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Looking for a Project? > Completed: Pope John XXI and other Johns

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message 1: by Redangel333 (new)

Redangel333 | 256 comments This pope John XXI has some books like this atttributed to him Piercing: How to Convince Parents? Tips & Tricks. which seems wrong.
Similar books with the same title are currently under this profile John while some of the pope books could be in the wrong profile.
But I am not sure if they all belong to the pope or if some fall under the category referenced in this thread:
Bible authors

Seems too complicated for me, maybe someone more experienced could handle it.

message 2: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 19991 comments As far as I can see, only one book was actually by Pope John XXI.
Popes (and kings and queens) are an exception to the no-title-in-author-name-rule.
Created a new author profile for the pope:

Moved all modern books to "John" as that is the author according to Amazon.
Also corrected some other authors, and removed some others (were John was a part of the publisher's name).
Some remaining books are now all merged to

message 3: by Redangel333 (new)

Redangel333 | 256 comments thanks a lot! I was not aware of the exception, but will keep it in mind for future profiles

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