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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Ello!

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Henlo!

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Haha so would you like to start off with making the character sheets?

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Yeah, sure. Do we want to do college age? And feel free to add anything in when making your character. They don’t have to be a perfect human.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Mine usually aren't perfect so I wasn't expecting it to be haha, and yeah college age will do.

Name: Derek Valler

Age: 22


-music preferably rock
-reading mostly
-forensic science
-crime and horror shows

-slow movies or shows
-people being rude
-people being bullied
-his father

Derek was always known as the high school's most popular football player, and while he loved this title and attention, there was it's flaws about it. His first year in high school he was forced to bully some poor kid if he wanted to be treated like the other players. So, he grew into that habit of ruining some guy's day. It got easier the more he did it.
But he knew he had never wanted to bully people in the first place. In fact, his heart was into forensic science, a strange medical field he had loved since he was a kid. His mother had got him into it when she had worked at a morgue. Yet when she died, his father refused to let him continue in his dream, forcing him into football. He was even forced to take it his first year of college.
And then it all changed. He took a semester or two off from college, and studied more into the forensic field at his job. He went back to college, taking classes for the medical field, yet taking football as well to keep his dad from getting on to him and refusing to pay for his college.

So....if this is too short or long of a character sheet sorry lol, I just had the idea and wrote it down

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments ...

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Sorry. I’ve been trying to build my character. I’m nit-picky when it comes to my characters.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Gonna fold my clothes and have one up here soon.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Haha alright

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Name: Aubrey Daniel Michelson
Nickname: Danny
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual; leans to men
Handedness: Left
Social Class: Middle
School: Hometown College
Grade: Senior in College
Occupation: Waiter
Illness/Genetic Disease:* None

General Appearance
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Caucasian
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 140 lbs
Body Type: Lean and Lithe
Markings: Tattoos on forearms
Piercings: N/A

History: Danny was born into a wealthy man’s life. His father runs a large company and his mother is a breakthrough author. While he was growing up, he certainly enjoyed the comforts of a rich family and took full advantage of it. Until he was 17 and came out to his parents as bisexual. They kicked him out 3 months shy of his 18th birthday and refuse to speak to him. Even still, he did not change himself for them and built himself up some money and resources through friends that cared to help him. He started making a modest living and promptly started college after he graduated high school. Danny flip-flopped on his major the first two years before deciding to get a teaching degree in English; the subject had always been his strong suit. Danny is now a senior in college and finds it very hard to make the time for someone alongside his commitment anxiety that enjoys getting in the way.

Personality: Danny is not the loudest person in the room nor is he the shyest. Danny falls into a good middle category that has scored him some great friendships and short-lived relationships with those around him. He is passionate about what he does and there is not a piece of him that regrets what had to happen to get to where he is, even if it isn’t the best place in the world. Danny does not do relationships well as some (bad) early ones pulled forth commitment anxiety that wasn’t aware he had until his sophomore year in college. He knows though that when he finally meets someone that can handle that anxiety and fear and that he isn’t afraid of being with for the rest of his life, that will be the person does spend the rest of his life with.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Psh, I put like nothing lol. He looks great!

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Aww. Your’s is good too! And thank you.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Haha thanks and np! Well, would you like to start?

