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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments okay here we are..but i have to go somewhere i'll be back at some point

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1400 comments Ok

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1400 comments So characters??

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Name: Alexander

appearance: https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-sta...

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1400 comments Name: Maria Vasquez

Age: 18

Appearance: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/33/5f/14/33...

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1400 comments Should i start??

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments yes please

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1400 comments Maria gasped as she was tossed onto a hard surface and a bag was yanked off her head. She was... in a palace? She frowned and stood up slowly. She was still in her night gown, her long brown locks flowing down her back. She was princess of Scottland. She had been kidnapped last night. She pushed her hair behind her ear and looked around the grand throne room. It was big and beautiful and- she realized whose it was. She had been here once before for a ball. King Alexander. He had been quite fond of her but she avoided him. He had a reputation if being... well terrifying. His subjects feared him as did every other kingdom. Why would he kidnap her? He could have asked for her presence at court. That would have been more civil. She looked when the doors opened and the king himself walked in. She had a big bruise on her cheek from one of his men. Her brown eyes looked down at the floor. Maria was known to be... well not the average princess. She was outspoken, feisty. She did not obey every man that told her to do something and everyone knew Alexander demanded obedience. She almost rolled her eyes as guards even seemed to be afraid of the man. Why did he want her. Everyone knew his reputation. He had plenty of mistresses. Maria wanted a husband. Not to be a chess piece in a king’s game of power. She looked up at him, “what is the meaning of this? Being dragged from my bed, tossed on a ship, and dragged here like a criminal!” She exclaimed, “my father and my kingdom will be furious,” she said and narrowed her eyes.

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Alexander looked at the princess with a hard, cold stare. "Princess Maria, a pleasure to see you again," he said. He didn't want to explain why she here but he had to so he did. He then let out a long sigh "Your father won't hear about this," he looked at the floor and then back at her."Well because, he's dead." He then thought of the way she spoke to him, "You will not speak to me like that under my roof." He demanded. She rebellious very rebellious not listening to any man. He didn't want to make such a scene so he to keep quiet. "You will follow all rules that I say and if you don't well you see the consequences." He told her walking out of the room.

((was that good?))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1400 comments ((Maybe a bit more detail?))

Maria frowned and flinched. Dead? She frowned, “what do you mean he is dead?” She called after him but a guard grabbed her, “the king has made arrangements. You will be staying in the tower until your wedding night,” he said simply, “and any other time you misbehave,” he said simply. Maria frowned and followed them up to her room. It was beautiful, elegant. She swallowed. She was here to marry him? That was why he killed her father? She swallowed as they shut and locked the door. Tears slid down her cheeks. She looked out the window and sighed. She knew this would happen some day. Her father did not want her marrying anyone. She was just hoping it would be some other king... not... Alexander.
The next morning Maria’s designated ladies came inside and helped her dress. She was put in an elegant blush pink dress. Her hair was left down and a small crown was placed on top of her head as it normally was. She was queen of Scotland now... not just princess and she was not even in her country. Her rights to the country would be signed to Alexander when they married. She needed to find a way out. Guards let her out of her room as she had a meeting with king Alexander. Many stared at her. She was a sight to behold. Many gossiped about her being the daughter of a fae as she had immortal beauty. She walked back into the throne room and forced a curtsey to the king, “your highness,” she said simply. It was cold and quick but it was better than saying nothing at all, “I believe I am owed an explanation as to why my father was killed, why I was dragged here like a prisoner, and what this talk of marriage is about when none of my advisors agreed to a wedding between the two of us,” she said simply.

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Alexander sat on his bed thinking about what he would say to Maria the next day. He didn't want to explain, she was just really beautiful that's all, or so he thought. He woke the next day, ready to explain to her. He simply got ready in a silk shirt, a surcoat, a belt of gold, long stockings. "King Alexander, are you ready?" One of the guards asked him. He nodded and followed him into the throne room. He waited until Maria came in and asked him for an explanation. "Princess Maria, I believe I do not owe an explanation," he thought for a second and continued "But since you asked I will explain." He told her that her father was doing some business with people and if he didn't give they money for something they would kill her. So he refused and they kept threatening him. so he gave them the money and had planned to kill him and do business with Maria, and also get money from her. But that didn't go as planned when Alexander "supposedly" kidnapped her. ((So her father was doing some bad business and was sorta gambling and Maria could've been killed so he refused the offer. They kept sending threats and offers and her dad finally gave in. He gave them the money but the gamblers weren't done so they killed him. Waiting for you to be announced as the Queen of Scotland to do the deal with you and have you killed as well.That made honestly no sense but that's my explanation for you about that)). He didn't want to tell her why she forced to marry him but he had to. "Get me the letter." He commanded one of the guards and they want to get quickly. He stared at Maria with a cold glare and waited. "Here you go, your highness." The guard said bowing "This, Princess Maria, is a letter from your father." He paused then continued. "He wrote it before he was killed and it saying how you will marry me so you don't get hurt. It's saying I should protect you and not get you killed once you marry me I will have control over this kingdom and your fathers. He said he was putting his kingdom in good hands and guessed you weren't ready for a kingdom yet." He explained to Maria.


