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New book on the Vikings in Britain.

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message 2: by Haaze (last edited Oct 16, 2017 10:45AM) (new) - added it

Haaze | 7 comments Is this just a general (popular history) survey of the age focused on the raids and colonization of Britain? Or is it specialized? I wonder if it will be published here in the US? There are so many history books that only are published in the UK. It seems like there is so much more interest among the general public compared to the US (and this goes for natural history as well by the way).

message 3: by Neil (new) - added it

Neil | 86 comments Mod
It’s just a general history aimed at the general reader. If you want something more academic then there’s The Northern Danelaw by Hadley and Cyril Hart’s Danelaw. Hart’s is an American publication too.

message 4: by Haaze (last edited Oct 16, 2017 10:48AM) (new) - added it

Haaze | 7 comments Ah, definitely academic library material considering the cost. I realize that I do not know enough about Viking Age Britain. For me things are more illuminated around the time of the Roman occupation. Would you recommend Williams' book?

message 5: by Neil (new) - added it

Neil | 86 comments Mod
I bought it the day it came out and have only had time a quick look but it does look good. It’s not very often that a book length history of Viking Britain gets published so if it comes out in the States, I’d grab a copy. He organised the recent Viking Exhibits in the uk, I have visited twice and loved both visits.

message 6: by Haaze (new) - added it

Haaze | 7 comments It seems like the hardback cost about the same in the US (via the UK) and a cheaper paperback is due next year in the UK. It certainly received very good reviews in the media:

"‘A debut that pulses with the author’s passion for his subject and his mastery of written sources, archaeology and legend. Williams narrates a complex story in enjoyable, lusty prose’ Dan Jones, Sunday Times

‘Viking Britain [is] an engrossing account … Williams is scrupulous to avoid the easy pub-chat message. He writes fluently and with feeling’ Thomas W. Hodgkinson, Spectator

'Williams is a master at conveying the atmosphere of Viking Britain … We are guests at a sensory feast, at times immersed … and at others guided by the comforting hand of firm historical evaluation. Viking Britain is a giddy ride … a real treat’ Philip Parker, Literary Review

‘Williams evocative prose puts flesh on sturdy academic bones. ‘Viking Britain’ is a pleasure to read… a lively, colourful book that explores in high definition what being a Viking really meant. Williams … succeeds where many have failed: to make the truth about the Vikings as entertaining as the fiction’ Giles Kristian, The Times

‘Thomas Williams has written a fundamentally new history of the Vikings in Britain: authoritative, at times controversial, and above all a personal journey through the byways of life under Scandinavian military occupation. The Viking experience runs like an interlace pattern through the British story, and Williams holds it up to the light with skill and nerve. It's also (and all too rarely for scholarly works) a real pleasure to read. Viking Britain is a newly discovered country’ Professor Neil Price, University of Uppsala

'Brisk of pace and fresh of tone … with a vividly atmospheric turn of phrase and a real momentum … as ambitious and wide-ranging as the travels of the Vikings themselves, and as strange and enjoyable as any saga' Carly Hilts, Current Archaeology"

message 7: by Haaze (new) - added it

Haaze | 7 comments I went ahead and ordered a copy...

<------ Viking history book fan!

message 8: by Neil (new) - added it

Neil | 86 comments Mod
I think you’ll like it and I bet you get around to reading it before I do.

message 9: by Haaze (new) - added it

Haaze | 7 comments Ha ha! Don't count on it.. perhaps December/January sometime...?

message 10: by Neil (new) - added it

Neil | 86 comments Mod
I’m snowed under with books to read. Don’t know where to start.

message 11: by Haaze (last edited Oct 16, 2017 12:01PM) (new) - added it

Haaze | 7 comments Hmm, this sounds very familiar.....

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