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Afternoon of the Elves
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Kids book about two girls who become friends, one of them has issues with her mother, they build fairy/troll houses together [s]

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Samantha (mamphie8) | 7 comments Hi!
I read a book about 4-8 years ago, but it was a secondhand book so it was definitely older. It was about two girls who became friends and would build houses for fairies or trolls together (I want to say they built it in a parking lot? or a backyard that they shared?). One of the girls was poor and had issues with her mom, but I don't think she told the other girl and I think the poor girl never let the other girl into her house
I think at one point the poor girl either disappeared or it came out that she was poor and that tested their friendship.
I want to say there was red on the cover and the two girls were on the cover, but that might just be my brain trying to reach for details that aren't there.
Sorry for such a vague description! I just remembered this book and now it's really bugging me!

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Samantha (mamphie8) | 7 comments Yes that's it thank you!

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Adele | 1220 comments Great! You're very welcome. :-)

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