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Here we are.

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I have a couple tossed around lol. What all are you comfortable with doing?

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I know the rules I meant like what rps have you had most experience with. Like what specific genres do you like/not like

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Hi. Sorry. We can

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Have you watched Supernatural?

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That's fine. I can try to think of something else

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Did you have any ideas?

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Well let's hear them!

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Let's hear the romance one

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I'll be the guy.

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Did you have a specific template you'd like to use?

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Name: Derrick Justice
Age: 17
Appearance: on my phone ATM, will post soon))

And sorry about the long absence.

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Yay! Now let's see yours!

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Alright cool. Could you start?

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Yes please.

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Derrick was in his backyard, working in something in the shed they had. He heard people we're moving in beside him, but he usually kept to himself

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Faint rock music could be heard from the little stereo he had in his she'd as he worked. He was soon finished walked out of the she'd, wiping his hands with a towel

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After a little longer, he shit the music off and made his way inside. He went to go take a quick shower before grabbing something to eat

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(Neighbor just moved in.)

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((She was and I think his name was Derrick. Never really use my own name lol))

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