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Mimi Angel of Love | 21 comments Mod
Hello there, Struggling Writers! Welcome to our October 2017-Photo Writing contest for Struggling Writers. This thread will officially be open for submissions starting October 7th, 2017.


For the theme it's completely up to you based on the picture provided for you. There are no restrictions on your creativity you may write it out in different forms such as short story, poem, Haiku and/or song.

Entry Deadline:

Saturday, October 28, 2017, at 12:00 am EST

Winning Prize:
The winning short story/Haiku/poem/song will be featured in the November 2017 Struggling Writers Newsletter. :)


*Entries cannot exceed more than 700 words.

*No swearing/vulgar language or inappropriate (18+) entries.

*Any entries submitted after 12:00 AM on Saturday, October 28th, will not be accepted.

*All entries must be in the form of a short story/haiku/poem/song

*Picture Credit goes to me only. It is my property.

*Your writing is your property.

Good luck to all!

message 2: by David (new)

David Wardrop | 11 comments Something about Amish harvest (those guys look Amish)

Mimi Angel of Love | 21 comments Mod
It's up to you.

message 4: by David (new)

David Wardrop | 11 comments O Harvest

Glowing apples of green

Under a bright white moon

Golden barley, kissed by the sun

Under a bright white moon

The impressive weight of a large pumpkin like a human child

Under a bright white moon

Last of the blooms Sunflowers, Marigolds, Nasturtium continue with determined strength

Under a bright white moon

The generous soil, the insects in their duty, every coloured leaf

All these things

Under a bright white moon

message 5: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Calvin | 1 comments Young and Old

Wisdom is the strength of his life
older than flesh of his aging
Teaching life Values
pride of its existence is overage

Innocence dwells in his childish
Agony and desperate are notably
fearing of somehow they meet
Chaining his mind to soul.

As to mention Ancestry
so follows archaic history
the young one staring up glaring sky
seeking of hidden journey for himself
while elders sitting on and swinging rocking chair.

the creased face
he and his son

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