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Idolatry > What’s important?

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message 1: by Joyce (last edited Oct 09, 2017 04:36PM) (new)

Joyce (joyceann17) | 47 comments Mod
Short, sweet and poignant. Interesting title for this 1-pager. Thoughts?

message 2: by Cady (new)

Cady | 15 comments Mod
This one left me with - I love my mom :)

message 3: by Joyce (new)

Joyce (joyceann17) | 47 comments Mod
Love it, Cady! Sweet. Why Not get your mom to join!?

message 4: by Teresa (new)

Teresa (tvadakin) | 8 comments Mod
I think we do sometimes lie to protect the ones we love. It made me think of my grandma and my mom, because they always sugar coat everything, which shows how much they love(d) me.

message 5: by Joyce (new)

Joyce (joyceann17) | 47 comments Mod
Yes , I agree. I idolize my daughters - no question! They are the best at everything! My grandsons too. Oh and my dogs!

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