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message 1: by Sara (new)

Sara Elizabeth (saraxelizabeth) | 1 comments Hey, guys. I have a dear friend and huge supporter of the indie author community that was hit by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Some of us are attempting to raise money to help her out. We're holding an auction of books and other items, including services for indie authors, at this link @ http://bit.ly/2fQs5s5

Even if you can't participate - if you can share the link, that'd be great!

message 2: by Ivan (new)

Ivan Figueroa-Otero (ifigueroa) | 3 comments Sara, thanks for your support. I am a writer from PR living the common experience. Please follow my writer site and be aware of a giveaway I will be posting soon. Ivan Figueroa Otero

message 3: by Maricel (new)

Maricel Peña | 1 comments Hi! Another PR author living the Maria situation here. I don't see the link. Can you repost it, please? Thanks.

message 4: by Ivan (new)

Ivan Figueroa-Otero (ifigueroa) | 3 comments Here is my dashboard Ivan Figueroa Otero https://www.goodreads.com/author/dash...

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