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Rose (allthefandom) | 1400 comments ((Yes))

Maria frowned and swallowed. She looked down, “I do not need protecting. He of all people should know that,” she said simply. Everyone knew her reputation. She was strong willed. Men hated her for it. She practically ran her kingdom as it was. Her father just wanted her to be tamed. Which is why she was with Alexander now. He knew Alexander would stand in her way and treat her as a woman should be treated. Like a diamond. Pretty to look at and nice to have but hold no real value. She was their to give him heirs and sit there, “That is my kingdom. Not yours,” she said simply and guards snapped their attention on to her the minute she raised her voice. No one ever heard anyone talk to their king that way. Member’s of the court stared as well and she raised her chin, “he might have given you my hand but I refuse to say I do. This is not right and I do not want to marry you because I do not trust you. I do not trust that you are what is good for my kingdom. My people. I do not rule with an iron fist because I want my people’s respect not their fear. You have their fear but you will not have mine,” she said simply and looked around. People stared at her with wide eyes. They were terrified for what the king would do. The guards seemed stunned. A female ruler talking down to the most powerful king ever known? Maria swallowed and smoothed her dress, “am I excused now your highness? Because I will be planning to return to my kingdom this evening. Unless I am a hostage. In which case I am sure you will be wasting a lot of your precious time silencing me,” she said simply. She would not bow, not to this king. He did not deserve her affections or her respect.
The head guard looked at the girl then to his king. He had his work cut out for him on this one. Technically she had to marry king Alexander. Alexander owned her, her father signed a contract. She was the king’s to do with as he pleased. He looked to the king, “your highness?” He asked slowly, wondering what to do. Maria was a queen after all so... he couldn’t strike her technically. Only the king could do that but no one was sure if he would.

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Alexander stood there too stunned to say anything."I-I..." he stood there unable to speak words. Nobody had ever taken down Alexander he was just too terrifying to be taken down. Yet just a princess soon to be queen took him down. "You may be excused." He simply said to Maria. He figured if she was this feisty he couldn't do anything. So he decided he would calm down a bit. Be less terrifying to people especially to his people. If she thought that the people were scared of him well, then he needed to fix his kingdom. He told the guards to go on up to her room and he quietly walked out of the throne him earning quite a lot of stares. Most of them had witnessed the most powerful king, shut down by an 18-year old which was quite surprising but it was Maria the 18-year-old. Which was surprising but not as surprising. He went to his room and sat on the edge of his bed, confused with what he just encountered. 'Maybe it's just this girl hormones' he thought. 'But what if it isn't, I'll just be nice to the girl and soften up to her, to gain trust, don't do anything to screw this up.' he told himself. "Guards, take me to Maria's room...I need to have a little chat with her." He commanded his guards and was soon led up to where she was staying. He stood in front of the door and gently knocked, waiting for the door to open.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1400 comments Maria heard the door and sighed. She looked at her ladies and gestured for them to let whoever in. She looked up to find King Alexander himself, “I get a private meeting?” She asked just as everyone filtered out to his command, “I am surprised, I hear it is nearly impossible to inquire a meeting from a man as busy as yourself,” she said and arched a brow. She sat down and looked out her window. She finished the last bit of her lunch, “I do not do silent your highness. I do not do submissive. I never have and I never will. If you wanted a queen who silently sat by your side perhaps you should look elsewhere. My father has had problem with me for years. The only reason I am here is because he thinks you will tame me down enough to act like a queen should. This is how a queen should act though. I know what is best for my country. I do not need a man to tell me what I need to do. I may be young but I am not uneducated or naive. I grew up with a father, with a king who drank himself to near death, gambled my country’s money away, and killed my mother because she did not- could not give her a son. I raised myself. I do not need a man to start caring for me now,” she said simply, “me or my country,” she stood up and faced away from him and towards her window. Her father had been abusive. She had to grow up fast and take on responsibilities the minute her mother was executed. She had been five years old when that happened. Everyone thought her father was such a good man but he wasn’t, “I will not marry a man who thinks of me any less than his equal,” she said simply.

