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Athena W Hello,

I am looking to speak with active students or those whose lives have been altered by A Course in Miracles. I am a student of the Course, and am writing a book about people's experiences with A Course in Miracles. The book would be a positive one that chronicles the profound effect the book can have. Please message me if you are willing to learn more and potentially share your story.

Thank you,

Angel Gonzalez Hi. I have read the text three times in its entirety. It was so alien, at first, to the rotten script I was given as a child,that the going was, initially, quite tough. Thankfully, the Jane Roberts/Seth books had paved the way a little for me. A course in miracles is part of the real deal and I regard it as Revelation along with the Christian Bible and the Jane Roberts/Seth books. My life has changed since I have been implementing the teachings of A course in miracles; the change has been a positive one. This pseudo reality, where we regard ourselves as bodies separate from God, is just a rigorous and frightening teaching aid. I am constantly begging people to study A course in miracles; it has done so much for me. Thank you God, thank you Holy Spirit and, thank you, Master Jesus. And the Truth shall set us all free.

Mikki Alhart I am new to this site Athena and then I read your post on one of the most precious of all topics in the world. I have been a student of The Course of Miracles since 1986. I am a counselor, teacher, and artist. I just published my latest book 'In God's Waiting Room' which is the result of practicing, teaching and carrying the message of God's love for the last 34 years from The Course in Miracles. It has been the focus of my career, my life, my purpose, and I was moved to share it with the world so that my now grandchildren and great-grandchildren can know and understand the true study of Jesus. What has been an extreme blessing in my life is that my clients, inmates, juvenile hall, group homes and recovery institutions had no idea of where the foundation of my wisdom was coming from. What a miraculous blessing this book has been since it's first publication in 1975. I wrote in my book about the mentors that shaped and blessed our lives who may never know the powerful impact they have had on millions of others. God Bless You for keeping the flame of passion ignited and carried forward.

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