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Matt Dolliver Matt Oct 09, 2017 10:29AM
This book in my opinion was a 10/10 read. I loved the way that it differed from the show. I honestly think it was a million times better then the show was. The ending leaves me with many questions because the tapes end, but I never see the other characters perspective of the tapes, which i think would be a cool idea for another book off of this one. The way that Clay is portrayed lets the readers make a connection to him in my opinion, for example if someone is feeling lost or confused or useless in a situation. I feel like Tony is way more accepting and comforting then he would expected to be because of how he is viewed. I guess you could say that he is the "bad boy" stereo type so he would almost be perceived as rude and uncaring. I think that the last two chapters tie the book together very well. I like how the last chapter ties in the character Skye. It deals with a girl who is in high School. She goes through a lot of self reflection as well as obstacles. The authors purpose of the book was to show people what you say and do to others matters.

Ivan (last edited Oct 25, 2017 12:34PM ) Oct 25, 2017 12:31PM   0 votes
I've never seen the show cause the book, to me, is ugh... I gave it one star. It's horrible for someone who has depression to read. It doesn't contain any information to the suicide prevention hotline nor offer viable alternatives to suicide. It never really addresses the main character's history of mental health. And, worst of all, it truly does glamorise suicide. To top it off, I was wishing for her to kill herself already to finish the book. Jay Asher clearly doesn't understand how depression works. I truly believe he was just thinking about the money he was going to get. Yes I know he wrote it after a family member's failed suicide attempt, but if he was really thinking about them, he would of included the suicide prevention number or offer different alternatives to suicide. This book is a horrible read! I differ from your opinion. I ain't about to kiss Asher's butt for writing such a horrible book. If you're saying the book is better than the show, I'm glad I passed on watching the show, which I've heard it has horrible acting, but I don't know. And, I must add, after she lets her friend get raped right in front of her, that made me scream literally, "Oh my God just kill yourself already you worthless human!"

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