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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments Okay characters, i do simple name age appearance then detailed posts:)

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments Okay. Was there any particular way you wanted the brother and princess to look?

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments Name: Marcus Henry Medici

Age: 24


Name: Kenna Lisban

Age: 17

Appearance: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments The princess, just beautiful and probably around 18 and the brother around 20 and strong i guess

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments Name: Princess Saphira Evelyn Wrennininford

Age: 18

Appearance: https://assets.starz.com/imgix/Origin...

Name: Francisco Derrick

Age: 20

Appearance: https://d919ce141ef35c47fc40-b9166a60...

(Not sure if he'd have the same last name as his brother or not)

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments ((Okay! I’ll start!))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments Kenna silently sat across from her princess in the carriage, “Saphira I understand your... your want in helping your kingdom but I am not sure that this... that this king is the way to do so,” she murmured, “you have heard the rumors he is awful and vile and I worry for you,” she took her hand. Kenna has been Saphira’s friend for as long as she could remember. She has served her for years but is always her friend first. She swallowed, “I just feel as though a marriage with him... he is power hungry and he could take advantage of our country,” she murmured and sighed. She swallowed as the carriage stopped. The doors were opened for them and many of the court stood and waited. The king at the very end of the walk way. The palace was large and beautiful. Kenna’s eyes locked with the man beside King Marcus. She swallowed and quickly look away. She did not feel right about this arrangement, but King Marcus had money and resources and an impenetrable kingdom. She followed behind her princess and swallowed thickly as they approached the king. She curtseyed and looked at the people and the guards. She felt as if she was entering hell.

King Marcus awaited his bride to be. He had made an offer she was not able to refuse. He would take over the care of her kingdom and end their war if she came to marry him. Her lady was also to marry his brother but Saphira had been sworn to secrecy on that part. As she came to him he held out his arm and escorted her inside. Once the four of them were in private he looked at the princess. She was a sight to behold. He looked to her lady, “you shall address her and I by our titles. Not our names. I hear anything else and ou shall be punished. This kingdom is much different from the one you are both used to. I own you now princess. You do as I say when I say it,” he said simply, “the wedding is in a week. You are not to leave palace walls until we are wed. Even then you will need my permission. You will address me as your highness or my lord. Not Marcus. You are my queen and my wife. You will show me the same respect as anyone else,” he said simply, “are we all clear on the rules?”

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments "Do not worry about me. If I didn't have a plan, would I have agreed to this?" She smiled to reassure Kenna. "I only do things if I'm absolutely sure I can follow through on a plan, and now is one of those times," Once the carriage stopped, she sat up straighter, then allowed herself to be led out of the carriage, down the walkway, then gently took the king's arm as he led her inside. She stared straight ahead for the majority of the walk, though she secretly desperately wanted to take a look around. She had heard King Marcus' castle was even grander than her own, and she wanted to see the proof for herself!

"I understand, Your Highness," She gave a curt nod and a small curtsy to show she understood. "Any other rules I must be aware of?"

While the exchange between the princess and king went on, Francisco found himself distracted by their pompous nature and noticed the princess had brought a lady with her, perhaps some sort of maid or companion. He wondered what she thought about the whole scenario; was she scared, nervous, or just bored? He knew he was kind of bored. When he caught her eye, he gave her a small nod and smile, just enough so her presence would be acknowledged.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments Marcus looked at the princess and tilted her chin up. He shifted it side to side with a smirk, “you truly are magnificent,” he purred then locked his lips with hers. His hands roamed down her body a moment before he pulled away and nodded slowly, “those are all my rules. If any are broken your lady will pay as I want to keep you pretty. I’ll give an example,” he called his head guard forward.
The guard took the handle of his sword and jammed it into Kenna’s back. She fell and when she did so he struck her hard across the face. Kenna held her nose as it bled and her eyes watered with tears. She had never felt so much pain. In Saphira’s kingdom, her parents, no one believed in physical punishment of the staff unless there was a murder investigation or a serious crime. She felt dizzy as she slowly sat up and looked at her princess. She told her this was a bad idea.
The king nodded slowly and turned Saphira’s chin up to face him, “that is merely an example. It can get worse,” he said simply, “brother, escort Lady Kenna to the infirmary wing. See to it no serious damage has been done. In the mean time the princess will be joining me for a tour around the palace. Have I made myself clear on how things work around here princess? Lady Kenna?

