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Elena Trintas | 12 comments I thought I would add this topic, so that some good links within Goodreads are not lost in vain.

I found inspiring and useful the Chapter 2 from the book.

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Nataša Pantović (nuit) | 384 comments Mod
Quantum Physics and Consciousness Applied alchemy of soul and consciousness In our journey towards happiness we Apply Yin and Yang Balance within a Chaotic Day

“Our souls’ journeys appear to be circular as though we are exploring a spiral, going downwards or climbing up. Journeying the path of excitement and happiness or the one of sadness or depression, we face each day individually with own intuitive knowledge combined with the knowledge accumulated by humanity.mind)... who is also a soul-relationship, we laughed and cried together during the last 25 years, so I can assume truthfulness of his expressed thoughts and feelings, in his 50s married with 2 kids wi...

Dare You not to Pick Up the Fight Applying Wisdom Supported Pure Logic within Chaos in-search-of-the-highest-art-of-4-elements-poetry-by-natasa-pantovic-nuit

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Nataša Pantović (nuit) | 384 comments Mod
Mind Manipulation or "How to" or "Why" to Abusing our Drive for Goodness
Mind Manipulation Marketing Strategies that manipulate our drive for Goodness Create reality of your dreams<br />

Mind manipulation or the manipulation of thoughts and feelings has always been a big part of our day-to-day reality. It doesn't come to any free-man as a surprise that manipulating our drive for goodness, many giants' marketing campaigns use...

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Nataša Pantović (nuit) | 384 comments Mod
Conscious Living  from Belgium Theater Cantina to Mountains of Serbia Free Mind by Nuit  Conscious Living and Listening to your soul

The Laika Theatre Group, based in Antwerpen, Belgium, uses food to look at the changes and struggles our souls face in a typical “fast-food” industrial society, the modern day workers and consumers exploitation, done by fast food giants, the likes of Mc-Donald and KFC.

Directly engaging the audience, the stage was designed around us, the actors and singers were dancing, running, flying so we can fully sy...

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Nataša Pantović (nuit) | 384 comments Mod
Mystical Learnings from Ancient Temples by Nataša Pantović

Walking the path of a spiral ascending, giving our deep respect to ancestors wisdom and scientists consciousness researches, with the knowledge that even within our history we follow a circle,
Queen Sheba mysticism and art

spinning around the same centers until our souls understand the divine message, observing the ascend and descend of some great Civilizations, we know that our predecessors built Temples worrying greatly if there are to be destroyed

According to...

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Nataša Pantović (nuit) | 384 comments Mod
Spirituality and Historical Fiction Interview with Nataša Pantović. Honored to be interviewed by Wayne Turmel

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Nataša Pantović (nuit) | 384 comments Mod Neolithic name of God, secrets of the stone age, golden age, 5,000 BC, 6,000 BC, 4,000 BC, stamps of Neolithic Europe, Amorites, Minos, Ancient Greek Civilization, 22 letters, 21 neolithic stamps, 22 old Europe stamps, cuneiform, northern Babylon, ancient symbols, goddess neolithic, Malta temples, Vinča settlement, Serbian archaeological site, Danube archaeological site, ancient stamps as letters, letters, symbols, stamps

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Nataša Pantović (nuit) | 384 comments Mod
wisdom of Solomon, wisdom of Solomon Temple, wisdom of Neolithic cultures, life in the Neolithic Age, life Neolithic age, rituals Neolithic age, Neolithic age, spirituality Neolithic, the wisdom of the stones, wisdom of stones

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