((He should be cruel and cold, and not want to change that. That is why they butt heads. He expects things in a way she won’t give to him and she is the first to not fear him))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1400 comments ??

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments ((SORRRRY I had what I was going to say then when I was going to post it my computer shut down and it lost my stuff and then I forgot, on my behalf very truly sorry...oh and it's kinda hard for me to be cruel and cold so sorry again if he's not as cruel nor cold...))

Alexander sat silent like he was before and after a few minutes, he spoke, "Princess Maria, I may not be the nicest person and I'm definitely won't be the nicest person to somebody who doesn't treat me right." He sighed and looked at the floor, then back at her. "Sorry you don't want to marry me but I have to do what I have to do. I'm not begging for anything, I will get what I need and I will move no matter what you say you can fight and push but I will simply not listen." He wanted to strike her but he couldn't. He kept his hands by his side and spoke once more. "I get it you know what's best for your country but does it look like I care? I don't care and I will continue to not care you will be my queen whether you like it or not." Alexander then opened the door and walked out.

((that wasn't good enough i'm sorry))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1400 comments Maria glared after him and sat down. She swallowed her anger and looked in the mirror. She took a deep breath before tears gathered in her eyes. She tried to swallow them back but failed. She trembled and looked down, trying to hold back her tears but it was useless. She sat and cried. She hated showing weakness. She swallowed back her anger and hate though before looking up and clenching her fists. If she was going to be forced into this she wanted it under her control. She called in her ladies and had them clean her up. She stood and smoothed her skirt before walking out of her room and down to the King’s chambers which no one was allowed to enter but he was her husband to be after all. She knocked then entered. The guard guarding the doors ran in after her, “your highness I’m sorry she pushed past me I-“
Maria looked at him and raised her chin slightly, “I will marry you. Not that I had much of a choice. The wedding will be this week. Might as well get that night out of the way as this was strictly business after all and I know you have no intentions of having an actual relationship and neither do I so that night will be nothing more than conceiving an heir. Second, I will have rights to my country. She will remain mine but you will simply rule with me,” she said and nodded, “I also ask that you... allow... me to move off palace grounds. I know kings like to keep their queens within the walls but I have no intentions of sitting on a throne all day to look pretty. Can we agree to those terms or not? Because if not I will do all in my power to evade this marriage,” she said simply.

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Alexander looked up still silenced by the beauty of the Maria. He looked at the guard, excusing him from the room. "Great, you'll marry me.. we're getting on track but we aren't quite there yet," He looked at her and frowned when he noticed she'd been crying 'Forget her.' He thought and listened. "Rights..to your country, Princess..I know that's what you want but your father gave it to me so it's mine so you can 'simply rule with me'." Alexander said in a mocking tone. "Move off palace grounds, well it happens that I won't have to worry about as much so yes you can. I agree to term 2 but not term 2." He stated, "I don't care if you get mad and throw some fit..continue doing that but I will not listen to one bit of it." He told her.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1400 comments Maria arched a brow, “I am a queen I do not throw fits,” she said simply and looked at him, “we will see about that,” she said simply. Her people would remain loyal to her. They would not bow to him, “how would the people feel if they found out their queen was being forced into marriage? As I have it, I have three men with my hand written letter being sent out to my personal guards what the situation is. This would cause a war that I know you cannot afford. I know your economic situation and unless they hear the word we have agreed upon from me they will send those letters. It is all up to you whether you sign rights over to my country or not but I suggest you do so and very quickly, your highness,” she arched a brow, “after your last war, you are a bit tight on soldiers and gold. I am not bluffing,” she said. The guard in the room stood in shock. That manipulative yet very well played move could cost the king a kingdom. Maria tilted her head when she saw his look of nervousness and shock, “never underestimate your opponent. I might be your queen and your wife but I have a duty to my country first. I hope for your sake, you never underestimate me again. I’ll leave you to think though. You are very short on time though,” she curtseyed and slowly walked to the door.

