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message 1: by Trel (new)

Trel Sidoruk (httpwwwgoodreadscomtrel) | 10 comments Is there a place/discussion topic/stream - within Horror Aficionados where you can list upcoming 99 cent kindle deals?


message 2: by Bill (new)

Bill (shiftyj1) | 4892 comments You're in it, Trel.

There is also a thread: SALE! EBooks, Newly Released, Discounted, & FREEBIES!

message 3: by Trel (new)

Trel Sidoruk (httpwwwgoodreadscomtrel) | 10 comments Thank you kindly.

Can I list my own book?
I wouldn't want to commit a social faux pas and have the goodreads community up in arms with a perceived shameless marketing stunt.

message 4: by Bill (new)

Bill (shiftyj1) | 4892 comments You can post your own work in either section, but as a suggestion I would keep the intro on the Sale section very brief and you can post an expanded or longer detailed synopsis of your work in the Author Promo section.

We discourage authors that spam random threads and have a no spam rule here. As long as you are posting in the appropriate areas, you are good to go.

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