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message 1: by Sennah (new)

Sennah Yee | 3 comments Hello,

Please add my book to my author profile, thanks!

Title: How Do I Look?
Author: Sennah Yee
ISBN: 978-1-988355-08-5
Publisher: Metatron
Publication date: September 2017
Format: Paperback
“In Yee’s poetry, whole worlds, multiple worlds, can live in just a few sentences, and countless people and histories can exist within one person’s body. It almost makes reading full novels feel silly when you can live a whole life in just one of Yee’s paragraphs.”

Through a series of flash poetry/non-fiction pieces, Sennah Yee’s debut full-length book How Do I Look? paints a colourful portrait of a woman both raised and repelled by the media. With pithy, razor-sharp prose, Sennah dissects and reassembles pop culture through personal anecdotes, crafting a love-hate letter to the media and the microaggressions that have shaped how she sees herself and the world. How Do I Look? is a raw and vulnerable reflection on identities real and imagined.

Page count: 84
Link to cover:

message 2: by Arenda (new)

Arenda | 20237 comments Added here, used the cover from the publisher's page, as they have a larger image:

Also: reviews/praise is not allowed in the description.

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