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message 1: by Tana (last edited Oct 15, 2017 06:57PM) (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 14679 comments Mod
Daughter Of The Night by Tiki Kos Tiki Kos
Contact Info

Title: Daughter of the Night
Author: Tiki Kos
Genre: YA/Paranormal romance
Formats Available: Mobi & Epub
Time Frame: 4 Weeks
Copies Available: 20


When Serena Annar arrives home from working at the local cafe, something terrifying happens to her in her neighbour’s house. Attacked by a viscous creature, she is saved by a mysterious figure. Serena soon finds out she is a descendant of a Aesir God and her reoccurring dreams might be the answer to Avonmore’s ritualistic murders. Serena moves into the Sanctuary run by the Einherja, warriors trained to protect Midgard or Earth as we call it, from demons. She soon finds herself falling in love with the Guardian of the Sanctuary, Erik. Will Serena be able to protect the small town of Avonmore or will she have to sacrifice her new love?

Be one of the first 20 people to sign up below in order to receive a copy of this ebook to Read and Review!

It would be appreciated if you could post your reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

Of course posting on any other social sites would be fantastic! Example: iTunes, Facebook, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and/or your Blog.

Formats available: Mobi & Epub

All reviews should be completed and posted within 4 weeks after you receive your copy of the ebook.

Leave us your Name, email address and format you require.

message 2: by Fanna (new) - added it

Fanna (fannaforbooks) | 7 comments This seems interesting!

Can I get a .mobi file of the book?

message 3: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 14679 comments Mod
sent in your request Fanna

message 4: by Megan (new)

Megan Pendergrass (megreadsallthebooks) | 9 comments If the offer still stands I’d like to read and review this book.

message 5: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 14679 comments Mod
Hi Megan, yes it still available, leave me your email address and format you need.

message 6: by nilsa (new)

nilsa  lópez | 7 comments if still available i would like to read it, thanks

message 7: by nilsa (new)

nilsa  lópez | 7 comments pdf can work for me

message 8: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 14679 comments Mod
sent in your request Nilsa

message 9: by Denisa (new)

Denisa Ciubotaru (denimrc) i am interested too.

message 10: by Denisa (new)

Denisa Ciubotaru (denimrc) p.s. I want the pdf format :)

message 11: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) | 14679 comments Mod
sent in your request Deni

message 12: by E.M. (new) - added it

E.M. Summers (summersevereads) | 3 comments Hi everyone, this book is still available but is now direct-to-Kindle only! Thank you!

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