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Danny draped himself over his couch as he contemplated not showing up for the blind date he had been set up on. He really wasn’t one for blind dates... Or dates in general. He had school work to do. But he was always bored as hell too. Danny sighed heavily and pushed himself up into a sitting position. “Max, did you know that people really aren’t my strong suit?” he asked his golden retriever as he scratches his head. “I guess I’ll go,” Danny told himself, standing and walking over to his room so he could finish getting ready. He pulled off his day clothes and changed into a pair of nicer jeans and a blazer with a plain shirt underneath. He looked at himself in the mirror. He didn’t expect this to go well. Danny knew his friends knew he was bisexual but he was not sure that they would pair him up with a guy, as was his preference. But he would go and he would tell the person thank you when it was all said and done and never talk to them again. He finished by putting on his cologne and grabbing his car keys. “I’ll be back, Max,” he told his dog in farewell as he picked up his wallet and headed out the door.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Derek watched the clock as each second seemed to pass by, feeling as if those seconds were truly minutes. He hated waiting. He was told that he should go on some date, with someone he had never known or seen. Those blind dates always got him, though he had only ever gone on two of them. Most of the time he would find some weird person or someone who ended up being too obsessive or controlling. He hated people like that. But, either way, he decided to wait patiently for this date, even though he was so sure that it wouldn't go right. He was in his house, his dad in the other room watching some football game. Oh how he learned to despise that sport. "Going out to eat with some friends dad." He called from the room he was in. He wouldn't dare tell his dad he was gay. Not when he was already taking medical classes to become a forensic scientist. Best to leave as much of his personal life out when it came to talking to his dad. With that, he left, drove to some little café, and waited inside at a table that sat for two.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Danny drove himself to a small café in the middle of downtown and parked his car. It had only just then dawned upon him that he had no idea who he was supposed to be meeting here. No clue what his name was or what he looked like. Danny mumbled under his breath and stepped in the café, stopping in the doorway to survey the room. He found his eyes stuck on a young man who was sitting by the far window at a table for two. Please let this be who I’m supposed to meet. Or I will look like a fool. Danny made his way over to him and sat down across from him. He smiled lightly as he surveyed his features. “Would you happen to be my date?” he inquired. There would be a lot of internal screaming if he was wrong. Maybe some outward screaming too. As he waited for an answer he took a real look at his features. He couldn’t deny that this man had some fair, attractive features. Those eyes were what drew him in though. They were (view spoiler) pale green with a faint hint of amber swirling around in them and he loved it. He wouldn’t mind getting to look at those eyes all day.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments [[Naw they like reeeaaaally dark brown eyes. Like it almost looks as if he has black eyes. But I like the way you described the eye colour so we can keep it that way if you want lol]]

Derek smiled a bit awkwardly at first as the guy sat down in front of him. He had thought about saying no, that he was waiting for someone else just to mess with the guy, but as he continued to look at him he decided that now probably wasn't the best time to pull such a joke. "I hope so. If not, then you're gonna have to be cause I don't like sitting here alone and looking like a fool." He chuckled. "Blind date right? My name is Derek Valler." He said and smiled with more ease than before, as he held out his hand to shake to the guy in front of him. He had been nervous the whole time he had been sitting there in front of that window, looking outside and watching people come in and out of the café. He honestly had figured the guy had decided to ditch, not that he was late or anything, but because Derek was afraid it was a stupid prank from his friends, who always teased him about being gay. But Derek was glad someone came, and a bonus, someone attractive.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Danny chuckled at the other man’s comment. That would make two of them, then. “That would be me. I’m Aubrey Michelson. I go by Danny, though,” he said in response, shaking his hand before dropping his own back into his lap. “I guess I’ll start off with the usual stuff. I am 24, a senior in college going for my American English degree, and obviously, single,” he listed, looking up at the ceiling like it would be information that would be hard to remember. He needed to get a hold on his life. “Unless my dog counts,” he added. “How about you? Although, I guess my big question should be, are you gay? Or does someone not know how to set up a blind date?” Danny finally finished talking. Before he even tried to get himself invested in the man before him, he wanted to at least make sure that this man was someone would accept such advances should he make them. He didn’t want to disappoint himself. Again.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Derek smiled as Danny had listed and asked quite a few things. "Well, I'm 22 and am also in college. I took a year off so I'm guessing for my age I'm a bit off the schedule, but it was to try and figure out what I actually wanted to do with my life. I'm working on a medical degree for forensics." He said and smiled again as he said so. He loved telling people he was interested in forensics. "And yes I am gay, so no worries there." He chuckled. "I also play on the college football team." He added, though didn't really care so much for that bit of information himself. He did hear Danny say he has a dog, which normally he wouldn't like. He wasn't much of a dog fan but he didn't hate them.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Danny cocked a brow as he spoke, most notably reacting to the information that he was going for forensic science and the added information that he played football. It wasn’t often you heard of a football kid wanting to do much more in their life than football. “So, why forensics? It’s not a field that you hear about much so I’m curious to know,” he inquired as he leaned back in his seat. A server then came forward and Danny ordered himself a cup of coffee then looked at the younger man. “Would you like anything? I’ll pay,” he offered. If he was really going to try with Derek then he needed to try from the beginning. He found that paying for a meal or something along those lines was usually a good place to start with someone. Danny didn’t let them pay him back though. No matter how much he did or did not like the person. So far though, he had enjoyed the past 10 minutes he had spent with Derek.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments "Ah a cup of coffee I guess would be fine thank you." He smiled. "And I chose forensics because of mom, she had worked in the morgue and was always showing me all sorts of things. Dad didn't like it that much, but she understood what I like. It's not that I like dead people, but it's trying to figure out how they died and what went wrong and all." He explained, a small smile showing from the memory of him and his mother at the morgue when he was little. "We used to try and sit there and figure out how the person died. That was after she had got them all dressed and prepared for the burial. She wouldn't let me see anything before hand." He said. "So what is it about English that you like?"