Kenna swallowed back her pain when the king asked if she understood, “yes your highness. Clear as a bell,” she murmured and curtseyed. When he and her princess left she leaned against the wall, objects blurring. When she felt a hand on her she yanked away, “I will find my way myself sir,” she said simply, looking at his brother. They held the same eyes. Kenna had a frightening past with men, it was part of the reason Saphira pushed so hard to have her taken in. She exited the room herself and made her way in the direction a guard pointed out to her, holding her bleeding nose.

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments She blushed lightly at his touch and fought the overwhelming urge to push his hands off her body. She did manage to fight it, but just barely. "An example?" She started to ask, but before she had fully processed what had happened, Kenna was on the floor bleeding, tears running from her eyes. "Lady Kenna!!" She screamed, starting to run to her before Marcus pulled her away. "I...understand..." She nodded slowly, swallowing. But she had a plan! She always had a plan.

Francisco nodded, glad to finally leave the two alone. Despite showing no outward emotions when she was stabbed-her name was clearly Lady Kenna-he was still very concerned about his safety and wondered if his brother was taking it too far. He gently reached his hand out and tried to pull her up, only to have her roughly shove him away. Fair enough, she didn't trust him yet. "I don't think you are in much of a condition to walk, my lady," He whispered under his breath, following her to the infirmary anyway.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments Marcus showed the princess around the large palace, talking small talk as he normally did. He held Saphira’s arm and sighed, “I am very thrilled for our wedding,” he said, “two kingdoms joining into one. I will be unstoppable and you will be at my side, assuring my legacy is carried through having sons and daughters, all we could ever imagine,” he said and looked down at her, “I do apologize for your lady. I like to prove my points and now that I have she will be left alone unless there is a reason to cause her harm,” he said, “I had someone looking through your past and hers. Spies if you will. Quite a shame what happened with her father. I understand she still has trust problems with men, but it still stands that she shall marry my brother. You have not told her yet have you? I wanted to keep the element of surprise. My brother of course knows and has agreed but he is sworn to secrecy as well,” he said and looked at the princess. He would move up their wedding to a few days. He could not wait to marry her. She was beautiful, submissive. She was perfect. He would have her have his heirs, let her sit at his side. He was soon to have it all. Once she answered the question he dismissed her.

Kenna swallowed, “leave me,” she said simply, “my princess might be keeping her mouth sealed but I will not. Do not touch me, do not look at me. Leave me be,” she mumbled, her vision going in and out of focus. When she finally made it to the infirmary she was assisted immediately. Maids gave her a new dress to wear and she swallowed when it was over. She sat up slowly as a guard entered, “the princess has been dismissed and is awaiting you in her chambers,” he said and bowed then left. Kenna stood slowly and made her way to her princess. The room was huge. She found Saphira and swallowed, “I take back what I said. You are in no danger at all it appears I am,” she said, trying to keep the anger out of her voice.

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments Saphira nodded as he talked, not even sure if he wanted her to respond or not. "I am very excited for our wedding too, Your Highness," She gave him the sweetest smile she could possibly muster, when in reality the wedding was the last thing on her mind. She was more concerned about what happened to Kenna and if she was recovering alright. She felt like a terrible friend and mistress to let her companion get hurt like that, and made a mental promise she would make it up to her the next chance she got. She then noticed Marcus staring at her, likely awaiting an answer, and she quickly nodded again. "Oh yes, I am still keeping that a secret from her. As it stands currently, it's probably best for both parties to keep it as such," Once she was dismissed, she gave a hurried curtsy and went away to the guest chambers, which had just finished being prepared for her.

"I was just trying to help you, but if you insist I leave you alone," Francisco stated, having just caught up to her. He refused to leave, however, until he was sure she was tended to properly and once she left for her princess' quarters, he left for his own.

