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Shomeret | 1380 comments 5)Mistress Suffragette by Diana Forbes (historical romance) 397 pages Source: paperback from publicist Started: 9/12 Finished: 9/16

Why Read: Suffragette is in the title. I'm hoping there will be more women's suffrage than stereotypical melodrama.

Comments: The character I really liked wasn't the MC. She was a woman's dress reformer. Rating B- See my review at

6)Among the Ruins by Ausma Zehanat Khan (mystery) 357 pages Started: 9/16 Finished: 9/17

Why Read: The first book in this series is the best mystery I've read so far this year.

Comments: It's not as extraordinary. This gets a B.

7)Avishi by Saiswaroopa Source: blog tour
Started: 9/17 Finished: 9/20

Why Read: It's about a woman warrior who fights with an iron leg.

Comments: Dramatic, and great research. Rating A. So far this is the best book of 2017. See my review at

8)When the Sea Turned to Silver by Grace Lin (children's fantasy) 373 pages. Source: Library Started: 9/21 Finished: 9/24

Why Read: I really enjoyed Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by this author.

Comments; Not as good, but I really liked the tale of the magic paintbrush. Rating B.

9)Linen Shroud by Destiny Kinal (historical fiction) 399 pages. Source: ARC from publisher Started: 9/24 Finished: 9/27

Why Read: I was interested in the Native American aspect of this Civil War era novel.

Comments: Loved some of the characters and the challenge to factory production. Unfortunately, there was some Da Vinci Code kind of stuff that isn't historically accurate. Rating B+ See my review at

10)Strangers Among Us: Tales of the Underdogs and Outcasts ed. Susan Forest and Lucas K. Law (science fiction and fantasy anthology) 361 pages. Source: Library
Started: 9/27 Finished: 9/29

Why Read: This is an anthology about underdogs and outcasts.

Comments: Decided to review this because my favorite story came in for a lot of negative comments. A girl got a schizophrenia diagnosis because she saw the Fae. Since this is fantasy they were really there and she wasn't insane. Some people thought it was horrible that a diagnosis was questioned. I disagree. See my review at

Ten books in one month! I haven't done that many in some time. Well, one was a graphic novel, and one was an anthology.

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Ann (annrumsey) | 14609 comments Nice month Shomeret! And several high ranking books too. Avishi sounds intriguing.
Shomeret wrote: "Ten books in one month! I haven't done that many in some time. Well, one was a graphic novel, and one was an anthology ..."

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Carol/Bonadie (bonadie) | 8053 comments Interesting books. I appreciate that you tell us why you selected them.

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