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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. YA/Juv - Urban Fiction - gang member with chain tattoos, falls in love with red head in foster care. [s]

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Bree | 6 comments Hello Everyone!

Bear with me here, but I am not trying to find this book for myself.
I work at a local library, and a patron is looking for this book. I have not been able to locate it yet, so I figured you guys could take a crack at it.

The following information was info that she provided, so I don't know how reliable it is, so feel free to give me recommendations that don't match exactly!

Here's what I have:

It was probably published from 2005 to 2015 at the latest. It was set in modern times. She does not remember the character names or the author or title. Just that it probably had chain/chains or something similar in the title. The cover had arms on it, kind of like twilight, but there were chains on them.

The protagonist was a young African American male that was part of a gang. In the gang they got chain link tattoos to keep track of each of their kills. He ends up in foster care and falls in love with a red head.
This was all that I can recall and all that I have in my notes about what she can remember.

If anybody can provide any help that would be great!
Thank you!

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Ayshe | 4165 comments Unchained by L.B. Tillit?

I didn't get my chain tattoo right away. I still had to earn it. A piece at a time. I learned that each link of the chain was tat- tooed on its own. Like a Boy Scout earns his badge. I got two small circles tattooed on a part of my wrist. One circle for each guy I beat down.

message 3: by Bree (new) - added it

Bree | 6 comments I believe that one is it! Thank you Ayshe!

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