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Karin | 7198 comments On his way home one evening, Jason is abducted and drugged, only to wake up in a strange room with people he doesn't know to find out his live is not at all how he remembers it, but he has a difficult time believing his memories are false. This is a sci-fi novel dealing not only with multiverse, but the idea that each place we make a decision splits off into other realities. I'm not a huge thriller fan, but this multiverse stuff and travelling back and forth is one of the main reasons for my three stars--I've seen or read things about these possibilities before. This theory may be somewhat like physics meeting metaphysics (I just had a chat with a philosophy professor where we discussed things such as dark matter and he was the one who brought up the metaphysical part, but it's more like I think).

In case you think physicists agree on this sort of thing, here is an interesting article from the Smithsonian (so definitely not your metaphysical or religious type of rag) .

But if you enjoy scifi thrillers, try it--it's engaging and well-done. I was rooting for the first person narrator the entire time.

JoLene (trvl2mtns) | 1532 comments I read this over Thanksgiving (American ;-) last year and really enjoyed it. I am a fan of suspense books if they have something interesting about them and it fit the bill perfectly.

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