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message 1: by Redangel333 (new)

Redangel333 | 256 comments Not sure if this is a project, it is a mix of question and project so to say.
I saw this profile while working on another project England) St Paul's Cathedral (London
and I got curious if there are more Cathedrals as authors, there are:

I think a few of them need to be cleared like the one I mentioned, but I am not sure how to correct them. Shall the profile be merged with this one St. Paul's Cathedral ? Or is some research to be done about the real author of the books?

In addition there seems to be a music group called Cathedrals Cathedrals

message 2: by Redangel333 (new)

Redangel333 | 256 comments Can anyone give me a hint on how to solve the Cathedral issue I mentioned a while ago? I have some spare time in the next days and would be willing to work on it. But I am still not sure on how to sort them correctly and if Cathedrals are indeed an author.

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