"We are both in danger, Kenna," Saphira said simply, sitting on her bed and spreading her skirts around her. "I just am not because he knows it would ruin his image to make an example of me." She then looked up at her. "How is your back? Please, sit down and rest. I don't want you putting any unnecessary strength on it,"

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments Kenna stared at her princess, “I am just fine, thank you,” she murmured and moved away from the bed and went to looking out the tall big window that overlooked nearly the entire kingdom. She sighed and closed her eyes, “I do not like it here your highness,” she murmured, knowing not to call her by name, “he wouldn’t hurt you. He’d kill me if it meant showing the public to not push him,” she murmured and sat on her lounge sofa. She sighed, “the king is quite handsome but not good enough for you princess,” she said simply, “and your father signed the contract you are legally meant to wed he owns you which technically he owns me,” she said and rested her head on her chin, “may I be excused now? I am really... not in the mood to sit and chat,” she sighed and looked down. She knew she was being ungrateful. Saphira saved her from a life of misery. She was royalty and Kenna was merely a maid with a pretty title and wealth. She just... she wanted to be at home where she did not have to constantly look over her shoulder.

King Marcus went to his brother’s room and looked at him, “you are pathetic. The way you followed her like a puppy. If I am to make you a second in command, my head of guard, and an advisor I suggest you harden. She is yours. She was tricked into signing a contract by Saphira as I demanded it,” he handed him the contract, “tomorrow she will be dragged from her room, I will get the priest and the both of you will be wed. You will look less like a bastard and more like a leader with a noble lady at your side. And Kenna will be partially protected when married to you. Be prepared because the time after the wedding when you two complete what it means to be newly weds you will have a girl on your hands that will not want to look you in the eye and you will need to change that. Respect from your wife is everything am I clear? I am doing this to help you brother.”

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments "Are you sure?" She asked in a worried tone, genuinely concerned for her friend. "I will make sure he doesn't kill you. I will tell him that if he lays any more hands on you, I will break off our contract. I don't care what the law nor what Papa says," Saphira said coldly, her features darkening slightly. "Fine, then you're excused," She didn't really know nor care where Kenna went as long as she stayed out of trouble.

Francisco was currently sitting at his desk, writing something in his journal when his brother came in. He put his pen down, but didn't look up at him. "So? The poor thing seems so confused and scared out of her wits, especially after that stunt you pulled with her. Contract or no contract, she deserves to be treated like a human," He took the contract from Marcus but didn't read it. "Yes, I understand. At least she'll be out of your hands once we're married,"

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments Marcus tolled his eyes, “oh Francis always one for dramatics,” he said simply and shook his head, “I did what I had to do. I treated her like every other human,” he said simply and looked at his brother, “she is yours. That contract has her signature as well as her father’s. Such a shame he had to be executed,” he said and sighed, “my princess has a dark side that I cannot wait to see. Until then I will be taking advantage of this sweet side now if you excuse me brother I am meeting the princess for dinner,” he said and then exited his room. He found the princess in her chambers and smirked, “ready for dinner this evening princess? My brother and lady Kenna will be joining us,” he said and led her down to the table where he found his brother already seated but no Kenna. Marcus’s frown deepened when a guard came and announced she was not in her chambers. Marcus looked down at Saphira, “is she a flight risk,” he snapped harshly and grabbed her wrist, “would she run?” He snarled, getting in her face.

Kenna swallowed as she ran blindly. She had no idea where she was going. She was wandering through the dense forest outside the palace. She was going to get help. Find someone to get her princess and herself out of that palace. Tears gathered in her eyes when she heard guards shouting and horse hooves pounding the ground. She tried to push faster but she was still injured. She was no longer on a trail. She had fallen and rolled some time ago. She pressed faster and swallowed, thinking she was safe. She heard no one and she needed to catch her breath. She leaned against the tree and took a deep breath. She only hoped Saphira would know she was doing this to save her. She knew her life long friend would understand the why but perhaps would be furious with the risk she took. She felt a hand over her mouth and she was yanked onto a horse and taken back to the palace. Once back she was forced onto her knees in the throne room before her princess, King Marcus and Fransisco. She swallowed thickly, the king looked murderous.

