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message 1: by Sam (last edited Jan 24, 2018 11:59AM) (new)

Sam (aramsamsam) Saudi Arabia: Die letzte Sure by Zoë Ferraris or Die Girls von Riad by Rajaa Alsanea
Iceland: The Blue Fox by Sjón read in January
Uganda: Das Mädchen, das barfuß Schach spielte: Aus den Slums von Uganda zur internationalen Schachmeisterin by Tim Crothers
Liechtenstein: tbd (there seems to be nothing?)
Palau: Das Haus, das in den Wellen verschwand by Lucy Clarke (I can't be sure based on the description that this really takes place on Palau. If you know this, your help is appreciated. Since people on Palau don't have a writing tradition, this is super hard.)

{Note to self: All titles available from the library}

I'm especially excited to get to Uganda and really hope I can find good picks for Liechtenstein and Palau!

message 2: by Sam (new)

Sam (aramsamsam) This starts off very comfortable: The group will read The Blue Fox in January, so of course I'm going to join and tick off my first random journey along the way. Looking forward to the read, I only hope my library copy will arrive in time!

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Sam (aramsamsam) Iceland: The Blue Fox

A mystic little story. I enjoyed the structure of the story, starting in the middle of the chronological order.

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