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Title: The Legacy: Dax
Author: G.G. Atcheson
Genre: Scifi (Space opera)
Formats Available: Mobi, Epub & Pdf
Page # 220
Review Due Date: October 29, 2017

Book Description:

Blood spattered my face and chest while the screams of the tortured man resonated within the walls of the chamber. The severed arm that fell in my hands almost slipped to the floor.

"I wonder what he'd look like with arms instead of legs and legs instead of arms," someone said. The medics stood ready to cauterize and heal any injuries so the fun, as they called it, would last. Fifty times, they would resurrect him before mercifully letting him go.

Because I was the youngest of the navigators, I always felt I had something to prove. When the need to infiltrate this brutal and amoral society presented itself, it sounded like the perfect opportunity. Now, I need to learn the secret behind their invasion plans and leave before I lose my mind.

As of today, I have spent exactly eight months, two weeks, and five days undercover with the Ksarrichis.

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