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments "Stabbing someone is considered treating them like a human? Remind me not to get on your bad side then," He finally stood up and handed the contract back to Marcus, silently leaving the room to go sit down at the dinner table.

Saphira simply nodded and followed Marcus, keeping her head down. When she arrived into the dining room, she swore under her breath when noticing Kenna gone, as she knew exactly where she went. "I have no idea where she is, Your Highness!" She instantly cried when her wrist was grabbed. "She never was as strong as me!" She gave him a pleading look to let go of her. When Kenna was dragged back into the room, she pretended to look shocked. "Oh, Lady Kenna, where did you go?! Did you try to escape? But it is dangerous out there!" She cried.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments Marcus shot Saphira a glare, “quiet,” he snapped and glared at the princess. He then walked forward, “bring everyone from court in,” he told a guard and when the doors were opened people entered, “this is what happens when you defy me,” he snapped and gestured to the guard. Kenna was beat in front of everyone to a pulp. Marcus watched with a stone cold look on his face. He looked at Saphira, “I gave you and her a fair warning princess. It is not my fault that warning was ignored,” he stated simply. When Kenna was bleeding enough the king straightened, “that is enough,” he said simply and walked forward. He snatched the contract from his brother, “this. This is a contract you signed. You are marrying my brother. Want to know how you signed it? Your princess tricked you into it,” he spat, “do not go crying to her. She is on my side you disobedient fool,” he hissed, “you’ll be married by tomorrow,” he hissed and gave the contract back to his brother. He looked at his people, “dismissed!” He yelled then looked to his brother, “she is your wife. Clean up the mess,” he said simply then held out his arm for Saphira, “come love,” he murmured.

Kenna felt the worst punch of all when that contract was shown to her. Her princess- her friend signed away her life. She frowned and made eye contact with her before getting too weak and letting her head fall back to the cold floor. She heard people leave and watched her princess walk away with the king. She was a mess. Dirty from the woods and bloody from her beating. She couldn’t even cry, her body ached so badly. When she was touched she wanted to scream and shove the hands away but she couldn’t. She was too weak to do that. She simply closed her eyes and let whatever was going to happen, happen.

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments Saphira's eyes simply widened when she saw the entire process happen, too fast for her to fully comphrend what was being said or done until it was too late. "W-wait, Kenna, it's not what you think!" She managed to cry out before she was pulled back into her chambers by Marcus.

That stupid contract. Oh how he wished he could rip it up right then and there. It was obviously bringing nothing but misery to this poor Kenna girl, and for no gain, it seemed. He didn't even have the heart to speak to her, so he gestured to the remaining maids. "You heard my brother, clean up this room," Once they nodded and started to do so, he gently scooped Kenna up and carried her to his own chambers, lying her down on his bed.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments Marcus rolled his eyes and led Saphira to his chambers. He had the doors shut and looked at her, “you can plan your lady’s wedding. It will need to be small and it will take place tomorrow evening. Our will take place at the end of the week. I have moved up the date,” he said simply and shook his head, “have maids bring dinner up immediately. My princess has not eaten and she will. Now,” he snapped and turned back to Saphira, “I will allow you to speak to lady Kenna briefly in the morning while she dresses you. Only because you will explain to her if a stunt like this happens again not even a binding contract, not even her belonging to my brother will save her life,” he said simply then stroked her cheek, “my dear Saphira,” he murmured, “you have saved her by binding her to my brother. She no longer is under her father’s thumb, she will not be beaten by me as she is held in a higher position, “and he job as your lady remains secure. You have done the right thing,” he murmured and kissed her forehead as food was brought in, “now sit, eat, enjoy,” he said and smiled.