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments He had a really good mother. Danny did find it intriguing though that a mother would allow herself to expose her child to something like that but who was he to say? It obviously had done more good than it had wrong. “Me? Oh. I inherited my mother’s passion for writing and did not inherit my father’s passion for corporate business. I used to write a lot as a kid and I was always known for correcting peoples’ grammar and such. It took me the first two years of college though to decide what I wanted to do before I finally settled on English. I hope to teach at a high school or middle school level rather than something younger. I don’t think I could handle trying to control a room of children with the attention span of half a second,” Danny explained, grabbing the handle of the coffee cup that was set in front of him. He smiled and ripped open a sugar packet it and stirred it into his coffee. Danny took a sip and smiled as he felt the warmth slip down his throat. “I’m kinda at a loss of what to talk about now,” he admitted, hiding behind his coffee cup. He wondered, that if they got far enough, he would even be able to stick with him. Hell, his anxiety was peaking just being here.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Derek chuckled as he grabbed his own cup of coffee, drinking it without the sugar or creamer. He could definitely get that teaching vibe from him, and found it cute that he had always been one for writing. "Well, lets you work?" He asked him, trying to find some sort of conversation to grasp. He loved hearing about where people worked. He himself only worked as an intern at some local hospital. It wasnt his favourite job, seeing it had nothing to do with what he really wanted to do. But it would look good on his resume he knew that. He figured Danny probably did work, and figured his question wasnt thought out well enough to have been asked, but either way he wanted to know. So far, he was really starting to enjoy the guy. He wasnt like most of the others, from what he could tell so far, and he hoped this was a start of something good. He knew he probably had some things he needed to say, such as his dad definitely didnt know he was gay and that he cant really tell him if he wanted to stay in college. But he figured he would tell him that later on rather than now, mostly in fear he would scare him off.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Danny set his cup down and watched the contents swirl around as he gave it a slight spin. “I do. Nothing exciting though. I serve at the restaurant down by the mall. You know that one? Bellardano’s?” he queried, looking back up at the younger man. “It’s obviously not the most optimal job, especially since I have tuition and what not, but...” Danny trailed off and ended his sentence with a light shrug. He honestly hated serving. People enjoyed bitching (view spoiler) about things that either they had no clue about or things he no control over. But he endured it to graduate college and hopefully find a teaching job within a year of graduating. He took another drink of his coffee and decided it was his turn to ask. “So, how about you? Oh, and what year are you? I don’t think you ever said,” Danny commented, finagling with a sliver of paper from his torn sugar packets.

((Sorry this one is so short.))

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments [[I'm fine with the language, it doesn't bother me. and its fine if its short]]