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Alexander watched her walked away, confused as ever. He's never been through this and he certainly does not know how to go through it. She just keeps, doing surprising things and he's just confused. 'She wants to play...two can play that game.'He thought. He looked at his guard and raised a brow wondering what to do with her..."I need to see my advisor." he spoke after a few minutes of silence. Alexander was worried about himself and also Maria, she wasn't as respectful as the others. She was driven, she didn't want to listen to rules or do anything. "Your advisor is..busy, Your Majesty." One guard said. Alexander nodded, he was surely not in the mood for their shenanigans "GET ME THE ADVISOR!" He bellowed. He was angry and several people, mostly Maria for disobeying him. He would hit her, but she was just a child according to the guards. But the guards truly did not know a thing so he decided to see his advisor and just talk to his advisor.

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments ((?????))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1400 comments ((Sorry could you just be more detailed??))

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments ((wait did you want me to do it again?))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1400 comments ((Yeahh))

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments (((oh okayy))

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments ((i edited..is that better??))

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments ?

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1400 comments ((Want to skip? Maybe he had a ball to celebrate the marriage, forcing her to behave around him?))

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments ((i guess so))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 1400 comments Maria finished getting ready. She was in an extravagant red gown. Her long brown hair flowed in waves down her back. She looked stunning as a small crown was placed on her head. The engagement announcement. She swallowed and looked in the mirror. She had to mind her place this evening or she could be killed. She was walking on eggshells around all of the noblemen of Alexander’s country. She walked down the steps and met her future husband at the bottom. She took his arm carefully, “I heard you have given me some control of my country again... wise,” she said, “I have sent word, no letters shall be delivered, you remain war free,” she said and smiled at everyone as they entered such a beautiful ballroom. She looked up at Alexander, really looked at him. Though cold and aggressive he was quite handsome. Any queen lucky to have such a dashing and powerful man take such interest in them. Maria was different though. She loved her country and needed to protect it. She had done her job, now she needed to play the role of obedient queen to her soon to be husband. She knew how much trouble her mouth could get into. How bad it could be for her and her country. Her father had signed a deed giving Alexander her and her country but now that she had some power back she had to do as asked in order to keep it that way.

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Alexander sighed, he did not want to give anything to Maria, being that she was still a child. She could possibly not know how to run a kingdom. He noticed how she was awfully quiet today, she was saying anything that would ruin herself and her kingdom. When he signed the paper to give Maria some part in the kingdom, he actually struggled to sign it. This is not something he would do. Alexander would never be seen signing a paper to give land to his queen. It's frankly quite impossible to get him to do that. But somehow, this girl practically forced him to do it. Queens weren't supposed to force their kings into doing anything, but Maria did that. He knew that he was getting himself into a lot and was willing to take it on. Alexander smiled at the crowd, with Maria on his arm. Now the whole kingdom knew he was getting engaged so there was no way he was going to back out now. "I try." He whispered to her. He hadn't had contact with Maria for a few days. To say the most Alexander was doing his best to not hit the girl in front of these people. He didn't want them to think of him as really that cruel and cold than he already was.


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Rose (allthefandom) | 1400 comments Maria nodded slightly and looked up at him with her big beautiful eyes, “as much as you would hate to acknowledge, I do know what I am doing with my country... our country,” she said quietly. Her tone was soft... gentle, unlike it has been in the past with him, “I understand in marrying me you have taken danger away from me, that is a debt I can never take back. Now that we both have some what what we want, I know we can call a truce on this,” she murmured as they walked to the front of the room, “we owe it to one another. I will do my part and act as a queen should in front of our people and other rulers,” she said and nodded. She allowed him to kiss her hand in front of the crowd. They were announced and Maria sat on the smaller throne beside the king’s. She looked up at him as the ball commenced and the dancing began. She slid her small hand over his, “I cannot promise to put you above all else because what kind of a ruler would I be? But I can promise to not fight you on every step of the way,” she said. She had days to think this through. To be honest she did not want to marry someone she did not love. If there was any chance at true happiness with Alexander, she wanted to at least try. Perhaps she was over reaching but she knew he was physically attracted to her. She caught his stares every once and awhile. So maybe... maybe he could grow to enjoy the rest of her as well.

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments Alexander nodded, "I'll try my best to do the same." He stated. Alexander did see Maria agreeing with things so he knew that there was also a chance of her being quite an amazing ruler. He'd always been so egoistical and he wanted to change that. With the work Maria was doing something would happen. She seemed to be working pretty hard so he was guessing something good. He was physically attracted to her but definitely not mentally. Maybe it was his arrogance getting the best of him. Whatever it was Alexander wads going to change greatly as a person.

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thelma (goldfosh) | 972 comments (( more detail?)

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