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Weird And Odd A continuation of the previously deleted thread.

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Max ((Yay Thanks Ace! Also Catt, i'm just gonna say Theo is waiting for P.J by the subway station.))
Theo ran a hand nervously through his hair for the billionth time. He had gotten so comfortable around Pearl but still actually going on dates freaked him out. It didn't help that he had totally lied about how many girls he gone out with. Every time they went on a date he was reminded of that. He had tried his best to look nice, but the messy hair sort of ruined it.

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P.J herself was actually pretty excited. Normally due to recent events, P.J was afraid to go anywhere inside the camp. Though t
Theo did change the way she felt. Sometimes she felt angry, sad, irritated at Theo, but times like these were worth it. "Hey stranger." P.J chuckled. Instead of having her hair in a high ponytail or a braid like she usually did at camp, some red lipstick and to dress like a lumberjack because why not? P.J also decided to let her hair down. It was a special occasion anyway.

((Outfit: https://goo.gl/images/kjuZYW ))

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Max ((Can I just say, your sense of style is amazing!))

Theo offered P.J a small smile, running his hand through his hair yet again. He looked at her outfit with a grin and kissed her lightly on the cheek.
"You look beautiful." He still felt a little bit nervous since he knew that P.J was still angry at him, which he totally deserved. Hesitantly he put an arm around her waist, slow enough that she could totally slap his hand away if she didn't want him to.

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Max ((also, I probably won't do this during their date, but sometime Theo is going to totally cut P.J off when he realized he like really, really, REALLY, loves her. Cause trust issues. Just warning you))

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((Also thank you!))

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Max ((Hey! Don't blame me, blame Theo!!!! wait no.... Theo's my fault... never mind))

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((I love that their relationship is so cheesy and dramatic!))

Jogging slightly up to him P.J let his arms wrap around her waist as she planted a small, but sincere kiss on his lips. "You look handsome. Like the hair." She teased a bit, since the few minutes she walked over there P.J had counted about thirty-six times Theo had ran his hand through his own hair. As it was time to walk onto the subway she smiled as she realised they'd be close together. P.J owed it to Theo to apologize, somewhere along the way he'd got the idea that she was mad at him. As they got off, P.J slipped her arm through Theo's as she watched her breath materilize in the air. "Gods, I will never get used to the on time seasons in New York." Sure there were seasons in southern Cali but it just made it hotter or colder by like 2 degrees.

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Max Theo grinned when she commented about the hair.
"Sorry, I was really nervous." He shrugged slightly and stepped onto the subway, still keeping one hand around P.J's waist. He didn't say anything for a while, just looked at her and drank in every little detail about her. He remembered doing the exact thing the first time he had met her, but then it had been in suspicion, now it was because she was simply stunning. Her eyes still amazed him every time he saw her. Every emotion could be seen in that wonderful blue.

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Max ((I know! I love how we said we needed a break from the drama and then Leon came in and he and P.J got into a giant fight))

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"Nervous? You know we're dating, right?" P.J asked before chuckling and cracking a smirk. Lacing her fingers with his her smirk grew even bigger, though it turned into a full our grin when she saw a festival going on down the street. "Oh. My. God. I remember this one time I went to a carnival down the street and I just spent my money on cotton candy, I was so sad cuz I didn't even get to spend it on any rides." She laughed and watched as another cloud of mist floated in the air.

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Max Theo shrugged again.
"I know, but this like an actual date. I always get nervous for dates." He said, stressing the word date. When P.J spotted the carnival, Theo grinned.
"Want to go?" He asked playfully. He still hadn't gotten any good date ideas so a carnival was a perfect idea.
"But this time, we won't spend all our money on cotton candy." He added with a wicked grin.

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Sticking her tongue out at Theo, she squeezed his hand and gave a smile. "Ah, I love you." P.J blushed a bit herself then it disappeared as he mentioned the Carnival, soon her grin was back and basically dragged Theo along as a child would do to their mother. "Com'on we have to go on the ferris wheel it's like the most cheesy couple thing ever." As they got in line she bought a huge thing of cotton candy to share on the ride.

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Max Theo grinned at her and then followed her quickly as she dragged him towards the ferris wheel.
"Very considerate of you to find the cheesiest ride in the park." He chuckled when she explained why going on the ferris wheel was so important. Taking a little bit of cotton candy from P.J, Theo regarded it with suspicious curiosity. He had never tried it before and the bright pink freaked him out a bit since it didn't look edible.
"Is it actually safe to eat this stuff?" He asked raising an eyebrow at Pearl.
"I mean, even if it isn't, i'll eat it anyways, but I just want to know in case I like, die after." He grinned easily.

