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W.J. Aiden | 21 comments Book Blurb
For Ana & Ethan, today's celebration should have been usual. Joy should be spreading over the seven realms. But today was anything but usual. Ana's family was fractured in half.

Her & Ethan's lives had been torn apart. An unexpected duty forced down apon them. An unwinnable battle, they were never meant to face, seemed destined. Will they wither from weakness in the shadow of darkness?

If you like young adult fiction & fantasy, then you'll love the thrilling & magical adventure, and the unimaginable journey Emergence of the Guardians (Book 1) takes you on in the debut novel for the series.

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Review Deadline
Requesting review be completed in next two weeks, will provide information on how to give your review in the email.

W.J. Aiden

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Amy (littleblondebooknerd) | 22 comments - Mobi

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W.J. Aiden | 21 comments Hey Amy, just emailed you a Mobi version of the book. Let me know when you receive it.


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