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message 1: by Jim, Keeper of the Pattern (new)

Jim (jimmaclachlan) | 976 comments As much as I like Zelazny's writing, I'm not as fond of Phillip K. Dick. I've loved some & hated some. I've tried reading this book several times & never managed to finish it. Others love it. What do you think?

message 2: by Mohammed , Dilvish The Damned (last edited Aug 08, 2009 05:05AM) (new)

Mohammed  Abdikhader  Firdhiye  (mohammedaosman) | 83 comments What is it about ?

Dick is one of my all-time fav authors no matter the genre or non-genre.

I have thought the fact that book exist sounded really interesting since its two great,important authors.

message 3: by Erich (new)

Erich Franz Linner-Guzmann (erichfranzlinnerguzmann) | 22 comments I have never read this book either though Philip K. Dick is my all-time favorite author like Mohammed. I even own the book but just haven't read (shame on me). I will be reading it hopefully very soon, so I will give you my thoughts when I start it.

message 4: by Mohammed , Dilvish The Damned (new)

Mohammed  Abdikhader  Firdhiye  (mohammedaosman) | 83 comments Thanks Erich.

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