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"Well, it was sold from a man who has most likely didn't wash his hands and hates children most likely for how long he's been working here. Cotton candy is never safe. There is so much corn syrup in it, but if you eat it, you won't even care." P.J said counting the reasons before taking a piece and placing it in his mouth. Taking some off of the cone she sat on the wheel as they started slowly, slowly going up as they could start to see the skyline. P.J's eyes lit up as if it was the fourth of July and couldn't take her eyes off the beautiful city as they went around a few more times. "Wow."

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Max Theo swallowed the cotton candy and grimaced.
"I feel like I just swallowed a hairball." He grinned at P.J and leaned over and kissed her gently. He had to admit that the view was amazing, but he was too distracted by the look in Pearl's eyes to care all that much. To him, there was nothing more beautiful than the way her eyes lit up and the way her lips curved up into the most perfect smile. He didn't want to ruin the moment or anything but when they got to the very top he had to let out a loud whoop of joy. Everything was just so perfect and he couldn't contain it any longer.
"I AM THE LUCKIEST PERSON ALIVE!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. He wanted to world to know, he wanted his dad way up in the sky to notice his son for once and realized just how happy he was without him.

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"You are the only person who thinks that." She chuckled before kissing him back. Enjoying the view a for more minutes, P.J saw what she saw was the most amazing thing in the world. Though then she was interupted by a loud yelling and a joyus Theodore. "You dork!" P.J giggled before placing a gentle but long kiss on his lips and smiling that nerdy smile of hers.

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Max Theo felt like every part of him was made of liquid sunlight. Even though the night had gotten a little bit chilly, he felt so warm inside that he didn't even feel the temperature change. Wrapping his arms around P.J he melted into her kiss, feeling nothing but total joy. He didn't want to pull away, but eventually he had to, since breathing was sort of necessary for survival. Grinning widely he finally turned to take in the view. It was exhilarating and beautiful and pure. His dark eyes reflected the city lights and his eyes widened with amazement.

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As the trip ended, P.J saw that people were staring at them but she didn't care. She was so immersed in Theo that she felt almost completely invincible. Weaving her fingers through his, she gave another bright smile and walked to another game where she saw the cutest stuffed pillow of a sun. Walking over she watched as the man before her hit the dumbbell and it almost it the final bell. Once it was her turn, P.J copied the exact way the man before her did it and once the metal weight hit the bell, it made a loud resounding sound and she had won the prize. Giving it to her loving boyfriend, she gave the biggest smile of the universe. It was infecious.

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Max ((And.. i'm gonna ruin the happiness... enter Theo and P.J's annoying gang connections))

Theo's smile widened even more when P.J smiled, although he hadn't thought that would be possible. The sound of people laughing and teasing each other were like music to Theo, after all, this was what childhood should have been like. And as if on cue, all of that was destroyed when Theo saw a face staring at him from behind a food stand. It was one of the Wolves, Blaze the one who's brother he had killed. He was gone so quickly that Theo could hardly believe he had been there at all. His smile dropped and he tightened his grip on P.J's hand, but didn't say anything. This was their night out, he didn't want to ruin everything.
"Thanks mermaid!" He grinned when she handed him the little sun pillow.

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Weird And Odd ((Kit needs to pass out in the Eros cabin))

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((Ace just say she did))

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Weird And Odd ((Ayeee okay))

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((I hate you Max ruining their cute night with... Blaze. Why the hell did I name him blaze?))

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Max ((Well, you were going to hate me anyways, so why not just do it now! Also, I think it was Blaze right? Since they deleted the Trip To the City, I can't go back and check))

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"No problem giant." P.J smirked as she held his hand. After an hour of pure fun(for P.J anyway), she found a row of food trucks lined up beside the other games. "Whoa." Suddenly her stomach growled as if a dragon lived inside. Blushing a bit of embarrassment, P.J gave a shy smirk. "Want some food?" She questioned with hopeful eyes and a raised eyebrow.

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Max Theo gave her a small smile but shook his head. He usually would have been hungry, but seeing Blaze had put off his appetite. One hand drifted over to the knife that was hidden beneath his jacket.
"Umm... did Xander like carnivals?" he asked, giving P.J a weird look.

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At Xanders name, P.J frowned a bit. "Yeah. I dodn't go with them though. They usually went with their girlfriend." After an awkward pause, P.J sighed and pulled out a ten dollar bill. "Hey, I'm going to go get some food. I'll be right back." She didn't mean to bs so moody, but Xander the traitor, wasn't exactly a date topic. Getting a bag of churros and two drinks(just in case) she turned around to face Blaze. "What the hell. Can I just have a normal night please?"

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Max ((Wait... was Blaze a girl? I can't remember))

Theo gave P.J a guilty look, he knew he had ruined the date, but before he could tell her why, she stomped off to get food. He hissed out an angry breath through his teeth and then jogged off after Pearl. He stopped a few meters away, seeing Blaze standing right in front of her. He stood in the shadows for a moment before slipping up next to Blaze.
"Get the hell away from my girlfriend." He growled, knife already in hand.
"What do you want?" He narrowed his eyes angrily.

