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Madeleine Reed (madeleinereed) | 1 comments A short story of approx. 15 pages with a short poem at the end. It's title is The Silent Servant and it's a mystery with mild but non-explicit gore and violence, mild romantic under-tones, and a mildly tragic ending. There are also very mild science-fiction implications, in as much as medical developments that are futuristic.


Kate Morris regrets her parents' deaths. Not that they were her fault, just that if they hadn't died, she wouldn't now have to travel to the south of England to stay with her eccentric uncle, Dr Matthew Wright, in the old broken Lion House.
But when she arrives, it's not so bad. He's good to her, and she has a personal servant, Rosie, who seems to be hiding some great secret. If only she could speak...

I'm an amateur writer, and I'm looking to improve my writing but not to publish. Feedback from a beta reader or more would be much appreciated, but as I'm not planning on going professional it would be very informal and (hopefully) comfortable for everyone involved. However, I would still like the same level of criticism and advice. My writing is very important to me. Thank you.

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Ajay Tulsiani | 5 comments Hi,
I'd like to review your story. You may send me your story as a message or email me at:

About me, my short stories have been published in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine and Literary Orphans Magazine.


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Brianna Combs | 28 comments Hi!

I would love to beta your short story. It sounds very interesting!

Contact me at:

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