Kenna swallowed as she was laid down in a large and soft bed. She took deep breaths and opened her eyes slightly. Healers ran in to help. They wiped the blood and put cloths on the bruises to allow the swelling to go down. A healer turned, “sir Fransisco,” he said, “she cannot be moved tonight. She must stay where she is. She took quite the beating but she will be just fine by tomorrow morning,” he said and looked at her, “the king had no right to lay his hand on your future bride,” he said and sighed, “pardon my opinion sir... I just don’t think a lady should ever be beaten this badly.”

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments ((Could you be a bit more detailed:) ))

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments ((I can try but you make the action go by really fast, there's only so much I can add without repeating myself))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments ((Sorry ill try to stop that!))

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments As usual, all Saphira could do was nod. Intelligent as she was, quick-witted as she was, there was no way she could have foreseen such a consequence. Kenna would likely never forgive her, would run from the palace even, and since it was her second attempt she was likely to be imprisoned or even executed. "Plan it? I do not know if I can get something done by tomorrow...I have never planned a wedding before, you see," She said very quietly in a meek voice. When her food was brought, she simply ate it very mechanically, not tasting anything.

Francisco nodded at the healer. "Thank you for attending to her in such a short notice," He whispered so Kenna wouldn't be disturbed. "And I agree. If I had a say, she wouldn't even be binded to this idiotic contract, but unfortunately, I have no say in such things, only my brother does. And he will never change," He grumbled under his breath. Sometimes he wondered if something would ever change Marcus' point of view and make him mend his ways. He wasn't sure what, but the king had to love someone or something dearly....right?

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments ((Skip to morning?))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments Kenna swallowed as she awoke in Fransisco’s bed. She panicked and stood up. He was nowhere in sight. She was in a night gown and everything. She quickly stumbled out the door and hugged herself. Did he... did he do something to her? She realized the time and hurried to help her princess get ready. She entered her chambers not saying a single word. She slid out a beautiful red dress and dressed her princess, did her hair and make up then waited to be excused. Apparently she had a big wedding today she needed to get ready for, “am I excused your highness? As I apparently have a wedding to prepare for,” she said in a slightly harsh tone. She had bruising all over her fair skin. She looked down and waited to be dismissed, hoped to be dismissed. She felt betrayed, scared and utterly alone. If she was more daring she would try to run again. This time take a horse rather than go on foot. She pushed her hair behind her ear and swallowed thickly. She has never felt so... so distant from her princess. She tricked her and lied to her.

King Marcus was dressed and he smiled as he found his brother getting prepared for his wedding, “we shall have it in the throne room. Some nobles and everyone in court will be attending the celebration after. I have a priest and all is laid out. It is unfortunate you will be marrying her while she looks all battered and broken but that will end and her beauty will return. I am sure with time she will need to like you. Especially when you have children. They cannot have distant parents,” he said simply and nodded, “now, I have your land granted to you once you wed and I am giving you that new title,” he said and smiled, “how do you feel this morning brother?”

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments When Saphira woke up, she dismissed her breakfast and stood up, allowing herself to get dressed by Kenna. She still felt incredibly guilty about the night before, but had no idea about how to voice this to her maid, who felt like she was giving her the cold shoulder. She even dressed her in her least favorite dress as proof of that. "Of course you are dismissed," She said simply, coldly, with a nod. Once Kenna left, she sat down at her vanity and looked at her distressed face in the mirror. What was she going to do now?

Francisco listened to Marcus talk on and on, not really catching half of what he said. Sure, she was a pretty girl, but he didn't think it was right to force her into this marriage. None of it was right! "Of course," He said simply in response to his comment about parents. Though he would have experience with that, right? "How do I feel? I couldn't be better," He forced a cheerful tone, though he felt anything but. Marcus obviously didn't care though, and it would do no good to start an argument, so he'd just have to feign happiness for now.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments ((Sorry! My notifications have been off!))