Derek nodded, meaning he had heard of the restaurant. If he was serving tables, he'd hate it too. He was never one to stand there and wait for people to hurry up and make up their mind about what food they wanted. He had not patience for that. Well, no patience for people who couldn't make up their minds. "I'm in my second year of college. I skipped a year as well as went through the struggle of community college." He said. He had hated community college so much he had actually wished he could've gone back to high school. Of course, if he was given the chance he would never go back. But community college had just made him feel that way. University....that was a different story. Yes, he hated it, but he felt it was slightly better since he knew what he wanted. "And as for a job...well its more of an intern. I help out around the hospital. It's great and all, especially for my resume, but not something id like for a job. Forensics and helping out the nurses and doctors are two different subjects. Yes, theyre both in the medical field, which is why I'm being an intern their, but I just cant wait to get into my field." He said, feeling excited just talking about forensics. It was as if a child was in a candy store, listing off all his favourites. That's how he felt with forensics.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Danny could see how his face lit up as he talked just about his field’s similarity to his internship. It was obvious that Derek was very passionate about the field. Or so it seemed to him. Danny has known this man for all of 30 minutes and there was a part of him, the part of him that wasn’t screaming to get the hell away, that found himself incredibly interested in this man. “Well, only two years to go then.” Danny smiled at the younger man as he finished off his cup of coffee. This was nice. At least he could say that he enjoyed himself if this didn’t go well between the two of them. But so far it was so he wasn’t ruling that out quite yet. “So, do you have hobbies? Interesting ones?” Danny joked, pushing his cup to the side and rested his arms on the table, leaning forward. “I have an odd attachment to collecting buttons,” he admitted as a starter.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Derek had thought about the comment of only having 2 more years to go. No, he was sure he would have a lot more of school to go into if he was so serious about this type of medical field. "Collecting buttons? I used to be interested in collecting marbles, but then I found snow globes a lot more attractive. I do have a small obssesion with snow globes." He smiled a bit shyly. "I also draw a bit and read." He said. "I also like watching horror and cime movies." He added, seeing as he loved watching them and would often go out to watch them whenever he had extra money. He found it great that for once, things were actually going good with a guy. He wondered why he had never met him before, as well as wishing he had met him before today. "Oh! And I love collecting bottle caps! Like, well I'm not one for beer, but other drinks."

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments [[...]]

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments ((Sorry! I get fickle with my replies sometimes and rewrite them.))

Danny rose a surprised eyebrow but a smile slipped onto his face. This was a miracle. “Well, I’d think it’s obvious to say that a snow globe obession is much harder to hid than a button or bottle cap obession is,” Danny commented, shifting around in his seat as he phone began to buzzing in his pocket. He knew it wasn’t a phone call by the momentary break between each buzz but he did know it was his friends most certainly bugging him about this blind date. With a defeated sigh, he took out his phone, took a brief glance at the texts, and slienced it before putting it back in his pocket. “Friends are pushy,” Danny said like that well explained what had happened. “Anyway. So, um... What about your family?” he questioned but he posed it as a rather tentative question. He knew that most people were not always willing to talk about people on the first date.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Derek chuckled. "I'm sure ill be getting hammered with questions and what not later on." He sighed, knowing too well that his friends, some who probably knew Danny's friends, were all too curious. He glanced down at his cup of coffee, trying to explain how his family was like. "Well, as great as my mother was, she isn't around anymore." He said, but wished he hadn't. He figured that would've turned someone away pretty fast. "And my dad is this huge football fanatic. Like he loves the sport! Obsessed with it. Even when his favourite team isn't playing he'll watch them all." He chuckled and shook his head. "I'm also pretty close with my Aunt Tammy. She loves film and tattoos. She wanted to be an actress, but then she fell in love with the tattoo industry. All the artwork and what not. Shes great." He smiled

