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Colors of Death: Fifteen Tales of Horror
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Colors of Death by Rona Vaselaar > Finally Finished!

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Michelle Kane | 3 comments Hi everyone! I am a little behind and just finished Colors of Death. I loved it as I like her writing style. Her stories have very realistic characters just going through life and situations that we all go through (death of a loved one, swimming in a lake, frustrations with siblings) and then it all goes south. Her tales are unsettling and sometimes my heartstrings are tugged pretty hard. I like that she gets the scary across without pages full of gory grossness. :)
I have House of Leaves on hold at the library but I'm 9th in the queue.... :|
Happy Weekend folks!

Jessica McEvoy | 100 comments Mod
Michelle wrote: "...frustrations with siblings..."

Heheh, I feel like sibling murder was a pretty consistent theme throughout.

I enjoyed it as well! Hopefully the queue for House of Leaves moves pretty quickly. It's a pretty thick book.

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