Kenna swallowed and raised her chin. She walked out of the room and looked around the halls. She already tried running and now guards watched her like a hawk. She rubbed her arm and pushed her hair back nervously. She did not think marriage would happen this way. The only good to come of it was that the king could not randomly have her harmed. She would be married to his brother. He would be in charge of where she went, who she spoke to, and what she did. She swallowed and went to her small room. There was a simply white dress hanging. She stared at it and then locked her door. She got dressed, did her hair and make up in her small vanity. Even if Saphira got herself out of this Kenna would already be married and could not leave. She dressed and looked up when a guard entered, “the king demands your presence. The ceremony is ready for you,” he said simply. Kenna frowned and walked down to the throne room and saw the priest then saw Francis. She has spoken to him once and now they were being married. She walked to stand across from him and said her vows.

Marcus dismissed his brother then prepared for the wedding. He went to the throne room and smiled when his princess joined him. He allowed her to take the seat beside him then took her hand, “nothing like a beautiful wedding,” he smiled at her, “ours will be extravagant and wonderful,” he promised softly. He then looked at his brother, “I have a room prepared for you. Kenna’s things and your things shall be moved into it. This will be temporary until you can get a home built on the land I have presented to you,” he said simply then raised his chin as Kenna entered. She was crying and shaking as she approached his brother. Her words trembled and stuttered as she said her vows, knowing she would be killed if she didn’t.

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments Francisco simply nodded at his brother's words, only half-listening. He just wished there was some other way to do all of this. Once Kenna arrived, Francisco gently took her arm and led her down the aisle to the alter, giving her a small yet gentle smile. He could tell she felt tense and angry at everything that was happening, and he didn't blame her one bit. The only thing he could do now was hope she wouldn't murder him in his sleep one night. After reaching the alter, he let go of her hands and listened to the vows.

Saphira took her seat next to Marcus, walking into the room with a proud gait in her step. "I agree, Your Highness. I have always loved attending weddings, ever since I was a little girl," She managed a small smile at him. "And I would expect nothing less from you. I am picturing everything in gold." She stated, finally looking away from him.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments Kenna swallowed and waited for the marriage to be complete. Once it was she forced her eyes shut and allowed him to kiss her. She took a deep breath once it was over and looked up at her king and her princess. Her eyes held so much hurt and betrayal. She looked up at her husband and looked down at the ground, waiting for further directions. She felt as though she could not breathe without the fear of being beaten now. She hated it in this palace. She hated every moment. Saphira was her friend, her life long friend and she betrayed her.

The king raised his chin once the vows were complete and Francis kissed his bride, "you both are dismissed. To his chambers. You shall do what newly weds do. You both can also get to know one another. Kenna is dismissed as my princess's lady if that is what you wish Francis. From now on you make her rules. A hand will not be laid on her without your knowing," he said simply, "you are dismissed now," he said then turned to Saphira, "come. There is a ball this evening and we need to get you a dress. It is to announce our engagement and their wedding," he murmured.

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments Francisco nodded and gently pulled on Kenna's arm, getting her to leave. "I would actually prefer for her to remain as the princess' maid. After all, they have been together for years. I don't wish to take that away," He said in his professional tone. He figured that would be the one thing Kenna wished for that he could actually give to her, and hoped she hated him a tiny bit less now. He then left the room with Kenna in tow.

Saphira nodded and stood up, awaiting Marcus' hand. "Of course, Your Highness. And I am expecting that this ball will be the fanciest and most regal than any you have thrown before," She smirked slightly. "After all, it is for our engagement announcement, I will accept nothing less."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments Kenna followed her husband and when they entered their new room she swallowed and looked around. She pulled herself from his grasp and went to the window. She opened the curtain to reveal light and bit her lip. She rubbed her arms and looked at Fransisco. She took a deep breath, “thank you... for the kindness you have shown me. I have given you no reason to give it to me but you have,” she said quietly and pushed her hair back, “I am not ungrateful to you. I know why you have done it and it is so I am not put to death. So I am no longer expendable am I correct?” She asked him, voice still trembling and quiet. Her eyes met his and she tried to soften them. He was not the bad guy, he had not laid a hand on her.

“Oh it will be,” the king murmured and kissed her longingly. He then led her to lunch outside. He sat back and ate quietly, “After our wedding you will be moved to my chambers. Many no longer practice sleeping in the same bed but I like to know my queen’s whereabouts,” he said. He did not trust Saphira. She was complying all too much with what he has been doing to her friend. He also knew Saphira is loyal to her family and Kenna was family so why did she allow all this to happen? How far would he have to push to see her true colors?

