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message 1: by Julie (new)

Julie Cwik (jcwik393) So, today I found my mecca (aka bookstore to the max). It's schuler's bookstore in lansing, michigan. I'm here with my daughter who is staying with a friend at michigan state for a college visit. I'm just the co-pilot for the ride. I'm from the far west suburbs of chicago. I've been super busy lately (well seemingly the last few years), so I haven't read as much as I used to. I LOVE books, I love reading, I love reading about books/bookshops/bibliophiles, etc. I had a rough go of it for a while and couldn't keep my focus long enough to read, so I turned to the dreaded TV. Don't get me wrong, TV is still good, but when TV is your major source of relaxation - not good. Anyways, I met my boyfriend about 3.5 years ago and became much more active, but still couldn't pick up a book because of focus problems. This year I FINALLY found my way back to my beloved reading. I have a 45 min commute to work, so I started back with audiobooks. How amazing is it that you can download audiobooks to your phone through the library?!?! I love it. So, anyways, I'm supposed to be working on a final project due for grad school, oh due tomorrow evening, so I holed myself up in a bookstore whilst my daughter experiences the collegial life. This bookstore is magical in every sense of the word. On the drive up yesterday, I also turned to a podcast which I haven't listened to in a long time, but is my absolute favorite - it's called, "What Should I Read Next?" So, I heard all these great book recommendations and thank goodness she puts the full list of books discussed in the comments, as I was driving and couldn't remember them all. So, I added a bunch to my goodreads feed last night/today. I started studying in the cafe of the bookstore and it was time for a break, so I start to wander and you know when you have that moment where a book just jumps out at you - well I had that, I had that 5 times and probably would have had it more if I hadn't forced myself to leave the bookstore. I found 3 used and 2 new books - Im sure there's a thread on what you are reading now, so I'll post the titles there. Maybe it's because I also haven't had coffee in weeks bc of a stomach issue, but the amazingness of the bookstore combined with the caffeine high made it a euphoric experience. I just kept walking around looking at all the kitchy things they had - it's a bookstore, used and new, kitchen stuff, dvds, gifty stuff...just everywhere you looked there was fun stuff. I must admit that I have a few bday gifts to buy, which I might go back tomorrow for, but today it was all about me and my getting back together with books. Selfish, but necessary. I also have found out recently that i love pencils - not those mechanical thingys but the old school, need to sharpen, pencils. I found this amazing pack of 14 pencils with extra eraser tops, a sharpener and those do hickies you put on so you don't get callouses on your fingers. Ah, the gloriousness. Yes, I am a total nerd and I am loving appreciating my quirkiness. So, if that whole rant hasn't turned you off, here's a little about me...I have a BS in Biology, MS in Library and Information Science, and I'm finishing up an MS in Education for Learning Design & Technology (expected grad Dec 2018). I work full-time as a continuing medical education manager for allergists/immunologists - so I help ensure their educational activities are based on sound educational theory - like based on an actual practice gap/educational need, and that there are learning objectives, etc. My daughter is a junior in high school and ready for college, but actually ready for college - she's been back and forth between her dad and i's houses since she was born, so she had to grow up quite quick, which I would go back and change if i could. She said it has made her independent and ambitious, which she is proud of - that's my girl with the positive swing on things. While looking at colleges with her, I'm not going to lie, I've been pondering PhD programs - I'm thinking a PhD in educational psychology or learning design, etc. The big thing is I need to find a program that will give me a graduate assistantship. My boyfriend said he's on board for moving if I can swing that and my daughter is good with it as long as I get her settled at college in a couple of years. So, Ive just begun the exploration process. Phew...that's a lot. Okay, so the reason I wanted to join this book club is because I don't have time for an in-person book club and I really enjoy engaging with other people who love books. I'm hoping to find some kindred spirits and some good book recommendations - although my to-read list (on goodreads and in stacks at my house) is already insanely long. I am a book hoarder which I have tried to reform myself of, but books make me happy and I like them in my space. It's like being surrounded by good friends all the time. So, I'm reverting back to my bookish ways. I'm very lucky because my boyfriend is a whiz with building stuff and he built me a built-in bookcase in our basement. We still have to stain in, but it's a thing of beauty. Okay, I guess I'll save some of my wandering thoughts for other posts. I am really excited to join this book club and I hope to meet some new and interesting people. If you have made it this far, you are a trooper and I thank you. :) - Julie

message 2: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10062 comments Mod
Phew! Welcome Julie and thank you for sharing!
I, too, have a 45 minute commute to work and use that time to listen to audiobooks. I'm currently listening to an advanced copy of Tom Hanks new story collection UNCOMMON TYPE, read by, yup, Tom Hanks! The stories aren't anything ground breaking but it's awesome having him read them to me in my car!!!

message 3: by Book Concierge (new)

Book Concierge (tessabookconcierge) I used to have that long commute .. then I retired in June ... Now, for just a trip to the grocery store I sometimes drive over to the next county and back JUST to be able to listen to my audiobook for a longer period of time! LOL

If this is addiction ... I'm NOT looking for a cure.

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Lori (tnbbc) | 10062 comments Mod
haha too true, Book Concierge!

message 5: by Julie (new)

Julie Cwik (jcwik393) Lori wrote: "Phew! Welcome Julie and thank you for sharing!
I, too, have a 45 minute commute to work and use that time to listen to audiobooks. I'm currently listening to an advanced copy of Tom Hanks new story..."

I'll have to look for that when it comes out...I love Tom Hanks! Thanks.

message 6: by Julie (new)

Julie Cwik (jcwik393) Book Concierge wrote: "I used to have that long commute .. then I retired in June ... Now, for just a trip to the grocery store I sometimes drive over to the next county and back JUST to be able to listen to my audiobook..."

I've done similar things. I also actually get excited for my morning drive and have gone out at lunch to listen if I was at a good part. This past week I had a formatting task at work where I didn't need to think, just needed to do, so I popped my headphones in and audiobooked away...not going to lie, I did feel kind of guilty, but I got over that pretty quickly. :)

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