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments “It don’t think it’s often that you hear about a want-to-be actress decide tattooing is better. Not that I’m dogging on it. I think tattoos are great,” Danny said then rushed to clarify so Derek didn’t think he was hating on his aunt’s profession. As hopeful proof, he pushed up the sleeve on his right arms to show a bit of the tattoo sleeve hiding under his clothes. “I’ve got a forearm sleeve on both arms. So if I disliked tattoos, we’d have a problem,” Danny joked, fixing the sleeve as he spoke. He noticed that Derek had zipped right past his own mother but he chose not to comment on it. There was no need for him to push. “But, um. My parents and I are a tad bit estranged. We don’t talk often. But my father is a CEO and my mother is an author. But, my dog, Max, is the only one, family-wise, that I talk to on a regular basis,” Danny explained with an unapologetic shrug at the end. Like Derek, he kept his comments short. He thought that they might as well get the awkward family talk out of the way.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments "Hah, well at least you don't live with any of them. I, unfortunately live with my dad. He's paying for my college, and like most who pay for others colleges, well he expects something in return. That is, I have to stay living under his roof and have my primary focus on football." He said and shrugged. "I guess its my only way of staying in college." He added. He knew he didn't make near as much money, being only an intern, for college. Plus, he had always hated owing people money. In fact, he hated owing people anything, which is why he isn't quite liking his dads' way of making him stay in order to pay for college. "I don't have a dog. Always liked cats, but dad is allergic to dogs anyways. Or so he says." He smiled and rolled his eyes. He took another sip of his coffee, wrapping his hands around the mug and taking in more of the warmth.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Danny could see the reasoning that Derek's father had but to force your kid to live with you throughout college was a bit much. Odd, even. Most parents wanted to get rid of their kids as soon as they graduated high school. It was't his place to say anything though. "My dog is the sweetest thing ever. He loves pretty much everyone," Danny commented, absent mindedly toying with the label of the ketchup bottle on their table. "Paying for college is hard. If I had chosen a profession that required any more school after this, I probably would had to drop out. I'm barely paying what tuition I have now. I am riding on the fact that I can get qualified and get a job right after I graduate too so I may run into some problems there," Danny explained, shrugging his shoulders. It was a bridge he would cross when he got there. He tried not to make himself to anxious over the future so he had time to stress about the present. Was it bad logic? Probably but it worked so he had no desire to change anything.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments "At least you know what you want though. Most people right now don't know, wasting their money and time on classes that they'll eventually see should have never taken them." He said and shook his head. "And I'm sure you'll get a great job afterwards, and even if you want to continue your education after you get a job, you can do that. It'd be easier later once its all figured out." He said, swishing the coffee around in his cup and staring into it. "So what places do you like to go to? I'm obsessed with the park and ice skating rink." He said, though he wasn't sure if telling him he loved going to the hospital labs and what not at this time was good. He only loved it because it brought him back to his mom, but most people just saw that as too weird. He didn't want to seem that way, not at the moment when things were going so well.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments ((I’m sorry. I’ve been really busy with school. I’ll post this evening.))

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments [[Its all good]]

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Danny listened curiously to Derek's rational as he waved the waitress over for some more coffee, mixing it with his usual sugar. "You do have a point there," he commented. His next response didn't take long. "Oh, I love going to the library and, when it's in season, the farmer's market. Cooking is one of my more normal hobbies," Danny explained, stirring his new cup of coffee and taking a test sip after he had finished talking to make sure he had it just the way he liked it. This was nice. It was enjoyable. Maybe if they never did end out hitting off as lovers, they could be friends. Danny could easily see him being good friends with the younger man. He let silence fall on his side as he took a few more sips of his coffee, staring down at the cup's contents. "I feel bad that you're the one really asking all the questions but I honestly can't think of any more. Usually, I'm like some sort of trivia machine, just sitting out question after question. I can't think of any right now though," he admitted after a few moments of silence, only a little confused on his part as to why this was happening. He wasn't kidding either. Danny usually had a barrage of questions for potential lovers/boyfriends/girlfriends but he didn' this time.

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TwistedSoul18 | 100 comments Derek shrugged and shook his head. "It's all fine. Some days you just have the same questions you have in mind than what you have on other days." He said and smiled as he set aside his now empty cup. He had refused to get any more coffee when the waitress had come over earlier, mostly because he was so used to having been told not to ever drink more than a cup a day. Something about stunting his growth. He knew he was told that only when he was little, but it stuck with him. He couldn't help but think it was cute of Danny to have run out of things to say or ask. He honestly wasn't even sure where he had got all those questions from. Most of the time he let the other person do the talking and asking and he just responded. But this was different and he liked it.

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments Danny took to the quiet that fell over them, drinking his coffee. Normally, this quiet, this pause, he would feel awkward but he didn’t. Maybe he would be able to form some kind of relationship with Derek. As they sat, he watched the world outside but found his eyes continuously drifting back to Derek. He finally gave in and allowed himself to study his date’s features. Danny liked his smile and his eyes. He thought he had gorgeous eyes. When he was caught staring, Danny cleared his throat and looked away. “Sorry,” he apologized quietly and finished off his coffee. “When do you have to leave? Not that I’m saying you have to go,” Danny queried, looking down at his now empty coffee cup. If he could muster the courage before they left, he would ask Derek if he would like to go out again. This was one of the few times Danny was even remotely interested in going out on a second date with just about anyone.

((I’m sorry this took so long. School was consuming all my time.))

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Xavier {Semi-Hiatus} | 1125 comments ???

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