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Theories and Connections (Spoilers from Beginning)
Amanda Amanda Oct 07, 2017 07:44AM
I just finished this book and absolutely loved it and cannot stop thinking about it. I feel like it is a book that you can read over and over and still find new connections and theories. So here I would love to hear anybody else's thoughts, theories, questions etc. on this book.

I'll start off by speaking of the ending... we know Josh was wearing our main character's old clothes and it also mentions earlier in the book how alike the two boys look...did the stalker dress him this way on purpose or did he think he actually was our main character? I felt like he got the two mixed up til we learned that he got Josh's dad to cover the hole.

So it is connections and thoughts like these that I am interested in.

Thank you!

I think what happened in the end was that the stalker knew that Josh was the main character’s best friend and decided to kidnap Josh instead because he was never able to get to the main character. He knew who he was taking, but he still wanted the main character so he dressed Josh up like him. I am sure that the stalker paying Josh’s dad has some significance; perhaps being sadistic towards Josh’s father, but it is odd that he would go to such lengths to hurt Josh’s family when he really wanted the main character... lots to think about with this book!

Amanda So much to think about that I honestly want to read it again!
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I thought the mother was way more involved than she said she was and that the ending is a lie.

At the beginning of the book, we learn about the table that was mysteriously painted over many times.

The bunk bed is also strange (even though the mother said it wasn't strange).

Its also strange that the mother is awake to discover that her son is missing, but wasn't awake to notice that someone snuck into the house. What would have woken her up?

Also, everything bad that happens in the book happens after the mother finds out about it:

After the mother finds out that the main character hasn't gotten a letter, a letter arrives.

After the mother finds out that Josh is avoiding the main character, Josh dies.

After the mother finds out that he's seeing Veronica, Veronica dies.

I believe there was a sibling that the main character doesn't remember, and that something happened to them. I believe that the paint was there to cover something up. And I believe that the mother was more fond of the Stalker than she let on.

Amanda Hmmm, interesting theory. I want to go back and read it again to think of it in this way!
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Mary (last edited Jul 07, 2018 10:02AM ) Jul 07, 2018 09:57AM   0 votes
Here's my theory. When we first meet Mrs. Maggie she thinks that the narrator is her son Chris and she thinks Josh is her son John. Also, the narrator and his friend Josh look almost alike, except Josh has lighter hair. When we finally find out what happened to Josh we know that he had not run away, but had been taken and his hair had been dyed to look more like the narrator. He's found in "the hole" with the stalker. My thought is that Mrs. Maggie's two sons who no one has ever seen were twins. Only one son was still alive and that was our stalker. The Stalker attempted to turn Josh into our narrator (who he thinks is his brother Chris) by dying his hair and dressing him in narrator's old clothes. The Stalker has a look of peace on his face when he's found in "the hole" with Josh because in his eyes he's back with his twin in the womb again (the womb being the hole and he's literally entwined with Josh like twins are in the womb). So Mrs. Maggie was the mother of the stalker and his lost twin. I think when the narrator thought Mrs. Maggie said "Mom's home" what she actually said was "John's home", John being the stalker and her real son. John was able to come home until after Tom died.

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