who she is but she for some reason doesn't know who he is. He ties her using scarves and bow chicka bow wow.

I honestly don't remember how it ends though I do recall that in the sequel telling her twin brother's story, he is mistaken for a highwayman. For some reason keep thinking about this book.

Anyone able to help me?

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Juels | 2476 comments Desire in Disguise by Rebecca Brandewyne?

This is from one of the reader reviews:

"In 1746, long before the revolution, a young French noblewoman gives birth to female twins, Dominique and Lis-Marie, but she is not wed to their father because her strict father will not allow her to marry an actor, albeit a good one with noble linage. The young mother flees from her home and takes the babies to her lover, afterward dying of a fever. The father of the twin girls raises them in Paris, where they become beautiful, celebrated actresses. He vows they will have noble marriages, and so his two daughters are wed, one to a comte in France and one to an earl in England. This is the story of the two daughters and their children, set against the background of the French Revolution.

Dominique has one son, Justin. Lis-Marie has twins, a boy (Vachel) and a girl (Genevieve). When the revolution comes, Genevieve becomes a smuggler and savior of the French noblemen and women, saving many lives. In the process, she becomes the Crimson Witch who sails the waters between England and France. She meets a pirate-spy, Capitaine Diabolique, commander of the Black Mephisto ship. Genevieve calls him "Noir"; he calls her "Rouge." Though wed to her cousin Justin, who is indifferent to her, Genevieve falls in love with Noir, and he with her. And the game is afoot."

Melissa | 3 comments You clever, clever soul! That is exactly it!

Melissa | 3 comments Juels wrote: "Desire in Disguise by Rebecca Brandewyne?

This is from one of the reader reviews:

"In 1746, long before the revolution, a young French noblewoman gives birth to fem..."

Thank you so much. This was just what I was looking for.

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Juels | 2476 comments Happy to help.

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