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments Francisco led Kenna to her new room, saying nothing during the entire walk. After they arrived, he let go of her and watched her hurry over to the window, nodding at her words. "No, you are far from it. I will arrange an escape for you, if you want. I will get a lookalike and everything! My brother is smart, but not even he can monitor everything here constantly. I promise I won't let any harm come to you," He risked giving her a small smile to show he was telling the truth.

Saphira nodded at Marcus' words as she quietly ate. "I understand, Your Highness. I would be surprised if you didn't allow us to share," Sher gave him a slight smirk at her line, then wiped it off her face and continued to eat. "Since we will to be married, I ask only one thing of you," She looked up at Marcus now, making sure he had her full attention. "I do not want your brother to lay a single solitary finger on my maid,"

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments Kenna sighed, “no... that is a ridiculous plan that will get us both killed,” she said firmly then looked at him, “I will stay. I don’t want to run. I made a promise to my princess no matter how... how she is acting,” she murmured and closed her eyes, “it will be just fine, I will be fine. I am married. That can never be undone no matter how far I run,” she said calmly and pulled her knees to her chest, “we will be husband and wife, just as we promised out there. I won’t resent you and you will treat me as a husband should his wife and we will go from there. It is the best way to survive,” she murmured softly and closed her eyes, “do we have a deal?” She walked up to him and stood so they were a breath apart.

The king arched a brow, “I do not control my brother’s marriage. He can do as he pleases with his wife just as I can do with mine your highness,” he said simply and then looked away from her, “He wouldn’t hurt her. I highly doubt it, he has always been spineless. It is why my father chose me to rule. Just know if your maid runs again she will be put to death because she is abandoning her queen, abandoning her husband, and abandoning her kingdom. She is of higher status now so she has greater responsibility to us. More is expected of her now.”

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments Francisco made a face, mostly because he knew she was right. "You are right, it was a foolish idea for me to suggest. If you want to stay here, I'll support you all of the way and make sure absolutely no harm comes to you," He nodded, holding out his arm for her hand. "We have a deal, my lady,"

Saphira nodded, suddenly feeling sick to her stomach. While part of her believed Marcus was telling the truth and his brother wouldn't really hurt Kenna, the other part of her felt like it was all just one huge act, and she knew a thing or two about those. "I understand. And I am sure my maid understands the consequences as well. She won't try to run again," She placed her fork down.

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments ((Did you still want to do this with me?))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments ((Yes but idk I wanna spice things up between the couples more...))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments ((We could go to the celebration for the wedding and for the king finally choosing a bride? Maybe the king begins to show saphira some compassion and things heat up between kenna and francis?))

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments ((Oh let's do the second one!))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1418 comments ((Can yo ustart??))

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments ((I'm not really sure how to....))

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments ((Oh I got a good starter! I'll start us now!))

Elizabeth ♛Smart Girls Love Trashy Books♛  (pinkhairedwannabe) | 1837 comments Some time had passed since Saphira and Kenna had arrived at the kingdom. The kind had recently made his announcement that he had chosen a bride, and as expected, the kingdom celebrated. A huge celebration was being planned for the royal couple, with Saphira in charge of some of it. "You still not very happy with this," Saphira observed as she leaned against the doorway to Marcus' room. Despite all of the time that had passed, he still treated her the same as when she had arrived, albeit a bit less strict. But she hadn't expected anything different from him. She wasn't here to fall in love, after all. "The event starts in just a few hours,"

Meanwhile, Francisco had to attend the event as well, bringing Kenna along. He had treated her with nothing but respect, even kindness, but he seemed no closer to melting her cold, icy heart. Still, that didn't stop him from giving the girl the utmost respect. He had gotten dressed for the event early in a regular grey suit and looked around the room for Kenna. "My lady? Where are you?" He quietly asked. "We have to go to my brother's wedding celebration today. So we have to get dressed,"

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