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MixItUp! Violet-5 Year Raptor-Extremely social-Female-Swift Pack

Anyone wanna join? XD

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MixItUp! Leader is open(if there is one)

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MixItUp! The Fazfucks

This pack contains 7 raptors:

Their names are based upon a horror video-games characters. The trainer, Vincent, named them personally, just so he could have a little set of the 'animatronics'
All the raptors are related except for Goldy


The Fazraptors
The Fazfucks

Background Info
Freddy was the first born/hatched, followed by Bonnie, Foxy, Chica, and finally Mangle. Vincent saw these raptors as an opportunity for his new career. He took the responsibility for naming them, picking out the names of the characters from his favorite horror-game. It seemed to fit them perfectly. Once called the Fazraptors, they were renamed the FazFucks, a word that Vincent would call them when he got bitten. After a golden raptor was born, the raptor-trainer was amazed. He quickly named him Goldy, placing him with the family of raptors. After being bitten and scratched for about a month, the family seemed to adopt the golden raptor and now is treated as if he shared the same blood as them. About two months after adapting to Goldy, Vincent introduced Springtrap, who was a young raptor that had been abused by his parents. He had many scales missing, revealing some arteries. Springtrap is not considered one of the members of the pack according to the other raptors, though he still hangs out with them

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MixItUp! Yes :D I will happily allow you to have Goldy and Mangle!!!!!!!!!!

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