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Charlotte MacArthur CARRY ON
The author of the book ‘Carry On’, Rainbow Rowell, is an American Author who writes adult and you adult novels, her young adult novels include ‘Eleanor and Park’, Fangirl’ and ‘Carry On’. Not much is known about her personal life other than that she lives in Nebraska with her husband and children. She used to work as a columnist and then began working for an agency and her first book.
‘Carry On’ (2015), follows the story of Simon Snow, who is dubbed “ the worst chosen one ever chosen”, Simon is full of magic but can't use it very well. During holidays he lives with the Normals, in foster homes or orphanages, but come September he is taken to Watford, a school of magic. Under the guidance of ‘The Mage’, he and his best friend Penny are trying to find The Insidious Humdrum and stop him from taking magic from parts of Britain. After breaking up with his girlfriend and a visit from a ghost, Simon, his Arch-Nemesis of a roommate who is definitely a vampire, Baz, his ex, Agatha and Penny, set off to find the person who killed Baz’s mum and to get rid of the Humdrum.
The best thing about this book was the storyline, since I can't go into specifics without spoiling it, the plot twists were unexpected but had evidence and clues before they happened so that they weren't entirely unpredictable, which engages the reader very well. There were also no loose ends in the plot and everything was pulled together and tied up nicely at the end. I honestly don't have any criticism for the book plot wise and the conversational style and changing point of views added to the experience of reading the book.
In this book my favourite characters were Eb the goatherd and Baz, because they both had interesting back stories and secrets that you find out over the course of the story as they have relevance to the plot.
Out of 10 I'd give it a 9, it's storyline was engaging and it's characters relatable and developed, I was camping while I read it and finished it within the first few days! Overall, I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Delaney I LOVED THIS BOOK TOO! It was such a fun read. I can't say it's creative although some aspects of it is. I definitely wish we got to see more of the magic aspect it was so cool that it is based off famous catch phrases or tag lines!

I think my favorite aspect was just the relationship between Baz and Simon. How about you?

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