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Normie's don't attend GSG they attend the normal schools but they interact with those with powers in the town.

ᐧCharacter’s full name:

ᐧCharacter’s nickname:

ᐧReason for nickname:

ᐧBirth date:




>>>Physical appearance<<<


ᐧHow old does he/she appear:



ᐧBody build:

ᐧEye color:

ᐧGlasses or contacts:

ᐧSkin tone:

ᐧDistinguishing marks:

ᐧHair color:

ᐧType of hair:



ᐧUsual fashion of dress:

ᐧFavorite outfit:

ᐧJewelry or accessories:


ᐧGood personality traits:

ᐧBad personality traits:

ᐧMood character is most often in:

ᐧSense of humor:

ᐧCharacter’s greatest joy in life:

ᐧCharacter’s greatest fear:


ᐧCharacter is most at ease when:

ᐧMost ill when:

ᐧEnraged when:

ᐧDepressed or sad when:


ᐧCharacter’s soft spot:

ᐧIs this soft spot obvious to others?

ᐧGreatest strength:

ᐧGreatest vulnerability or weakness:



ᐧDominant/Submissive Type:



ᐧType of childhood:

ᐧFirst memory:

ᐧMost important childhood memory:




ᐧCurrent location:





ᐧLeast favorite color:




ᐧForm of entertainment:


ᐧMode of transportation:

ᐧMost prized possession:



ᐧHow he would spend a rainy day:



ᐧExtremely skilled at:

ᐧExtremely unskilled at:


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ᐧCharacter’s full name: Jeremy Sawyer

ᐧCharacter’s nickname: Jere, Sawyer, Jere-bear

ᐧReason for nickname: Shorter, Jere-bear is an endearment

ᐧBirth date: June 23, 1912 (recreation date) December 22, 2018

ᐧRace/Species: Caucasian/Cyborg
In former life, Jeremy was a werewolf. Has faint traces of lupine venom still in him...

ᐧGender: Male
He, him, his

ᐧSexuality: Bisexual
Leans toward guys

>>>Physical appearance<<<

(view spoiler)

ᐧAge: 17 yrs old
Not counting being recreated...

ᐧHow old does he/she appear: 17 yrs old

ᐧWeight: 118 lbs
Unhealthily thin

ᐧHeight: 5' 5"

ᐧBody build: Long limbs, bony shoulders, thin.

ᐧEye color: Warm brown
Traces of golden amber, one sign of werewolf venom remnants

ᐧGlasses or contacts: Not exactly...?? Enough werewolf blood left him that Jeremy's eyesight isn't as bad. He still wears glasses, but they're more like safety glasses-there's a computer connected to his left side brain in ONE eye of the glasses. Left eye mechanical, he suffered a bad accident and damaged a lot of his left side-hurting his right side as well.
(view spoiler)
His glasses DO NOT look like the ones in the pic above, his "Appearance" pic with the glasses is what his glasses look like. They're black and gold, since silver bothers him still.

ᐧSkin tone: Ummm.. Pale. Peachy.

ᐧDistinguishing marks: His strange golden/amber brown eye, the multitude of scars on his back (if you ever see his back, that is). His left eye is bionic, his left hand up to elbow is robotic (view spoiler) Right leg robotic: (view spoiler)

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Guess I wrote too much, cause I didn't do the last spoiler like that

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Related image

I'm aware the bionic eye is green, no stress.

Related image


ANOTHER THING, Jeremy is constantly adding on and/or fixing, changing the technology/cyborg parts he'd been given. He found a tracker on his leg when he was looking at it through a scan and did surgery on himself to get it out and smash it... Jere felt no pain, since the right leg is the mechanical one and the brain that dominates it is the left side-which is also cyborg. No feeling, or what he should've felt but didn't, registered.

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Approved. I will be making some town threads. If you would like a thread for his place of residence I can do that too

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Mk! Thank you!! I was wondering if your Facility character could be the one who fixed him...?? Would that be okay or no? I could always make a Facility character if not.

May have him join school just for the heck of it-and to not be alone.

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Ah yes! Of course!

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Yay! I'll add that

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I'm sorry, what's your character's last name?

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Alrighty, thx!!