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((Blaze is a dude.))

As Theo pulled a knife out P.J quickly put his knife into his pocket and sighed. Dragging him and Blaze you she sat them on a park bench againt both of their will. Breaking off a nearby branch, P.J starting hitting it against her hand like a warden would do in a prison. "Listen up. Both of you. I came to have a fun date. That date has bow been ruined by you." She glared pointing at him. "Now what the hell do you want?" She asked before taking a bit of her churro.

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Max ((P.J is the best!))

Blaze's eyes widened slightly when P.J literally grabbed him and dragged him over to a bench. Theo couldn't help but feel a surge of pride towards how tough Pearl was, even though she was also dragging him along rather harshly. When she forced them to sit down, Theo tried to sit as far away from Blaze, the hatred between them seemed almost like a living thing.
"Xander wants to talk to you." Blaze finally said, sounding a little bit reluctant. Theo's frown deepened and he glanced at P.J with a worried look.
"About... camp?" The last word was a question, since Blaze didn't really know what that meant.

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((P.J: *blushes* Oh th-
Me: Stop with your innocent stuffs!))

"Again, with the Xander! Well guess what. You can tell him, that he can shove it." P.J scowled. That little snitch had ruined her life for the last time. Couldn't he leave her alone and just let her at least enjoy her date. "Don't you understand? He lied to you. All of you. He's rich, like a volcano spewing out gold. His family loves him and spoils him like a prince. So while you chew on that, I'm going to continue to try to enjoy my date." Grabbing Theo's arm, she held his hand and walked away. "You aren't off the hook either lets go."

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Max Blaze's eyes narrowed and he smirked.
"Your off this time cause i'm a nice person, but this city is crawling with Wolves and one day Xander is going to catch you himself." He smiled at P.J and then vaulted off the bench, slipping back into the crowd. Theo on the other hand, was stuck since P.J was holding tight onto his arm.
"What did I do wrong?" He asked, trying to pry her fingers from his hand.

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"What the hell were you thinking!? Assulting him with a knife dude? He could've attacked you! I know you can protect yourself, and I know you're self defense is spectaular but don't act like an idiot." She sighed before putting her hands in her pockets, and walking ahead away from the carnival. Why is everything so dramatic for P.J? It's not like she asked for it?

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(*sits back and eats popcorn *)

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Max "I didn't assault him! I just threatened him." Theo protested towards P.J's back as she walked away. Sighing he jumped up and chased after her.
"Well, it's nothing a rollercoaster can't fix right?" He kiss on her on the cheek and smiled brightly, pushing away all thoughts of Xander and the Wolves.

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(i would say bring them back but its ur rp ut characters ur choice)

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"Sure Theo." She aighed when he said he 'just threatened' continuing ans trying to cool off, P.J felt him kiss her cheek and she blew her top. "It is something a rollercoaster can't fix. Theo." Pulling away she started to just walk.

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Weird And Odd ((Assault is described as a threat made by someone who has the ability to carry said threat out that elicits a feeling of fear in the assaultee))

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(rollin by ccr)

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H00DEDRIOT (zandraga) | 1556 comments ((I for some reason thought about Zander running into them. I was gonna say that he was getting Acelin some food from outside the camp. -Shrug- You can decide if you want Zander to enter or not. I'm completely okay with anything. Have a good time.))

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Max ((Uh... as Catt, i'm bad at making decisions. Seriously, I stress over like choosing what type of chips to get))

Theo rolled his eyes and stopped, letting P.J walk away. He didn't want to leave her on her own, but maybe she needed some time to cool off. Sighing he sat down on a bench, curling his knees up to his chin and wished desperately that he was back up on that ferris wheel, just enjoying the view with the most beautiful girl in the world.
"Damn it Xander." He growled under his breath, closing his eyes for a moment.
"Tell me if you want to go home P.J." He called out after a moment.
"Like.. camp." He added, realizing that home probably hadn't been the best choice of words.

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P.J was really getting sick of how these idiots kept ruining her god damn life. "K(ay)." She replied not even trying to think anymore. She wanted to go back in time and be back on that Ferris wheel with Theo. Growling when she felt someone tap her shoulder, in surprise, P.J swung back and punched them in the face. "OH MY GOD! I'M SO SO SORRY!"

((Let's add even more drama! Introducing *fanfare* Theo's first serious girlfriend!
P.J: *grunting and screaming through tape whiel tied up in the back*
Me: See, P.J isn't opposed to it!))

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Max ((Yo... what? Not that i'm against this idea at all, but what?))

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((Wait what do you mean?))

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Max ((Who did she just slap?))

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((No, it was a reflex she turned around and accidentally punched her))

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Max ((But who!!!!!!!! Theo's first girlfriend?))

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