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You're welcome

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Ken (kensamcampo) | 17 comments ᐧCharacter’s full name: Morgan Sean Blackwell

ᐧCharacter’s nickname: Sean
ᐧReason for nickname: it's short and sweet but easy for his friends

ᐧBirth date: July 3rd

ᐧRace/Species: Werewolf-Demon

ᐧGender: Male

ᐧSexuality: Straight

>>>Physical appearance<<<

ᐧAge: 15

ᐧHow old does he/she appear: 15

ᐧWeight: 118 lbs

ᐧHeight: 5 ft 10

ᐧBody build: athletic

ᐧEye color: Brown

ᐧGlasses or contacts: Contacts

ᐧSkin tone: pale

ᐧDistinguishing marks:

ᐧHair color: Brown

ᐧType of hair: Short

ᐧHairstyle: Medium

ᐧVoice: has an accent

ᐧUsual fashion of dress: Leather Jacket and tough type clothing

ᐧFavorite outfit: his usual attire

ᐧJewelry or accessories: Jewelry given to him by Annabella Blackwell

He is outgoing and athletic. He is protective and loving. He loves to get to know others. He is adventurous and courageous. He can be shy when you first meet him. He loves football and baseball. He is happy-go-lucky sometimes.
ᐧGood personality traits:
- sometimes happy-go-lucky
- loves getting to know others
- outgoing
- athletic
- corageous
- adventurous
ᐧBad personality traits:
- sometimes happy-go-lucky

ᐧMood character is most often in: Happy

ᐧSense of humor: Dark

ᐧCharacter’s greatest joy in life:


ᐧCharacter’s greatest fear:
losing family
ᐧWhy? He would be on his own

ᐧCharacter is most at ease when: at school

ᐧMost ill when: not applicable

ᐧEnraged when: things hardly go his way

ᐧDepressed or sad when: he is not with Erin

- Dungeons and Dragons
- School
- Surfing
- Boogie boarding
- Swimming
- Plateium
ᐧCharacter’s soft spot:
Erin Blackwell
ᐧIs this soft spot obvious to others?
ᐧGreatest strength:
- making friends
ᐧGreatest vulnerability or weakness:
- the idea of losing friends
- horses
- making friends
- horse back riding
- his sister
- surfing
- vaulting
- dungeons and dragons
- jerks
- bullies
- cheaters
- people with zero patience
- strict people

ᐧDominant/Submissive Type: Dominant

He was born in Gotham City and moved here with Masey and Erin. He was only 5 when Masey died. During that time, he was attending Gotham Prep He moved when he was 5 years old. He has known Glissenwood Academy since then. He attends with his older sister. This is his 5th year there and he has not decided to go back to Gotham. He is the school's Junior Varsity Corner Back in the football team.
ᐧHometown: Gotham City

ᐧType of childhood: rough

ᐧFirst memory: playing Lacrosse with his sister

ᐧMost important childhood memory: Gotham Prep

ᐧWhy: He discovered his abilities after leaving Gotham Prep and he discovered them when he was 10

Gotham Prep (Kindergarten to Elementary School)
Glissenwood Academy (Elementary School to High School)


ᐧCurrent location: School

ᐧOccupation: Student

Masey Auregue-Blackwell - Mother , DECEASED

Kade Blackwell - Father , DECEASED

Erin Blackwell - Older Sister , Alive

Annabella Blackwell - Cousin , Alive

Jason Blackwell - Cousin , Alive


ᐧColor: Teal

ᐧLeast favorite color: Beige

ᐧMusic: Rock

ᐧFood: Sushi

ᐧLiterature: Pendragon Series

ᐧForm of entertainment: Movies

ᐧExpressions: Happy and Glad

ᐧMode of transportation: Car (belongs to sister)

ᐧMost prized possession: his watch which was a birthday gift from Annabella Blackwell


- Dungeons and Dragons
- Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games
- Runescape
- World of Warcraft

ᐧHow he would spend a rainy day: World of Warcraft

ᐧSmokes: no

ᐧDrinks: Hawaiian Punch and Apple Juice

ᐧExtremely skilled at: World of Warcraft

ᐧExtremely unskilled at: Mathematics

Sean was born in Gotham and attended Gotham Prep. His parents died when he was about 7 or so. He's living with his sister and so far is the only known one in the family to not have powers. He goes to Glissenwood and is a part of their football team as the Corner Back.

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Approved. Make sure that you make a character thread so it is easier to keep track of who you have.

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